Blogging Mistakes: 5 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid When Starting a Blog
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Blogging Mistakes: 5 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid When Starting a Blog

When starting a new blog, making mistakes
is common. But what if I tell you even a basic blogging
mistake can keep you deprived of blogging success for so long? Yes, that’s true! And that’s why you should keep watching
this video so that you may avoid making these blogging mistakes you must at any cost. Hey digital learners, Rahul here from and in this video, I’m going to share 5 blogging mistakes you must avoid when starting a new
blog. But before we get started, make sure you subscribe
to this channel and tap on the bell icon, that way you won’t miss any future updates. With that being said, let’s get started! #1 Blogging Mistake I see newbie bloggers
making is: Not creating a professional WordPress blog. Usually, they start with free blogging platforms
like Blogspot. Because when starting out, it’s quite tempting
to think that it’s not worth investing in a blog, maybe because they are just starting
out, they aren’t making any money, or they just want to test things out. I get it, it’s human nature. I myself started with Blogspot powered by
Google. But later, when I realized that my free blog
lacks many powerful functionalities, I had to switch to self-hosted WordPress. There is nothing wrong with making a switch
from free to professional WordPress blog, but when you do this, you end up losing your
backlink juice that you gained over time by working hard on your free blog. Sure if you know the technical aspects of
SEO, you can retain that link juice. But again, keep in mind you need to start
over again from scratch and invest time in learning the working of the new blogging platform. So, why not save time by choosing self-hosted
WordPress in the beginning? That’s why I recommend you to invest in
a custom domain and quality hosting server. By the way, if you want to learn how to start
a professional WordPress blog from scratch and turn it into a cash pumping asset, check
out my 7-days free mini-course by visiting Blogging mistake #2 is: Wasting time in Getting
a Fancy Blog Design. I see many new bloggers making this mistake,
they spend days and weeks in getting a design that’s similar to the blogs they like reading. And you know what? You don’t need a fancy blog with custom
design and lots of plugins. Get any popular themes like Genesis and start
blogging. Because no one cares how attractive blog design you
have, what everyone cares about is: how effective your blog content is. So choose any functional design and get started
Blogging, because there are more crucial things to do than wasting time figuring out the best
possible design. And 3rd bogging Mistake, I see new bloggers
make when starting a blog is: Getting worried about blog traffic, conversion, and revenue. By saying this I don’t mean you shouldn’t
care about your blog traffic, revenue, or business growth. Rather I mean, you shouldn’t be obsessed
about these. Checking your blog traffic stats and analytics
once in a while is okay. But getting worried about your blog growth
especially in the beginning is not a good idea. Because you need to understand that it takes
some time to build authority and get blog traffic. So rather than thinking much about these,
keep your focus on creating high-quality content that is SEO optimized as well as helpful for
your blog readers. 4th Blogging Mistake You Must Avoid When Starting
A New Blog is: not knowing your monetization strategy. Most bloggers start a blog with the mindset
of earning passive income from blogging, but they chase after every monetization strategy
like display ads, affiliate links, selling digital products and things like that. But they don’t know the right strategy to
make money from blogging. For example, if your goal is to earn passive
income from your blog then display ads like Google AdSense is not the best monetization
strategy for this. You should consider using affiliate marketing
or selling your own products to make it really huge revenue. If you need help in choosing the right monetization
model for your blog, then check out this blog post on my blog. I’ll leave a link in the description below. Last but not least, in fact, the most crucial
one is: Not building an email list. And I see every new blogger making this blogging
mistake while starting a new blog. I myself made this mistake earlier and I still
regret it. One of my blogs was getting almost 1 million
visitors per month. Many people suggested me to start collecting
emails from my blog visitors. But since I’m an SEO guy who knows how to
make Google search algorithms favor me, I was more concerned about increasing blog traffic
than retaining my existing traffic. In other words, my blog was leaking huge blog
traffic and I was still putting all my efforts into bringing more visitors to my blog. If you are making this blogging mistake, please
be informed that Google, Facebook or any other platforms algorithm will not always remain
the same. Therefore, start collecting emails of people
who visit your blog from the very first day. That way you won’t lose any visitor that
you acquired from your hard work. And if you need my personal support in setting
up your blog for email list building, leave a comment below or visit our official Facebook
group for quick support. Well, these are the top 5 blogging mistakes
you must avoid when starting a new blog. By the way, if you are new to the online business
thing, download my free ebook by heading over to I’ll also leave a link in the description
below. And if you are watching this on Instagram,
you’ll find all the links in my bio. Before I go, the question of the day: Are
you making any of these blogging mistakes? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed watching this video, like,
comment, subscribe and share with your friends, that way you can help more people learn. If you have any questions, leave a comment
below and I’ll be happy to answer. Thanks for watching! I’m Rahul signing off, and I’ll see you
in the next one. Until then stay motivated, stay creative,
and feel proud to be #DigitalLearner.

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