Blogging Principles and How To Be a Better Blogger (Part 1)
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Blogging Principles and How To Be a Better Blogger (Part 1)

Hi everyone welcome back and today we’re
going to talk about how to be better a blogger in any blogging platforms and
what are the blogging principles. you can find this article over here with more
than forty tips and tricks to be a better blogger and also you can download
it as a PDF and you will find a link in the description so what are the basis of
success in blogging first of all is identifying the laws and principles that
controls your niche and also don’t focus on anything except for those principles
and improve them here is why I’ve said those two above according to Wikipedia a
principle is and inevitable consequences of something such as the laws observed
in nature or the way that a system is constructed as you’ve read that it says
an inevitable consequences unlike techniques strategies and techniques
principles will always give you a specific results and that’s the key for
instance if you throw a coin in the air you know for sure that coin will go down
that’s the gravity principle in action so let me give you another example is
the mathematical principles so two plus two will always give you four there is
no other possible result principles control this world and that’s why you
have to stick to them. so the first chapter is the pillars of blogging what are the pillars
of being a better blogger or even making your blogging website stand out from the
crowd the following principles are what I call the pillars of blogging as long
as you keep them in mind you’ll always stand out from the crowd first of all is
truly understand your audience you’ve probably heard this one a hundred times
before but it’s important if you want to stand out you need to learn what keeps
your readers up at night what do they fear what roadblocks are they facing
what do they desire well you know the this answer to these questions you your
content will be more compelling and you’ll gain traction faster there is
another point that is that you have to be original and that’s a lie you have to
be an unoriginal before you start thinking in a bad way let me clarify what I mean
by being an original many newbie bloggers think that think this way if I
get into a competitive niche I will never succeed and I find and I need to
find an original idea something no one has never talked about so they get into
the teaching your dog to dance niche in hopes of being original and dominate the
blogosphere but there is the thing this kind of original ideas will never get
the demand you need to build a profitable blog yes you can become the number one
authority in one of those niches with more ease but it would be useless anyway
and unoriginality is not that bad after all to dig deeper into this concept I
recommend you that you read this post and you will find this post in the same
link I gave you in the description 3 don’t publish content too often yes you
heard right if you want to become a successful blogger don’t publish content
that often when your content schedule is so tight two things happen the quality
of your content gets compromised you get overwhelmed instead of spending too much
time producing more and more content you should spend more time promoting it
working on your strategy the big picture what I call and contributing to the
community the fourth method is embrace the ABC philosophy ABC
stands for always be contributing accomplish growth great things on our
own five spend time on a personal development believe it or not your blog
is a mirror reflection of you if you suck as a person (no offense) your blog
will suck too the number six is build your email list early I know this concept has
been beaten to death but it’s worth mentioning anyway many bloggers argue
that email marketing does not work any more focus on social media get more
Twitter followers build your Facebook page they say but that’s not entirely
true emails to emails still the best way marketing channel on average for every
one dollar you spend on email marketing you can get up to 44.25 in return big
deal that’s why you need to focus on building your email list early there’s a
thing it says don’t make empty promises breaking a
promise is comparable to punching your readers face it hurts number 8 be the
servant not the master listen people hate arrogance and that’s something many
bloggers struggle with they feel kind of so superior due to the fact they have
credentials experience college education or a website well the truth is if you
want to succeed as a blogger you need to realize that you’re the servant and not
the master number 9 be strategic if you’re
like most bloggers out there you probably publish content because you think you
need to do it yes you might have an editorial calendar and all but you don’t
know how to tomorrow’s post will connect with the next week’s and vice-versa you
don’t have a clear purpose for your content
remember this blogging is not a sprint it’s marathon so you need to develop a
systematic plan to dominate your niche in the long run you have to forget
about get results now blogging takes time and effort number 10
segment your audience that’s more this one is vital even though many bloggers
ignore it think about it every one of your readers readers is different they
have different personality tastes and interests you can’t simply treat them in
the same way a wise copywriter said the most important aspect of copy that works
is how well your message matches up with the way your readers view things to do
that you need to segment your audience and create customized messages for each
segment this way your content will always be more relevant I know this
might sound hard at first but it’s not when you have a specific process to
follow there are some guides that will get you on the right
path will find those three links in the description in the same link I gave you
Seth Godin says I made a decision to write
for my readers not to try to find more readers for my writing number 12
give it time this is one of the principles you probably don’t want to
hear but I’m telling you blogging takes takes time and effort number 13
measure the social media experts Mike Kawula i hope i pronounced the name right
once said what doesn’t get measured doesn’t grow I totally agree growth comes
when individuals identify what’s working and do more of it in a scalable way
number 14 don’t be a copycat even though you don’t necessarily need to be
original to get results being a copycat won’t help you either you need to find
your own voice your own vision one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is to
think that if something is working for others it should work for them too
and that’s an illusion number 15 be transparent to be a good blogger you
don’t need to be fancy we don’t need to be an expert and have credentials or college
degrees people don’t care about those things as long as you help them solve a
specific problem they’ll love you and that’s why they’re using your websites
anyway number 16 follow program proof blueprints there’s no need to reinvent
the wheel if you find a content blueprint that’s working for other
people you should model it too.

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