Blogging Tools: The Top 5 I Used to Grow My Blog in 2017 and Have a $10,000 MONTH!

Blogging Tools: The Top 5 I Used to Grow My Blog in 2017 and Have a $10,000 MONTH!

hello there my friend and welcome back to my channel in today's video you and I are gonna be talking about vlogging tools you can use to make money blogging we're gonna cover the tools I have personally used to grow my blog to a full time income stuff that has been just so so essential for me in that process these tools also played a huge role in me having a 10k month last month so yeah that is what we're gonna be talking about today oh whoa I'm sitting here just casually chilling on a work day in my pink faux fur collar and my bright silver shirt totally normal for someone who works from home what you don't see is that I'm wearing my husband's sweat pants right now so if you think about it I dressed up just for you guys in this YouTube channel you're welcome now let's go ahead and talk about the vlogging tools I use and before we get started as always a few quick things if you enjoy this video please hit that like button it really helps my channel out subscribe if you want to learn more about how to make money blogging and keep in mind that all the links to all these tools are down in the description box below some of them have free trials so if you want to check these tools out and use them to grow your own blog that is the way to go now that is out of the way let's go ahead and get started now the first tool I want to tell you about it's kind of more like a group of tools it's basically the tools I've used to create my blog a website that includes Bluehost for my domain and hosting WordPress which is my content management system and the Divi WordPress theme which is my wordpress theme so let's take a look at my blog you can see that it is laid out with a call to action at the top some more call to actions right here got a little testimonial some pictures and links to posts I've got my footer with my social links and then all these links up here in the navigation with my logo and this is something that I created with the Divi WordPress theme I absolutely love this WordPress theme because it comes with a builder called the Divi builder that allows you to create a really professional-looking website even if you don't know how to code you can just drag and drop everything around and arrange it until it looks how you want it to look let me actually pull up a blog post I have that talks about how to use the Divi WordPress theme and I will link this for you too that way you can check this out but in the spawn post I show exactly how to use it and you can kind of see the Divi builder right here how it works let me zoom in for you so you just create all different sections you want you can insert rows and certain columns and then it just kind of walks you through the process and you can see you can insert different things like a button a contact forum an email opt-in text all this different kind of stuff you just pick what you want and it's super intuitive I mean it pretty much tells you what to do so right here in this example tutorial blog post I talked about how you can click image and then it just says upload an image and you can create the alt text and all that stuff so again super straightforward definitely definitely a theme I recommend for WordPress especially if you don't know how to code because there are just so many customization possibilities that you're not gonna get on a builder like Wix or Weebly or something like that now the next tool I want to talk to you about is called teachable and this is the tool I use to create and sell my digital products like online courses and master classes this is what it looks like when you go to the teachable website you can see that they have a lot of information here but basically you can create your course you just upload your content whether it's video content or text-based content you can set up the pricing you can create awesome sales pages there's just so much you can do with this tool and you don't have to know how to write code you don't have to know how to do all this other kind of fancy it's super intuitive and easy to use and it's definitely something that I would not want to run my business without so if you're thinking about monetizing your blog with digital products like courses or master classes or something else I would definitely recommend teachable to you because it just again handles everything from your sales page to setting up your pricing and collecting payments and all that the next one I want to talk to you about is one of the tools that I was super super excited to invest in when I first got it because it was an investment for me but I just knew like this was gonna be a worthwhile investment it was gonna be something that was really gonna help me grow my blog and turn it into a business so I went ahead and made that investment and never looked back it is called leadpages is a tool you can use to create landing pages for your blog and let me tell you it is super used I have created this test page over here to kind of show you how it works but you can see you can just move stuff around drag and drop you can add different things so let's say we want to add another image right here all you got to do is drag and drop it over there and you can customize the buttons you customize pretty much everything and just drag and drop whatever you need right into the page so if you want to add space right here if you want to add another button right here you probably wouldn't want to do that but if you did it's just super easy you can customize the text and the button color right here so let's say we want to make this red and change the text it's just super easy to use I feel like this is like the 20th time I've said super easy to use in this video but that is kind of the bottom line with all these tools I'm showing you today I like them because they are easy to use when you're running a blog as a business you don't want to use something that makes your life more difficult you want to use tools that make your life easier like the ones I'm talking about today now there aren't other landing page creation software's out there but I just think these pages is the best and I saw some one online the other day say something like leadpages is the bentley of landing pages or the rolls-royce of landing pages or something like that basically it's just the best of the best end if you want to create a high converting landing page fast and you want something that's easy to use whether you are trying to get people to sign up for your webinar or opt-in for a lead magnet your offering whatever you want to do leadpages is the way to go now if you are creating landing pages that means you also need an email marketing software that you can use to deliver your lead magnets and stay in touch with your email subscribers that is what the next tool I want to tell you about is convertkit this is a tool I've been using for a long time now I started my blog out using MailChimp and let me tell you just for me personally I did not like it I did not find it intuitive I didn't find it kind of natural for a blogger and what bloggers want to accomplish but with convertkit it's like you can tell all of the functions in there are like super tailored to exactly what professional bloggers would want to do and how we like to use our email marketing software so I'll take you over here show you a little bit about how it works you can send broadcasts which is just like a one-time email so like your newsletter that goes out to all your subscribers you can send sequences which is pretty much what it sounds like it's a sequence of emails so maybe if you have like a free course that drips out over seven days or some other kind of sales funnel or sequence that you're wanting to set up you can set that up here in convertkit and you can also set up automations where you tell convertkit if this happens then do this so if someone subscribes to a sequin go ahead and tag them with this tag I really really recommend going this route instead of using something like MailChimp because again I know for me personally when I switched to convertkit I just sat there like I should have been using this all along like I shouldn't have just been cheap and gone with the free MailChimp option I should have just been using this the entire time would have made my life a lot easier now the last tool I want to talk to you about it's called borer booster and it is a Pinterest automation tool this ties into getting traffic to your blog I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog and it has consistently been one of my top if not my top sources of traffic so quick side note there if your audience is on Pinterest you need to be pinning your blog post and really prioritizing that as part of your marketing strategy now as far as how board booster works I'll show you a little bit about it they have different pinning tools like a scheduler so you can kind of pre upload all of your pins and it'll schedule it out for you based on whatever you define and you can also loop pins which is basically just like re pinning your content so you don't have to hop on to Pinterest and do it manually and spend like hours per day on it you can just spend a little bit of time on Pinterest and get massive results using this tool they also other really cool stuff you can do like join tribes improve your pin quality which tests your pins for broken links and duplicates and other stuff you don't want so overall just something really useful and definitely something that has been a key part of me not only growing my Pinterest following but also growing my blog traffic I can do a full video on how to use board booster if you guys want to see that definitely comment below and I will add that to my topic list however I don't want to sit here and talk to you about how to use this for like an today so let's go ahead and in this video right there again remember that I have all the links for all of these tools in the description box below so you can definitely check those out and grab some free trials if you want to try them out to grow your own blog remember to hit that like button if you enjoyed this video because it really helps my channel out and be sure to subscribe if you want to see more videos about how to make money blogging as always thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video


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    Heyyyyyy there! What questions do you have about blogging tools / growing your blog / making money blogging?

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  • Emily Conway

    I just found this YouTube channel last night and I’m obsessed. I have like 1,000 questions but it seems like you have a wealth of resources that I need to take time to delve into. I’ll let you know if I have questions otherwise

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    Hi Jordan, I have read quite a lot of your posts and enjoyed the content, however, when it comes to listening to your blogs, that's another matter. I would love to follow your insights on how to start a blog but, find your voice pitched too high for comfort and your speach too fast to hear everything you say. Which is a pity as I like your personality and enthusiasm. If you could tone it all down a tad, that would be perfect. Guess I'll just have to keep reading. Cheers, Zeni.

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    The Divi theme sucks! I can't tell you how many times Internet Marketers tout this overpriced , counterintuitive piece of crap! I bought it, worked on the damn thing for days and couldn't even get the header right. A simple google search for "Divi reviews" will verify my claim. They gave me my money back though, no problems. From what I read later, they are so used to giving people's money back, they don't even put up a fight. So if you want to give it a shot, go for it. While reading reviews about Divi, I found GeneratePress and bought the premium version for half the price of Divi. I couldn't be happier! Great support from the developer himself and super easy to customize for WordPress novice's. Sorry, for being such a damper on your video. Don't mean to be a troll. I otherwise enjoy your content…..

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    Hello there! I love this video. It was very helpful. I have been working on a website for quite a while now but, I created it with Wix. I can use all these features regardless of what the website was made with? I cannot switch to another website because I already invested a lot of writing and work in what I am working on right now. Any other practical suggestions for beginners like me? 😉 I want to wish you an amazing, beautiful, peaceful 2018 filled with health, joy, love and may the blessings of Jesus be in your life and family.

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