BM Is Purer Than Salt

BM Is Purer Than Salt

perfectly now what you gonna do what do you what could he possibly do he doesn't have a heel oh that's that's a one-in-five he is not gonna get still have a chance nothing even talking about this is good against brain stir I'm askin theoretically drive them crazy we have the finish oh no oh I feel so bad for this guy somewhere over the rainbow just concede look at this ultimately brainstorm so much forget me that you can't forget about playing any cards this game dude oh no no no don't get backup dancers no pass yes condom this is a mustache this is a mustache we you actually have bad moon rising oh good enough good enough perfect now we either to get October flank Walker and then a four drop octaves probably better here blink Walker yes long live the king hail to the king baby all right sir on deck for a seven-five a Samba turning plank Walker the King seven six five six give that man a doom shroom thank you so much there's a little blockage he's making sure we don't get the Samba and ready to rumble if he gets time to shine he wins if he gets full of flora loses and they but he also has to roll not not roll up Rena too so we have more than a 50% chance of winning here yes he could actually block here theoretically oh good we're okay okay um I guess it's King just to put on the one with more help we don't want to get like like grave bust planned food here [Laughter] oh wait you guys to plant foods anyway does not have minion will not save it even if he puts a minion here will have bungees one in the face the CFO one costing in them oh do we just get rolling stone now if he fronts this is still guaranteed lethal because we'll have rolling stone Bungie plumber in fact we'll just have rolling stone dance now it's guarantee lethal yes look at the backup dancer getting it done and rolling so from your Rika I can't believe that I guess Bungie plumber to face it was gonna work – that's guaranteed lethal noun we actually get you set of a stupid backup dancer that that was the top think of the century you kidding me man oh now it's good yes all the lanes were perfect guess my turn is guys this is the real tree this is ten damage oh this is this is what the dream of this deck actually is the 10 damage flamenco family Sofia's I love it says is he able to even survive this turn look at this hand – somehow survived it's gonna clear it's doable he's not gonna have anything and we're still gonna have a four core of the water and overshoots and freakin con then I mean amazing whatever that would be look how great this that way I mean the most salty can see the history okay so this turns into a seven now we usually survives night perfect uh but BM is so much fun though pm value let's go play clock er I need the Karma planck lager oh where is Frank Walker if he squashes this we're dead by the way I'm gonna go horribly wrong cornucopia no wait does it kill him first kill him first does it kill it first yes it dies oh we we get the octave zombie back now we're probably still gonna win this game he's totally screwed that up he didn't realize the order if he would have turned that to a one drop I would not have this back of my hand we have opted zombie going viral next turn in fact screw it we usually win the game now to be honest we get a rocket that would be a miracle roll one here card no but the grit is always listen this eight cost card always turns into a great zucchini which always will turn our octaves on V into a little one one and we don't get it back in our hand come on aren't Jesus I did it for you are in Jesus even if he plays molecule it turns into a grit into a cornucopia and we're fine okay so here's cornucopia oh no oh that would Pines pretty bad oh oh no no it's stills on but wait it's gonna get another mom kill that's fine holder move to the last lane here's another molecule those do anything to the cornucopia winter squash briar rose


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