BRIGHT NIGHT TV: Atjazz - Experience Talks - Social Networking ||

BRIGHT NIGHT TV: Atjazz – Experience Talks – Social Networking ||

I'm pretty Swift on the web I try to keep in touch with the people as much as possible I'm so busy that I cannot speak to people regularly their fans that contact me I tried to for instance on facebook i try to like their comments as much as I can that's the easiest way for me to communicate back that out you know I'm here for you I'm listening and yeah I got a lot of emails as well try to respond to as many of those emails as possible it's difficult because I had to run a record label I have a lot of artists to look after and I really value my eyes and I love them all dearly and I don't want them to ever feel like they're not worked after so they come first but yeah I mean Facebook is fantastic you know it allows people to feel involved and you know they really are gold it's not just oh yeah we're a fan of the page they're a part of the page there the first people are going to find out about anything because that's where I bang it down that's where I keep people with the information that comes out first and foremost so if people are fun on the fan page they'll they'll get it before anybody else knows about it even before I've up did it and update the website so yeah it's it's very important twitter is fantastic as well because people can pick it up and their mobile phone to wherever they are in the world so you know in the things about what people really need to learn how to do is to get you know your YouTube account we're talking to your Twitter account on your facebook account and vice versa and get your website spitting out to all these things because it's how you act I gotta go get your information and yeah I'm I'm hot on the thing i'm all about letting people know about what's happening on the internet it's there I don't force it down people's throats I really try to allow people to kind of walked in you

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