Brock Boeser and Troy Stecher Visit Twitter Headquarters
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Brock Boeser and Troy Stecher Visit Twitter Headquarters

(laughter) – Let’s answer! (laughter) Wow, roasted. (Hip hop music) – [Troy] Joey Bats, he follows me. – Yeah same. (laughter) – Hi guys, Brock and I here at the Twitter Headquarters in Toronto. We’re gonna do a Q&A. – Hey guys, we’re here at
the Twitter Headquarters, ready to answer your questions. Uncle Brock! They know, baby, they know. Uncle Brock for Phoebe. – Stecher, can you teach Boeser a thing or two about cellying? The guy has 21 goals and
is expressionless every time (laughter) I don’t think Brock likes to celebrate because he does it so often
and I don’t do it very often so I gotta make the
most of the opportunity, you know, to let my emotions out. – Stay humble. I don’t even read it, Troy. Let me read it and you go
and answer it so quick. Yeah, that was obviously
really nice to play with, – I think you gotta say
the question first, though. – Pause. – [Voice Offscreen] It’ll show. – It shows the question. Yeah it was really nice to play, to get to, blah blah blah. (laughter) – Get the marbles out of your mouth. – On average, I grow my
hair for a couple months, and then I get a trim and then I grow it out for a
couple months and get a trim. I don’t like to grow it out for that long. – Prima Donna. – You can’t add these funny
jokes at the end, man. (laughter) As you can see, Troy’s hair is bad. He does not use the shampoo I use. I use Head and Shoulders, but you can’t shampoo your hair everyday, it’s gotta be like every other day. – I’d like to be a giraffe. I’m pretty short so I’d like to be tall. I think that’d be good in hockey, you know, see the ice. – I think I’d like to be a lion. A giraffe, man, come on. – Is a hot dog a sandwich? – [Both] No!
(laughter) – [Brock] Oh that’s perfect. (laughter)
That was perfect. – Answer my question, you cowards. (laughs) Would you rather fight
100 duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck? – One horse sized duck.
– Me too. Why do you always get
hit in the face, Troy? – Wait, the guys are
chirping us right now. – I’m five foot nine.
(laughs) – Who’s the best dressed? – I go Loui and you go Anders. I think the record is about
40 pieces of chocolate, which equals about a pound of chocolate in about ten minutes. – Brock’s not very responsible, and left his room open. – It was a joke. – Goes and gets Door Dash ’cause
he’s lazy and doesn’t make food, and sure enough my dog went in there and ate the food, the chocolate. That’s it, guys. We’re heading out. Thanks for joining us,
hope you had a great time.


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