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James (J) : Hi sisters!
Ian (I) : Hi brothers. J: I’m James I: and I’m Ian J: and welcome back to the Sister and Brother Show J: POOP! sister brother J: Hi sisters!
I: Hi brothers. J: I’m James I: and I’m Ian J: and welcome back to Sister and Brother I: Brother and Sister J: Sister and Brother I: Brother and Sister J: Anyways, Intro Voice: Brother and Sister
*Intro Music* J: So in today’s episode we’re gonna be talking about people on social media, both our fans and our trolls I: A creepy time. J: Having 4 million followers online is definitely an interesting situation J: that not a lot of people can relate to, obviously J: I am definitely one of those people online that you either love or you absolutely hate J: and want dead at all costs. I: That’s me. J: No, that’s me I: No, I want you dead at all costs J: That’s horrible, you love me! J: I feel like we are at a time where people are being nasty J: I mean like they love being nasty at all times and sometimes the hate really does speak louder than the love which sucks but that’s the reality of it all I: Um, some of his followers are kind of creepy to leave some creepy comments and DMs. J: Don’t be mean to the sisters! I: I’m not being mean but they say “punch me in the face” and all this stuff, so. . . J: I say that I: Well they comment on my posts though… J: Well good, they learned from the best! I: Well, that’s weird J: Good job guys! I: There like “Punch me in the face daddy” I’m like “Eh” J: Off the top of your head. Give me like your top 5 best comments I: Punch me in the face, you know that ping-pong paddle one J: Yeah, yeah I:Yeah, someone said slap me in the face with a ping-pong paddle multiple times. The picture with the waterfall. J: Yeah I: Someone said jump off the waterfall for me or something like that.
J: I love that too J: That sounds like I left those Instagram comments on somebody else’s page. They really did learn from me. You’re welcome for that I: They love getting punched in the face. J: Yeah, it’s fun. Those are good comments. I can’t relate. I don’t get good comments very often I: Oh, yeah, no. It’s wonderful J: Because I’m the queen of having online scandals I’ve gotten really good at this point J: I figure out what I can say and what I can’t say and how I need to say that to like not get attacked J: For weeks and weeks on end but sometimes pretty often clearly at this point. I slip up and get into some sort of scandal, but it’s usually just like woke Twitter and and stan Twitter being offended over literally nothing and like pulling a scandal out of their *** I: I feel like people on Twitter like literally just wait for you to say something just to get an argument going like yeah J: Can you imagine having nothing to do with your life and doing that all day? I: Yeah, they sit on Twitter for no reason J: It scares me J: I don’t think I left a hate comment once in my entire life. I: Neither have I. J: I just wanted to know like hello Somebody’s spill the tea with me. What do you get out of going to somebody’s page and just like writing something nasty to them? like it I… it like does it make you feel better? I: Yeah you’re just jealous. J: Like Becky in your mom’s basement like sweetie if that makes you happy like go for a girl like I’m so glad that you’re giving it to me as opposed to somebody who can’t take it but like Literally, what’s the point. My favorite people and I say that very sarcastically on a woke Twitter are the ones that literally get offended over everything like the ones who are you tweet like That was so funny. Oh my god. I can’t even breathe and you get instant reply within seconds you like Wow, my grandpa actually died of the asthma last year. I can’t even believe you would have the nerve to say that you need to- I: hOOaH J: What! What was that That was the funny moment. I: Yeah continue bud J: Wow, it’s such a beautiful day in LA today. I just need to go swimming Oh my god it actually almost drowned in a pool three years ago when I was 11 years old and I cannot believe You would even have the nerve to bring up the idea. That’s like a really triggering to me. I: Dude. You’re a savage for tweeting that I: Savage J: Right. Oh my god, you guys I just taught my puppy how to sit he’s such a good boy. Um That dog actually can’t express its true gender identity. So, please don’t give it pronouns. I: I feel so… J: Ow! I: I hate fortnite. How could you say that fortnite is the best game ever created? J: You just ruined it completely I: Sorry J: I’m the queen of fortnite. I: You were the- you’ve played twice J: Ah, that’s not true. I’ve gotten a victory royale I: No, you have not. J: Yes I have at Ethan and Graysons don’t ******* doubt me. I am the queen of gaming. I: I’m gonna ask them right now J: Don’t- go for it. Please do it. I: I’m gonna ask them. J: Don’t ever come for me and my gaming abilities I will destroy you in fortnite, tilted towers, lets go… *Beep* You’re gonna get destroyed. J: No what? I: M-meteors coming in next few days it’s getting destroyed.
J: You keep ruining my jokes. I: Alright Oh I have to burp *loud burp* I: Oh my god. J: Oh I had all my scandals very early on in my career and I quickly learned that people when they’re mad are gonna come with full force and they’re gonna Come in squads, but they usually act like sheep all in one annoying herd baaing together to leave hate comments but I cannot imagine sitting online all day long with literally nothing better to do than just to tweet and to post and Usually be mean to people for no reason but at the same time stan twitter is lit nothing makes me laugh harder than when somebody like post the picture of a stan and then all the comments below are arguing oh blank outsold oh blank ended Oh blank’s career never started that gets me so good every single time but like I: One of the things that really makes me laugh is when someone posts a picture of us on Instagram, but it’s like edited so like But be like this thick and have like a huge head with like a huge smile. J: Or skinny like Mariah J: Skinny Legends I: Skinny Legends There’s one Instagram account that always tags me in pictures. It’s literally the same exact picture of me like 300 times a day J: Which one is it? I: It’s like a picture of me with my face like edited in *laughs* I Have a fan account. I have a James Charles luscious lips fan account That just posts every single selfie, but just cropped right at the lips zoomed in. I: Oh No J: and they rate my lips in each photo I also have one that does that to my nose contour as well. I: I have someone who does that with my neck. They just post a picture like like right here down. It’s like Ian’s neck is sexy. J: Why? I: Dude, I don’t know, that’s a weird fetish though J: It’s Charles luscious lips and James Charles snatched nose. I think. I: They’re about to gain 10k. J: Shout out to all you guys every guy that I’ve ever been on a date with has been through Instagram because they’ve all been “Straight guys” I: That’s the tea. One of the weirdest DMs I ever received was “Hey Ian I know this may sound weird a little but could I see a picture of the bottom of your feet?: J: Oh no I: Like in world does that satisfy you? J: A foot fetish I: Oh Another DM I received was “Hey, I’m not sure if you remember me, but I’m pregnant with your child.” J: I love that I: I really do not remember you and I don’t remember ever talking to you. So I don’t think I am J: You don’t think you’re pregnant with her child? I: Wow, yeah that too. “Hey did I leave my denim jacket at your house? I need it for tomorrow, lol.” J: Honestly clever She like really finessed. She thought she was gonna get the address like swoop on in. I: That’s creepy J: Well, yeah, but she tried a for effort whoever you are inbound Apolo says you’re gay as *two chains sound effect* I: Clearly J: Yes,”Let me lick your toes sister.” Why does everyone have a foot fetish? I’m scared Excuse me If I was gay I’d smash I: So J: Sounds like you’re down. I: Sounds like you’re gay J: For everybody out there who’s wondering, what would be a successful way to slide into your DMs? I: Into my DMs? J: Yeah without asking for feet pictures Well, they made that one work anyways, but- I said without What do you mean? What Definitely like being polite and saying they support me and stuff like rather than calling me like oh my god Daddy, you’re so hot like marry me like No, I won’t do that You tell them. So would you think you ever date a fan? Probably not. Has anybody ever slid into your DMs that you’ve actually liked to through social media? Yes, one girl from Chicago dime piece. I love that you just said that. Yeah you know she is. Yeah I do know who she is Honestly, yeah from different countries like I get like 35 real woman from like Iceland likes like ripped like weightlifters like hello That’s the weirdest thing I get like old men all the time. No I get old men too. It’s like hey Ian, are you gay? I’m just like no and you’re like fifty years old. I get old men all the time that are like trying to Definitely not down for that. I have a thing where I can only I like Oh, I’m only into guys that are like within one or two years like max on my age. Oh no that’s not me Okay, I wasn’t asking you. That’s weird. Continue. Anyway, I always get older men like that are interested and like love you all daddies, but definitely not for me, but my sugar daddy applications are definitely open so If I ever come to LA and you’re with a 45 year old man. I’m gonna be very disappointed. Oh, I would never do that I need a sugar daddy that I can just like send make up selfies to and just like get checks like I will Definitely. Some makeup or some dickaty pickaties? Definitely not I would never do that. I’ve never actually sent a dickaty pickaty. okay moving on, another topic Like I would I will send you make up pictures. I will send you make up selfies and like the occasional like nice text. I don’t want to go out to dinner. Maybe dinner. I could maybe do dinner I don’t- I’m not doing anything with you. I’m not getting in bed. I’m not traveling with you I’m not sending you dickaty pickaties. I just need a social media straight boy. That’ll like hook up on the DL. Okay okay think about what you just said. Yeah I need a social media straight boy Well, yeah, but I say that isn’t like most of them usually are actually straight Okay Even though there are a lot of really really annoying trolls and people on social media that are constantly being offended and annoyed by everything to make me want to quit my job every single moment of my life, I do try a really really hard to focus on love and in the end There is so much more positivity than negativity So thank you guys for always literally being the best. If you guys do have a foot fetish Please stay out of my DMS or don’t mention it my DMS. Thanks. I appreciate that and if you’re a sugar daddy who doesn’t wanna perform sexual actions, doesn’t want to go on dinner doesn’t want to travel, doesn’t want to Ever meet me but just wants makeup pictures. You can slide into my DMs. They’re open and ready for you *James blows a kiss* Alright guys. Thank you so much for watching this video If you did enjoy give it a big thumbs up and hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already if you like to follow me On I makeup journey you can follow me on instagram or twitter They’re both just james charles and my snapchat for more behind the scenes kind of stuff is james charles with an extra S after charles If you’d like to follow me on my brother journey You can- all my social medias are ian JD 12. Thank you guys so much for watching Don’t forget to check out our other episodes and we’ll see you in the next one. Bye It’s like Ian’s neck is sexy. Why? Dude I don’t know that’s a weird fetish though


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