BT Daily: Twitter and God’s Perspective
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BT Daily: Twitter and God’s Perspective

[Darris McNeely] Lately, I’ve been thinking
about how much time I spend on all my social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and
other matters. And have you ever noticed how much time it
takes to scroll through social media that we use? I’ve even got a feature now on my smartphone
that tells me each week how much time I’ve actually logged in on that smartphone. I thought, great, that’s really just what
I need to know. But there it is and sometimes, it may be a
bit more of time there than I really would like and think about. I have resolved spend less time in recent
weeks on social media, not that I’ve deleted all of it, not that I’m completely off but
less time. I recently read an article by someone who
was saying that they actually deleted their entire Twitter account. And the reason that they gave is they didn’t
want to be like God. I thought what do they mean you don’t want
to be like God when it comes to Twitter thoughts. And so I read on what the colonist was talking
about. Was that as you read in so much of the social
media you go through and people’s random thoughts about life, anything, the peanut butter sandwich
they’ve had, where they are all out there. And really it’s their thoughts and so many
cases. I looked at my Twitter feed and I scrolled
through that Twitter feed I said, that’s right. There was anger, there’s a little bit of hostility,
there was a little bit of cynicism, sarcasm a lot of questionable facts. And I begin to think, you know, I’m just working
through a lot of people’s thoughts with that and the guy has a point in his article. He said he didn’t want to be like God. There’s a scripture that helps us to look
at this. It’s in Psalm 94. To explain what the gentleman was talking
about. Psalm 94:11 says, “The Lord knows the thoughts
of man that they are futile.” God knows the thoughts of man, you and I,
that they are futile. And the point is, does your desire or mind
to immerse ourselves in everybody else’s thoughts on every subject imaginable on social media
kind of make us like God? I began to think about that comment. And I thought I realized that, you know, it
is a bit humbling and there’s a point to consider. Because God does know all of our thoughts,
that’s what this verse says. Now, the context of the scripture says that,
you know, it’s not like art would just futile were emptying or, you know, meaningless and
that sense. But you look at the context beginning in verse
8 of Psalm 94, it says, “Understand, you senseless among the people and you fools, when will
you be wise? He who planted the ear, shall He not hear? He who formed the eye, shall He not see? He who instructs the nations, shall He not
correct, He who teaches man knowledge?” Right knowledge, righteousness, good teaching,
solid understanding as opposed to foolishness that may be out there is what really this
verse is talking about. So that when it says the Lord knows the thoughts
of men or man apart from the knowledge of God and without guidance and direction on
the matters of God, he says they are futile. Not that every thought and every part of our
life, is that way. So, we’re not empty and we’re not meaningless
in that sense, but when it’s disconnected from truth and especially spiritual truth
then there’s something for us to consider. Think about the information and the opinion
that we work through so much with social media today, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook Instagram
are so many other sources and media. Step back again and think about that for us
all to refer to look at what we are putting into our minds and what we are working through
in other people’s minds to make sure that what God thinks about us is not that we are
futile in our actions that gives us something to consider and think about. That’s BT Daily. Join us next time.

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