Build and Launch Your Blog COURSE REVIEW (Blogging for Beginners)

Build and Launch Your Blog COURSE REVIEW (Blogging for Beginners)

today I'm going to be talking about the very first blogging course that I chose to invest in to build and launch my health and wellness site healthy ambitions all that coming up before I begin if this is your first time here welcome my name is Kathy Dean with blogging ambitions a YouTube channel created to go behind the scenes of my health and wellness blog healthy ambitions I'm going to take you along as I grow my business showing you the tools that I use the classes that I take and everything that I learned that works what doesn't work so I can pass that on to you if you're interested in those kind of videos make sure you hit that red subscribe button so you won't miss a thing alright today's video is specifically on a course called build and launch your blog from the create and go website I'm going to jump right into the presentation because there's quite a bit to go through today I want to give you seven reasons why I chose this specific course called build and launch your blog to take to invest in before I launched my blog but first before we dive into that I want to give you a little bit of my past blogging experience seven years ago at a lifestyle blog but it was an epic fail I didn't invest any money and blogging courses and as a result I was just winging it I was wasting a ton of time on hours of research trying to figure out how to do a blog how to design a website and to boot I was on a platform that was not even blogger focused because I was trying to save money in fact I was scared to invest any money before I made money I mean you always hear you got to spend money to make money but it's a little scarier in practice the other problem I had was my niche was just too broad there's a lot of lifestyle blogs out there but even with it on Blagh you want to niche down and have certain areas of expertise and I didn't do that I was trying to cover every aspect in my life that I thought was interesting and I figured other people would want to know too but that did not work and ultimately I had no idea how to market myself I'd never network I'd never had an online business and again since I wasn't learning from the Guru's out there I was trying to figure it all out myself and again it was an epic failure so why I chose build and launch your blog for my very first blogging course that's the question of the day but before we go into that these guys right here these are the people behind creating go and the build and launch or blog course I'm along with several other more advanced courses but who are Alex and Lauren well first of all they are successful entrepreneurs in the health and wellness niche let me repeat that they are successful in the health and wellness niche that is separate from their blogging courses after finding success within that health and wellness niche that's when they decided that they not want to teach others and using the same techniques to grow their health and wellness blog they were actually able to create a second successful business with creating go so we're going to get into the seven reasons why I personally recommend the build and launch or blog number one Alex and Lauren those two people we just saw they are super authentic they don't come across spammy at all very laid-back they come on very real on their videos their videos aren't even polished they're just them in front of a camera I'm pretty sure their face started just like I've started right now on their iPhone in fact early videos of Alex have has an earbud mic that he's wearing so you know it was very low-key very low expense they were just using what they had and they weren't too worried about editing out their mistakes and as a result it almost made them even more endearing and more authentic it's been fun to kind of watch them grow it's been fun to watch their older videos and as they've improved and learned obviously they learn new techniques and their newer videos are more polished in their older videos but even their newer videos they're not going for perfection and that's one thing I love about it the other thing number two the second reason why I recommend this course is the price it's of a $97 price tag and you know at first I kind of balked at the price but I'm thinking that's a hundred dollars before I even have a website off the ground but the fact the matter is similar courses are double triple or even quadruple the price that Alex and Lauren offer what they are build and launch your blog now some of their subsequent classes do get more expensive and we'll talk about those classes in a later video but they're also going even more in-depth and giving you that much more information at $97 it is a lot of bang for your buck and it is worth every penny and honestly it's worth more number three real world experience they are not just regurgitating what others have told them so often you see people had these blogging course and they're teaching you how to blog or how to ride or how to market yourself but they're not necessarily backing up their advice with proven data that they have used and been successful with themself outside of their blogging niche Alex and Lauren they have experienced both a valid blog and a successful blog so before their wildly successful health and wellness blog they actually had one that failed miserably that they end up scrapping and starting completely from scratch with a new one to do it right with what what the mistakes that they had learned from that first failure and they did make that one very successful so basically they know what works they know it doesn't work and in their course that's what they've compiled they want to basically try to help us the part of the consumer other of their product they want to help us bypass some mistakes that they made and go straight for the wins again they speak from experience after and only after having success with their health and wellness blog and by success I mean they made six figures by the end of their first year it was only after that that they decided to help others and give advice on how to build and grow your online business number four the class is super comprehensive there's tutorials there is how to's and everything they give is in layman's terms you know I've done some freebies off of other blogging websites and the terms you're using are so technical and they're using all the abbreviations and the acronyms without really explaining it and so Alex and Lauren do a really good job of for lack of a better term dumbing it down for you and basically what I love about this is this course is for real people by real people number five it is also very easy to follow plan they provide you checklist they give you weekly goals to accomplish in other words don't even focus on next week until you checkmark all of this week's goals now with that some people can't complete a week's worth of goals in one week you maybe you have a busy life maybe you have a job plus kids and activities and so a lot of people will take longer than the week on each week they might spend two weeks on every week within the plan and that's okay it is very customizable and it's an at your own core at your own pace course so you had a luxury of going at your own speed and the course ultimately it is designed to keep you focused and on task when you are starting a website or you are starting a blog specifically your mind is going 90 to nothing and it is so easy to think of all the things that you need to do or should be doing and their course really keeps reminding you to bring it back home focus on what you need to focus on today and worry about the other stuff tomorrow just focus on today and that's one of the biggest things that this course did to help me was to focus me before we move on to reason number six I just want to give you kind of a quick outline of what all is in this course you're gonna get your one month launch or blog checklist again this is designed if you have time to complete everything on the weekly check checklist and get this done in one month if I say one month but it's really five weeks if you include some the post-launch checklist that you'll do but it gives you again it breaks it down it focuses you in on very specific tasks to be done each and every week and if you just focus on that week I promise you it's not quite as overwhelming they're also going to show you tell you what their favorite resources are what plugins they recommend they're gonna you know they're gonna speak real to you they're gonna tell you the truth about blogging that experts may not tell you they're gonna kind of give you the down-and-dirty scoop of the blogging world you know they're gonna talk about strategies the course objectives you're gonna have talk about hosting and website issues how to understand WordPress obviously most people are gonna be on a WordPress platform regardless of their hosting company but again they do have recommendations on who you should choose for hosting they're going to talk about various themes free theme versus paid themes why you would maybe want to pay for a theme as far as you know what kind of customizations that come along with it and then they will get into some specific theme tutorials as you see Divi is one of the ones that they do recommend and this section with the dis design with Divi when I first took this course that section was not there it was added in maybe a month ago and here's a great thing once you buy their course you have it for lied and so when they add in these updates like they did here with the Divi theme you get that extra information you don't have to pay again there's no up charge to get that it for information all you do is log in and you have instant access to the new information and so that's fantastic that you have lifetime access to any updates that they make for their courses they're going to talk about you know the visual appeal in the blog's you know designing the pictures and how to make those look good it's going to talk about your content strategies they're going to talk about email marketing and email marketing honestly when I had my blog 70 years ago it was outside of asking somebody to subscribe to my blog I never would have considered using email marketing to try to sell a product so they go into that and they're going to teach you how to get that set up and they're going to give you some templates for that as well and you want to talk about how to create different sequences regardless of the email marketing platform that you use whether it's convertkit or MailChimp or there's a few others out there and they're gonna do a comparison between convertkit and MailChimp I believe if I remember correctly we're going to talk about how to protect your blog you know various skills and blogging resources they go through the gdpr and that has to do with european countries come more of a disclaimer type of thing I'm going to talk about setting up social media and they're also going to talk to you about which social media platforms work better than others and some hands on your niche but one other thing that I didn't pinterest I never would considered marketing on Pinterest until they started talking about it and they're actually going to talk you through how and why Pinterest works and then you're also going to have your final pre-launch checklist if you're going to go through to make sure you've got it on your eyes and cross all your T's and then they're gonna have a few tips for that first week after launching and then what's great you get into some bonus videos and everybody loves bonus videos stuff about professional logos legal templates because you need to have legal templates so they're going to cover that it's obviously it's a longer video but it's this information you need they're gonna touch on affiliate marketing and then they're going to get you some bonus material out of one of their other classes which is your Pinterest travel Pinterest traffic avalanche training as you're gonna get some bonus videos out of that course you also get a few some information on SEO and Instagram freelance side hustles otherwise to make money and then you also get to they go over their affiliate program so back to number six private Facebook group they have private Facebook groups for each and every one of their courses so when you purchase a course you get a link to that private Facebook group for that course and they have four different courses right now and they have four different Facebook groups for each of those courses and what's great about that is you're in a group of people at the same stage at the same place that you are and so you you help each other you can ask each other questions Alex and Lauren along with their virtual assistants believe they have two virtual assistants now they're all very active in the Facebook groups and so it's always exciting when you know you're asking a question and the author of the program that you're taking jumps in and answers directly for you and then one their virtual assistants Drew he is extremely active in those groups and again it provides a space to ask questions and to support and encourage other people that are on this same road as you and finally the big bonus with this course once you've taken their course you can become an affiliate for them and help them sell this course part of the reason I'm doing this video let's just be real but I'm not gonna recommend something that I don't believe in and Laura and Alex they're so protective of their cords and they're so what should say protective they're very proud of their course and they don't let just anybody sign up for their affiliate program you have to have bought and use and gone through their course before you can market it because they don't want people who have never taken it trying to tell people to buy it when they've got no experience so that's one thing I think that shows a lot of integrity and I think it's really great that they are very specific on who can purchase their course so in summary Alex and Lauren super authentic you can't help but love them the very first course build and launch or blog was relatively inexpensive compared to other blog launching courses the advice I give is from their real-world experience okay they have been through the mud they've gone through the trenches they are talking from experience their classes are very comprehensive yet at the same time very understandable it is very easy to follow along on their class the private Facebook groups give you a great community to to work with and again their affiliate program so that's it that is my review of the build and launch your blog class through creating go if you're interested in this class in the description box below I have posted my affiliate link which means that if you decide to purchase the course through my affiliate link I will get a kickback but at no additional cost to you I hope this information was helpful I hope it helps you decide on maybe a course that you want to take I'll be doing future in the next few weeks probably that will go over their second course in the series that's called make money for beginner bloggers if you're interested in seeing those videos don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a thing make sure you give me that thumbs up and I will see you on the next video

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