Build your own house to survive in the freezing weather [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.01.05]
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Build your own house to survive in the freezing weather [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.01.05]

(Team YB has a lot of useful items for their house.) (Wooden sticks, sleeping bags,) (greenhouse films, Styrofoam blocks) I’m jealous of your Styrofoam blocks. This is a high platform from the ground. Look how thick this is. Gosh, we picked good ones. (Meanwhile,) (Team OB definitely lacks items to build a house.) (Blankets, bubble wrap, boxes, and duck tapes) Gosh, we’re in trouble. We’ll feel the cold air. (They are already worried about the cold.) First, each one of us will occupy the box. It’s called the Three Rooms. This is a roofed house. (Architect Youn: Team OB’s leader, majored in design) We’ll put the three Styrofoam blocks next to one another. We’ll use them as mattresses. We’ll cover the ceiling too, so the wind won’t get into our house. We’ll make it look like a church. (Captain Din: Team YB’s leader,) (didn’t major in related fields) Shall we get started? (They start building the houses on the bare ground.) We should put the blocks next to each other first. (Team YB starts laying their foundation first.) After that, we should do this. – Let’s put one here. / – Will that go in? (He’s worried.) (The ground must be frozen. Will that work?) Let me give it a try. (Captain Din fearlessly goes for it.) (That won’t be easy.) (It’s going in!) It’s going in. (He’s pretty reliable.) (But…) – I think I just lost my hearing. / – It’s good now. (I’m sorry, but this comes first.) I’m sorry. – Shouldn’t we do one here? / – Let’s do one here too. Yes, we need one there. (With pursed lips…) That’s good. It’s enough. You’re pretty thorough. – You know what? / – You look… I’ve been going to the reserve training for 8 years. You look like you do this every day. (“Where there’s a wooden stick, you’ll find me.”) (From Captain Din) (He’s good, but something about him is funny.) (Who is he? Is he a carpenter?) (He moves up and down) (as his pelvis moves to the rhythms.) (Hopping) That’s good. (He’s about to hammer it to the core of the earth.) He’s so good. This is so fun to watch. (If you need to install a wooden stick, just call me.) Okay, great. (They start working on insulation) (with the greenhouse films.) By the way, this will not work at all. – Why not? / – The sticks are too low. This will collapse. We don’t have anything to support it with. How about this? Yes. That’s it. Yes, let’s do that. Let’s do that and make the support fixtures. Great. (How will he connect the wooden sticks?) (Team YB doesn’t have any items) (to connect them together.) (Let me see.) (Captain Din heads somewhere.) (Where are you going, DinDin?) (Without making any sounds,) (he steals the duck tapes from Team OB.) (Captain Din is indeed gutsy.) – We can connect them with this. / – Great. (These silly guys have no idea) (as they are busy working.) We must make sure we wrap them tightly from the start. If we don’t wrap them tightly, this will break. (Seonho is taping the sticks.) – Great idea. / – This is nice. – Let me use that one more time. / – Okay. (They finish connecting the sticks for the support.) – This is all done. / – Is it good? – Let me clear the rocks here. / – Okay. Goodness, look at these rocks. Rocks are everywhere here. (When the younger guys are flattening the land…) Look at this. It’s a rock. (Turning around) (The materials are indeed lacking.) (Designing the Three Rooms) Rocks are just everywhere. Let’s get started and connect all three. We need to seal this part. – It won’t fall, right? / – Yes. (They are thoroughly taping it.) That’s it. That’s great. – Tape the top part here. / – Hey, tape this part too. – We’re preparing for a festival. / – Goodness. (Working hard) (as if they are preparing for the festival) – This is good. / – It’s perfect. Hold on. (Shaking) Hey. (Screaming) (The Three Rooms collapse.) Our house collapsed. (Will we be able to sleep…) (tonight?) (Others’ misfortune is their happiness.) I told you not to lean on it. – We need the tapes. / – This is terrible. What happened to one of the rooms? (Did the Three Rooms turn into Two Rooms?) (The Three Rooms are in a crisis.) (How can our house be so weak?) (In that case…) Hey, guys. Do you have any spare sticks? We’ll let you know after we use them. Hold on. They took our tapes. What? Why did you take our tapes? (Oh, no!) – I’m going to take them out then. / – No. How about we trade 4 wooden sticks and 1 roll of tapes? (They exchange 4 wooden sticks with 1 roll of tapes.) (They obtained 4 wooden sticks.) Instead of leaning them… (He starts installing the support fixtures right away.) (Building a house isn’t an easy job.) – Seal it with the tapes. / – Okay. (Thorough) (They are getting close to finishing the Three Rooms.) – You’ll light them up? / – Of course. That’s amazing. – You can light them up? / – Yes. (You can?) It’s hot! (It surprises Jongmin who was working on the house.) – It’s hot? / – No. (He was just startled.) Doesn’t this look like a night market? (It resembles a night market.) People will come to have kimchi jeon here. – This feels like Christmas here. / – What? Christmas. Let’s start with that side. Let’s cut it and carry it. This is heavy. We should cut it first. (Struggling) (They keep on building the house without a break.) I’m getting tired now. (Team YB is getting tired little by little.) Can we only connect these two? – What do you mean? / – We can put the rock underneath. – Yes. / – It’s just for one night. To be honest, we can sleep fine without the cover. (They can sleep outdoors without a tent.) – That’s true. / – This is a luxury. (He’s relaxed as he’s done it before.) This is why people ought to live with the bare minimums. – This will collapse in a flash. / – This is great. Can you tell me something to give me hope? Hope? We’ll be able to fall asleep fast as we’ll be tired. That’s very hopeful. – Just fall asleep quickly. / – Let’s fall asleep fast. Don’t tell me funny stories. I’m serious. Don’t tell me ghost stories. Just go to sleep. Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Cover it. (Team YB’s house is finished.) Let’s go! Gosh, I built my own house. (His dream of getting his own house has come true.) Our house is awesome. You guys did a good job. This kind of glasshouse is trending these days. We can watch the sunrise and the sunset from the house. As for the entrance, we can open it from there. (Welcome to the house.) The sun will be directly shining on you. No. This will reflect all the sunlight. – It protects us from the UV light. / – I see. Do you give out sunblock when we enter? The sunblock is provided, free of charge once a month. Tell us about your house. – He’s the architect. / – Okay. – He’s Architect Youn. / – He’s a famous architect. – He’s quite famous. / – Right. – He’s the architect. / – Yes. These are ready-made products from factories. I used the boxed-up model houses and connected them to make an apartment. – We installed the bubble wraps. / – On the bottom. We put the bubble wraps on the bottom for the moisture. Good job. (They finish building their houses.)


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