Building Brand via Social Media for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses | AIM EXPO | COLLIN AUSTIN
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Building Brand via Social Media for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses | AIM EXPO | COLLIN AUSTIN

(audience clapping) – All right, good afternoon, everybody, how are we feeling this afternoon? – [Man] Yeah! – All right, we got some
energy, is it nap time, everybody went to lunch, we’re good? I was just saying that I feel like we need like a hype man, we need like
a DJ up in here spinning, get that blood flowing. Well, as I said, my name is Collin Austin, I’m the founder of a company
called New Scooters 4 Less. It’s a dealership that
I started 15 years ago as a college students that was struggling to get to and from class. I also have a digital media
company called Repaint the Wall where we focus on social media,
video and personal branding, these are three things that have become super passions of mine
and it really all started with New Scooters 4 Less and recognizing opportunity and seizing
that opportunity last year. Also started a podcast which
is very Gainesville focused right now, but it’s
been growing quite a bit where we focus on entrepreneurship
telling the stories of the business leaders in our community. Guys, who had a MySpace account in 2003? MySpace accounts, raise your hand, yes. My username was Collinallthegirls. (audience laughing) Okay, the girlfriend did not like that, but it was a cool username, right. I’ve been on So that was the start of my
social media passion, right, that was my introduction to social media. Then this little company
started in February of 2004 called Facebook. Okay, everybody have a
Facebook account, yep? Everybody, who doesn’t
have a Facebook account? You don’t have a Facebook account? – [Man] Nope. – You’re like one of the like few people seriously holding out. – [Man] Dinosaur? – Dude, I respect it. I’m actually pretty surprised, I’m amazed. My uncle’s like the
second person in the world that doesn’t have it. But back in the day, back in
2004 you actually had to be a college student to even have
access to Facebook, right? The University of Florida
which is where I went to school was the 21st college to have Facebook, I had my Gatorz with a Z, [email protected] and that is how I accessed Facebook and I quickly realized
that this was something that was gonna be really big. My company started really
right at the same time, New Scooters 4 Less was
founded in March of 2004 and so I have really been on
Facebook since the beginning and just quickly realized
that this was going to be big, that there was gonna
be an opportunity here and I decided I was gonna
start using these platforms to connect with my customers
and build my business. Now, over the lifetime
of New Scooters 4 Less I kept asking myself
how are we going to go from being this local scooter dealership to becoming the scooter
capital of the world? My vision for my company
is really, really big, I know that sounds crazy, like
scooter capital of the world, like, dude, are you seeing Taiwan, are you seeing some of these other places? I get it, I’d don’t necessarily
think that Gainesville will have millions of
scooters, but what I wanted was when somebody heard the word scooter I wanted them to think
New Scooters 4 Less, I wanted them to think
the University of Florida, I wanted them to think
Gainesville, Florida. So I kept asking myself, all right, how are we going to do this? You know, how can we
break beyond the walls of Gainesville, Florida? And the answer was video, all right? That’s when NS4L.TV was
born, this was my idea, I was like this is what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna go hire a
full-time videographer, I’m gonna bring them into my dealership, I’m gonna start showing
everything that’s happening behind the scenes of my dealership. I mean everything. I can recall the time
we got a negative Tweet from a football player,
like football player jumped on Twitter, said
something really bad and I’m like, oh my gosh, what’s going on? My entire day was disrupted,
the entire schedule that I had laid out didn’t play out like I’d intended for the day. And here my leadership team and I, we’re going through trying to figure out what went wrong, where we messed up, what I can do to fix it, I’m
trying to put out this fire, right, as the owner, I’m
trying to put out this fire. And we’re recording this,
and we’re recording this. And it was interesting,
’cause here I was as a dealer ultimately I cared so much that I wanted to fix that problem. And yes, we put up the
episode and it shows us getting this problem resolved, shows us getting that problem resolved and ultimately it showed
a company that had values, that cared about its customer and we were transparent, we put it out, it’s one of the early
episodes of NS4L.TV, okay? And if you type that into your browser it’ll take you directly
to our YouTube channel and you’ll be able to
see a lot of the content that we’re creating and I’m
gonna get more into that in just a little bit. Then last year, 2018 I
decided I was gonna do an influencer campaign,
I had found a young lady, her name was Alison,
okay, she was on YouTube. And this is her YouTube channel right now. When I had found this young
lady she had 20,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, she now has over a 122,000 subscribers now, this is only a year ago,
less than two years ago, this was early 2018 when
she had 20,000 subscribers. I reached out to her and I said, hey, I watch your vlog,
she’s basically vlogging about her college experience,
she’s talking about, hey, I’m at the University of Florida, I’m taking you through my day at school, just vlogging about her experience. I reached out to her, saw that she rode this really cute bicycle everywhere. I said, hey, I know that
you ride this bicycle, but it’s just interesting,
have you ever thought about a scooter? I don’t know if you’d be interested, but scooters have had a large impact on the University of Florida. If you’re willing and it
won’t mess up your brand, I don’t want you to speak on something that isn’t authentic to you, I said, if you’re willing I would
love for you to come in, try a scooter, drive it around campus, film it, talk about it on your vlog, maybe talk about how
scooters have impacted the University of Florida in Gainesville. And let me know, how much
could I pay you to do that. She’s like calling, “Yes,
all my friends have scooters, “I love scooters, I don’t have one myself, “but I would absolutely love to try it “and do something with you”. Guys, it was like $495, I
had this young lady come in, she made a vlog about our dealership, she also posted on our
Instagram stories a couple times where she had 1000s of followers as well. She made a couple posts on
her Instagram a couple times and she did it for like $495
bucks and it’s still there. When people go, you think about it, think about a college
student who is about to go to the University of
Florida, they go to Google, they type life at the
University of Florida and they come across
her video talking about how New Scooters 4 Less is
the dealer in Gainesville and that scooter culture
is such a huge thing in Gainesville, this is influencer
marketing at its finest. And it cost me 500 bucks and that money, I gotta sell one scooter. I’m gonna sell this scooter 10
times, 20 times, a 100 times and the thing is I don’t
know and what’s really funny is that a lot of people are like, “Oh, but what’s the ROI,
how do you measure that, “what’s the ROI”. I gotta sell one scooter, I don’t know. That video’s gonna be up there forever, all I need is one student to see the video and it’s covered. She came in, we put her on a
little Genuine Buddy scooter. This was actually a clip from her vlog. She’s like, “I could do this
all day, it’s really fun.” this is her at the dealership, so just a couple
screenshots from her vlog. Now, what was really
interesting about this was we had already had
our video team, right, we had our video team
who was filming NS4L.TV. So I asked Alison, I said, hey, I don’t know if you would care, but would you mind if I
actually sent my video crew out and we would just like to
film some of our own content while you’re filming your vlog. She was like, “Yeah,
no problem, please do”. So we sent out our video crew and we ended up making
our own video promo, because we were the number
one Genuine Scooter dealer in the country in 2017, we decided, hey, let’s make a highlight video
showing New Scooters 4 Less, showing this cute college
girl on a scooter, showing our plaques number
one Genuine dealer, right? And I’m like, all right, this is good, what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna take this video and I’m gonna run it against
college students in the fall and I’m gonna say, hey
don’t come buy your scooter from the number one
dealership in the city, come buy your scooter from the number one
dealership in the country. I took that promo video and we
did exactly that in the fall. But what was unique about it or what, it was kind of an accidental
thing that I just did, that I came up with was, all right, I told my team, I was like this
video is really good, guys, let’s cut out New Scooters 4 Less, let’s make a second version of this video, let’s cut out New Scooters 4 Less, let’s insert Genuine Scooter company which is our distributor and let’s show, let’s basically make a
version of this video that’s for them, that has nothing to do with New Scooters 4 Less. That way we can just give it to them and they can give it to all the dealers to post on social media, to
post in their dealerships on their screens for
their in-house marketing. And we did exactly that. Genuine got the video, they’re like, “Oh my gosh, this is awesome”. How much would it cost to have you do this for every scooter model that we sell? And then the next day we
ended up doing a contract with Genuine Scooters making videos for all of their scooters. And that’s how our media company
Repaint the Wall started. So now we do this for other dealerships, we do this for the distributors, we do this for businesses
inside of Gainesville, a lot of them and I do
this for personal brands, like my passion is personal branding, so I work with some CEOs
like in New York city and Chicago who are building
their personal brand. That’s a completely different subject, but something I can absolutely
talk about in a Q and A. But I want to get to all the
points that are very relevant to your business. This is the thing, guys, most dealership social media strategy is below average at best. And so there is still opportunity for you. If you haven’t taken
advantage of social media yet there is still time. So today I wanna show you the opportunities that you’re missing and the mistakes that you’re making. So let’s go, that’s why
I put the Lego there. Lego, number one, stop selling. Okay, that’s Kanye West
kissing Kanye West. It’s not all about you, okay? It’s not all about you, guys,
one of the biggest things that I see in social media
is that we get on there and we promote, promote, promote, promote, sale, sale, sale, sale. This is so commonplace,
it’s not all about you, you gotta start focusing on creating some value driven content. All right, we put out
content all the time, but we’re not trying to shove our sale down people’s throats, what we’re trying to do
is provide them value. That way we can build brand, build relationships with our customers. Okay that brings me to my second point, which is the focus on using
social media platforms as customers service tools. So one of the ways that we do this is with like, think about
using the messenger platforms as a way to connect with
your customers, right, as an extension of your customer service. This was my business,
does anybody recognize that little code there, what it’s from? That is Snapchat code,
this is why it’s important to know who your audience is, my audience is 95% college students. So that’s my business card
right there on the left side, so what happens is a student
ends up buying a scooter, okay we do our celebration
that I talked about in the first talk, right
and before they leave take this business card up to them, shake their hand and say,
hey, my name’s Collin, I’m the founder, this is my business card, if you ever have any questions, if there’s anything you ever need you can reach out to me directly. Every college student has Snapchat, they know exactly what it’s for, they put it inside their scooter seat, as soon as they have
a problem or they have a question about something, they can’t remember when to
come in for their first service they send me a snap, okay? And maybe it’s at 10 o’clock at night, I’ve had young ladies, 19
year old college students break down on the side of
the road on their scooter, they pull out that Snapchat
card, they scan it, they send me a message. “Hey, Collin, I’m really
sorry to bother you, “I know it’s late, I’m
hoping that you get this. “I’m on the side of the road, “I can’t seem to get my scooter started, “can you help”. And I do, if I’m available and
I see it, then yes, I help. Right and these are the things, this is what we’re willing to
do that our competition isn’t, so this is why we’ve been
able to build our business and build our brand. So I use these as customer
service platforms. We have them on the back of T shirts, we have it on all of our
receipts and invoices. We have stickers and we were written up in the Huffington Post blog
saying small businesses are snapping their way to success, because of our use of Snapchat
and how we are focused on using this as a
customer service platform. Focus on using messengers and social media as a customer service platform. Be accessible, this goes
back to using these platforms to reach your customers, right? So this is a couple examples,
I don’t know if you, guys can read it, but
these are just messages that I got through
Snapchat from customers. I mean one was as simple
as, “I’m like one day away “from selling Lenny who once was “in perfect running condition, “but now I’m having this
problem and I’m sad”. And me, I respond, well,
will Lenny stay running if you hold the throttle just
a little bit when you stop? “Yes, I keep revving
Lenny, he stays running, “not sure if revving is
the right word, LOL”. I was like, I think you just
need an idle adjustment, it’s free, why don’t
you bring your scooter to the dealership and we’ll
get that taken care of for you. Just communicating with my
customers all the time outside, even if we’re closed. So those are a couple examples. Very important thing to
note, be being accessible you decrease the chances
of negative reviews, because customers know they
have access to you, right? We know, we live in a social media world where if something doesn’t go right, what do people do, what do customers do? They go directly to Facebook
and they start complaining. Right, “Oh my gosh, I had
this terrible experience, “blah, blah, blah, this is
happening, I can’t that”, like they start complaining
on social media, they might leave a negative
review on Google, right? But by being accessible
you decrease the chances of them doing that,
because those customers who have my Snapchat code, they’re gonna reach out to me first. Say, “Hey, Collin, I wanna let you know, “I’m having this problem,
can’t seem to get this problem “resolved with your
dealership, can you help”. Yes, absolutely I can help,
let’s get that resolved for you. And you increase sales, right? By building relationships
you’re gonna increase sales, these customers are
gonna keep coming back, they’re gonna ask questions,
“Hey when should I come in “for that oil change, hey,
what mileage you’re at”, going back and forth and
they’re gonna come back in for that service. Point number three, engage and
build relationships, right? Content, so I’m really
big on content creation, I’m gonna get into some video
stuff in just a few minutes. But content shows the values, that tweet that I was
talking about, right? That showed our values as a company, that showed a business
owner and a business leader, like our leadership team that cares and wants to get this resolved to make this right for the customer. We put that content on YouTube, now other customers that
are seeing this see, “Oh, wow, these are the
values of this company”. Values equal your reputation and reputation equals your brand. Here’s an example of ways that
we engage with our customers. So this young lady said,
“New Scooters 4 Less “commented on my Insta, all time high”. And she like took a
screenshot of us responding on her Instagram, she then
tweeted it out to the world and then we respond back,
you tweeting about it is an all time high for us. Right, join the conversations
that are happening around you with your customers,
get in the marketplace, get into whatever they’re talking, it might not even have
anything to do with scooters or your business, it could just be in the
community in general, maybe there’s some
community event going on. Get in there and engage with
people, build relationships. I’ve had so many people who tell me, “Oh, you can’t build relationships
through social media”. Dude, there’s people who I hadn’t even met before I came here who
I’m through social media, hey, man, I’m looking
forward to meeting you an AM Expo, let’s make
sure we get together. Like those opportunities happen and establish those relationships first. Yes, I believe in the power
of face to face, absolutely, there’s nothing better
than a face to face, but you can absolutely build relationships through social media. Here’s a fantastic
example of what not to do. Right, so this person
tweeted, this is somebody who auto responded for Delta. “Excuse me, Delta, but this is outrageous, “I just got sucked through the toilet hole “in one of your air crafts “and now I’m hurdling through the sky. “Can I get my money back, this
never happens on Southwest”. And I don’t know if
you, guys, can read it, it’s really small, it says, “Hello, Drew, “I’m sorry to learn of this,
can you provide more detail “to what occurred”. So they didn’t even like really read it, they just put an auto response. So if you’re gonna engage online, then actually read and engage. And then create engagement,
like on Instagram, who uses Instagram stories
regularly in your business? Okay, if you’re not, you’re
missing an opportunity. Instagram stories are really big. A great way to create
engagement, we very often, this had nothing to do with
our scooter dealership, but we’re talking Gator football, we’re University of Florida graduates. Right, we’re talking Gator football, guys, what do you think
of this that’s coming out for Saturday’s game,
do you like it, yes or no? We create engagement. And one of my absolute
favorite things to do on social media is to say thank you. Right, you, guys, we walk around with this device all day
long, this is so easy, and it does not take a lot of time, right? So this week on Wednesday
our team sold a scooter to one of the newest quarterbacks at the University of Florida, okay. And you can, as New Scooters
4 Less, open up Twitter, start a new tweet, hit the
little camera button right here or actually first type at, right, make a little
video, turn around here. Hey, what’s up, man, this is Collin, we’re at New Scooters 4
Less, I’m here speaking and I’m using you as an example,
but I just wanted to say thank you so much for buying
that matte black Roughhouse from our dealership this Wednesday, man, we really appreciate the
business, thank you so much. If there’s anything you
ever need, holler at me, thanks so much, man, see ya. Right, little video. What’s happening? Then you tag them at and you tweet it. So I just sent a thank you to a customer via video via Twitter. Super, super easy stuff for great ways to engage your customers
and to thank them. And then point number four,
stop ignoring new platforms. Okay, I constantly,
constantly, constantly hear the same things, like I’m too busy, there’s not enough time, I
don’t wanna learn the new thing. I don’t get it. Guys, I can’t believe how many people when Facebook really started coming out in the early days how
many people was like, “Oh, man, sonny, I had
my business for 30 years, “I’ve never had a Facebook
account, I’ve been just fine”. Well, you’re about to get your ass kicked by somebody who’s using Facebook and who’s building their brand there. It’s free opportunity, it’s
a way for us to get in there and again, build those relationships, so why wouldn’t you do so? But, guys, I hear this
all the time and I get it, like, I’m the guy who stands on stage and preaches all the
time, know your audience, know your audience, know your audience, I understand that my
audience is college students and that they use Snapchat, am I saying that everybody in here needs to be on Snapchat all the time? No, I’m saying you need
to know your audience, know where they are
engaging and build audience. But do I think you should
at least have an idea of how Snapchat works and maybe some of the marketing opportunities there? Yeah, maybe it’s Instagram,
these platforms are aging up. Who in here has a TikTok account, yeah? One, two, three, okay. Yeah, I get it, it’s for 12 year olds, but for me those 12 year
olds become 18 year olds who go to college. And if there’s a lot of
brand being built there I wanna be there, I wanna be
putting my message in there. I wanna be building these relationships. I wanna be having that influence early. Some of the other things
that we do, you know, a lot of these University
of Florida students they found out that they get in college for the fall semester in February. So as soon as they get
on February they go, “Hashtag UF 24, I get it,
I’m going to my dream school, “so excited”, you know what we do? We get in there and we start engaging. Dude, that’s awesome, congratulations, we’re so excited to see you this fall. We don’t say, come buy a scooter, we say, no, congratulations,
welcome to Gator nation, we’re excited to see
you and we’re doing that as NS4L, as New Scooters 4 Less. So they see, you know,
they see our company name, we’re just getting our first
impressions of our brand on these college students months before they’ve even entered our city. Another thing that I constantly hear is I can never remember how
to post or when to post. Guys, these devices are really cool, you can set like 80 alarms. This is what I do, in order
to get myself in the habit of creating Instagram stories consistently one of the things that I did was just set a little vibration alarm
that said social media post. So throughout out my, at random times, like completely random times they’d go off and if I felt
it buzzing, I looked at it, okay, it’s saying social media post. I’m like all right, if I’m
in a meeting with somebody I’m not gonna stop the meeting
and necessarily do it, right so I’ll just stop the alarm
and wait for the next one. But if it’s buzzing and
there’s an opportunity, I’m like, okay, I stop myself and go, is there an opportunity to capture content right now for our brand? Just set a series of alarms, it’s one of the easiest
hacks that you can do. And number five, take
advantage of YouTube. Who in here is using YouTube regularly? A handful of you, guys, cool. Now, the biggest reason
that I believe dealerships should take advantage of YouTube is because Google owns YouTube, okay? We all have websites, how
many of us have all heard the importance of SEO,
search engine optimization. Hey, don’t you want when
somebody comes to Google and then Google Gainesville scooters, don’t you want your dealership to pop up? Yeah, of course I do, right? We’ve all been told this,
right, SEO, SEO, SEO. I personally think this
is the best SEO, right? Here’s an example, I
don’t necessarily have how to strap down a scooter
on my website anywhere. Right, nowhere on my website
are those keywords there. But customer, somebody goes to Google, they type how to strap down a scooter, what pops up out of 11
million 700 thousand results our video how to load and
strap down your scooter pops up number one. Right, somebody, they click it, that goes to our YouTube channel, that YouTube channel inside that video inside the description
has links to our website, to our other social media platforms. It’s all right there. Here’s another example, go
type how to kickstart a scooter in Google you’re gonna find this video. Right and it’s a video
of me from years ago showing how to kickstart a scooter. Okay, that’s out of 31 million results is the first thing to pop up. This to me is the best
search engine optimization and I always talk about YouTube
in terms of content creation and making videos, you put a video, I describe it like an IRA or
like a retirement fund, right? You put money in, you
got that first video, you get views, you get results from it and then you just
continuously make deposits. The big thing when it
comes to social media and content creation is consistency, you’re gonna hear the
word consistency a lot. You have to do it consistently. Now, one of the really,
really cool tools, excuse me, for anybody who wants to
dabble and get into YouTube, there’s this really cool
tool called TubeBuddy, this is what we use,
there’s a lot like it, but the reason I really like this tool is because when you set it
up on your YouTube account, you see those little
numbers there on these tags, it’ll actually start
suggesting tags, okay, but it’ll also show you these
little numbers on the side. So that where it says how
to kickstart a scooter, when somebody goes into
YouTube and they type how to kickstart a scooter
that video is coming up number two on the YouTube search engine. And real quick, that’s
exactly what YouTube is, YouTube is a search engine, it’s just another version
of Google, but for video. How to kickstart a moped, it’s number two, how to kickstart scooters, number two. And what’s funny about, this,
this is what it looks like, so when you go into YouTube, you type how to kickstart a scooter that’s that second video right there, so there it is, number two. The first video, we actually
own the first one as well. It’s the same video, all
I’m doing here is testing, literally the content’s the same, I’m testing optimization of titles, I’m testing optimization of descriptions, optimization of those keywords. One of them has been
up there for two years, one of them has been up
there for five years. If you look closely
you’ll see that the one that’s been up there for five years has a 153 thousand views and the one that’s only two years old is already up to a 100 thousand views. So the first one’s
actually performing better, it’s getting more views just
because it’s optimized better. Now, the biggest mistakes
that I see people making with social media. Number one, this is really when it comes, this is with video content specifically is that they’re not using
captions on their videos okay, there’s a service
that our dealership uses, like we use this company called, I actually have a $10 off coupon up there if you want to use it. But with what it does is it’s just outsourcing the captioning. So the captions are the little words that you read when the
video pops up, right? We’ll submit this out, Rev
charges a dollar a minute, so this was a 15 minute something video, they charge 16 bucks for it and they caption the video. So that just saves us
a little bit of time. Now, a lot of people, like,
man, 16 dollars on a video, you start doing that a
lot, that starts to add up. But yes, but this is all
about that Google search. You know, Google grabs these
keywords out of the captions. So I want all my video
content to pop up first when people are searching on Google. This is optimization of these videos. Research by Discovery
Digital Networks shows that the captioned video saw
a 13.8% increase in views in the first two weeks they were published and 7.32% over the lifetime. So that’s why it’s important to me. Another thing is 85% of people do not listen to videos on Facebook. You, guys, know, you’re sitting
in that business meeting, you shouldn’t be on Facebook, but you are, scrolling, right, you see the video. You’re not gonna like turn
the sound on, what do you do? You read the captions, if it has captions. If it doesn’t have
captions what do you do? Keep scrolling. So this is why captions are important. You can actually, with
Rev you can actually take, we will send the YouTube
file so you could actually give Rev access to your YouTube account, they’ll just put it
right in there for you. We will actually download
the file from YouTube and upload it to Facebook. So where you actually
upload the video to Facebook that way you can use
the same captioned file for both platforms. Another big mistake
that I see all the time is that people treat social
media as a to do item, right? They’re going through it,
they gotta get stuff done, they got a busy day, just
like check it, check it, check it off the list,
we were talking about it a little bit earlier. Check it off the list,
social media needs to be part of your strategy for your brand and for your growth. All right, so don’t treat
social media as a to do item. Another thing going back is consistency, they are not consistent. We started putting out a
podcast a year and a half ago and it’s doing really
well and one of the things that contribute to that success
is it goes out every Monday at eight a.m. without
fail weekly, consistency. With New Scooters 4
Less with this content, what you see with all these videos, we’re putting out content consistently every single day,
well not every single day. We make what, six or seven videos a month. Which I put one, two videos out a week, that’s just video content, we are putting content
out every single day, it might be pictures, it
might be sometimes else, but we’re trying to put out seven, I’d say about seven videos a month. But we’re consistently
putting it out there. People get inpatient, they
expect results quickly. Right, I can’t tell you,
I’ve done lots of these talks and a lot of people go, “Yeah,
I got an Instagram account “and I used it for four months, “but I didn’t see any results”. This stuff does take time, even with us, when we do our media contracts
we won’t do anything less than 12 months. The best way to describe
it is like working out. If I go hire a personal trainer today, if I go hire a personal trainer today I’m not gonna have
muscles tomorrow, right? It takes time lifting iron. I can go meet with my personal
trainer regularly, right? But maybe after a few months
I start to feel better, maybe start to see a little definition, but the longer I do I’m gonna
start building some muscle, right, it’s the same thing. And I also talk about in the same analogy when we’re talking to clients, I’m like, look, we can be your personal trainer, but after we get done
working out we gotta know that you’re not going home
and eating cake and ice cream. And what I mean by that analogy is like you, guys, have to
participate in your success. So if a company like ours is
creating content for somebody and then the content gets
posted and customers go in there and they start commenting
and they start engaging, right, they start sending messages, maybe they see that motorcycle or they send a direct message,
“Hey, I saw the motorcycle “you just posted, just curious
how many miles are on it”, et cetera and then nobody responds. You have to participate in your success when it comes to social
media and you have to, this is very much a long game. Nobody likes to hear that, I get it, we like short term
results, it’s way more fun, it’s way more fun to make
the promo video, right? Put it out there, targe the audience, see people getting the
offer code or whatever, coming into the store
and buying the cycles. I get that, but that’s
the short term game. Branding is the longterm game, it’s what people think about
when they think about your, they hear your company’s name,
what are they thinking about? It’s the reputation, it’s the brand, okay? The content creation goes
to building that brand. Another big problem that I see
is that when they are posting or they think posting is enough. You, guys, you have to spend money, okay? You can’t just have a Facebook page, you can’t just have an Instagram account and just make posts and think
that everybody in the world is gonna see it, right? Now, in the early days
who had a Facebook page when Facebook started putting out pages immediately for their business or when they started doing
Facebook pages for business you, guys, got one. Raise your hands high,
please, I saw good handful. I mean, when Facebook put
out Facebook pages initially, if you are one of the
businesses and you got on there and you started posting
content on your Facebook page it was getting seen by everybody? Why, because Facebook
wanted to push pages, they wanted businesses
to get pages, right? So they’re putting in everybody’s feed. Well over time, what
happens, it gets saturated, everybody has a Facebook page. Well, Facebook doesn’t
want to turn off people who are going to Facebook and scrolling, they don’t want people to get in there and see just business pages all the time. So they stop that, now if
you want your Facebook page to get seen you’re gonna
have to spend money. Now, I heard Jay in the last session talking about boosting posts
and that kind of thing, I agree with him, I don’t think the answer is necessarily just boost posts. Now, I will say if I
post a piece of content that’s not sponsored, if
I post a piece of content and I see people engaging with it and it’s getting a lot
of organic engagement to me that signals that this is resonating and I will go and boost that post. And you can, it has evolved a little bit, you can target with a boosted
post on Facebook as well. But creating ads in Facebook ad manager and creating sponsored posts,
this is what you need to do. You, guys, can create
targeted audiences, we? We buy the email list from
the University of Florida, we upload the email list to Facebook and we target college students. And that’s one of the things that we do. We can target and people who are employed, you know, they say that they’re employed at the University of Florida,
well, maybe we target Vespas to employees at the University of Florida. That’s the capability that you have with social media marketing
with Facebook marketing which is where a lot of
your audience is going to be and I know that a lot of your audience isn’t on Snapchat like mine is, but virtually everybody’s is on Facebook and the targeting
capabilities are incredible. And it’s worth the money. That’s the advantage where
you don’t have that advantage with radio, you put something
on, you put an ad out on radio like everybody hears it, you
don’t know who’s hearing it. But this, you can specifically
targe the right demographics. So spend money, especially if you want your content to be seen. So a quick summary, stop
using social media to promote, create value driven content,
focus on customer service, start building those relationships through the social media platforms, don’t ignore new platforms. Take advantage of YouTube
which is a huge opportunity. I know that YouTube came out in 2006, but it’s like I said,
because Google owns it so much opportunity there. Caption your videos, create
a social media strategy, not a to do list and
be consistent, patient and spend money. I want to spend the last
little bit of time that we have together to answer any questions
that you, guys, might have about social media, any questions? Yes? – [Man] So Instagram and Snapchat, so up in Fort Collins We have CSU and lots of colleges close by, we’ve got Grinnell College. Would we tag it in the
special way to get it seen if we’re not already using
Instagram and Snapchat to get the college students involved? – You’re saying you don’t have accounts? – [Man] Correct. We will. – Yeah, I would definitely,
I would start with Instagram, if I had to say which one,
I’d say start with Instagram. Facebook owns Instagram, so
where you do the ad management you just lookup Facebook ad manager and you’re gonna find it. You can basically create Instagram ads in the same place you create Facebook ads. Now, a lot of people are
gonna make one type of ad and push it to both, push it to Instagram, we actually spend the
time to create the content for the platform. So like Instagram stories you, guys, know are vertical videos, we’ll format it so that way it’s vertical and
takes up the whole screen. And you know, maybe who’s
seen the AM Expo promo that’s gone out on Instagram stories? It’s the video and then
it has the text in it, that’s just pushing the same
message to both platforms. But that’s where I would
start is Instagram for sure. Guys, also when it comes
to targeting I know a lot of people don’t think
about this kind of stuff, but if you were making a video
this is where ongoing content creation is so great,
because if you had a video and you actually made the video, say, the promo video had
female writers, right? You could take that video
with a female motorcycle rider and target females, right? I like that, an example
of some of the stuff that we do with New Scooters 4 Less, during college time we’ll make an ad that’s targeted to college students, then we’ll make an ad that’s
targeted to mom and to dad. And even in the copy of
the messages will say, “Hey, mom, hey, dad”. We’ll create different messages
for the different audiences and virtually we’re making
three, four, five, 10 of the same type of ad targeted
to different audiences. Yes? – [Woman] In all your
videos there was a time when I think that it should be slick and sexy and now it’s switched
to it should be more raw and authentic and genuine. What do you see happening with that trend? – It’s funny, ’cause with our media agency we work with brands who do both. Some brands have a very polished look, they’re gonna spend more money to get the higher production value. I think that there’s
just so much opportunity in being very raw. People ask me all the time about, they think they have to
have the fancy cameras and the fancy lighting and
all this sort of stuff, but I remind people, guys,
the most viral video of 2016 was the girl in the Chewbacca mask. Yeah, remember? It was very off the cuff,
it was a Facebook live video and it was the most seen video in 2016. I mean, you’re talking
about super raw stuff. And so we do a little bit of both, we create content and we document, right? So we’ll have the cameras
following us around the dealership and capturing content and
then we’ll physically, we’ll take time to think
about what our audience wants to see. So you think it might be like
a scooter comparison video, there’s a video we recently released that has three different
retro scooters that we sell and we went through, we
talked, we compared them. Talked about, hey, this is
why you might want this one over this one and that was
a little bit more polished. We even have some drone
footage of like Gainesville and some other stuff in there, you know? So it’s both for us, but I
don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing raw video all the time. If that identifies with
your brand it’s okay. – [Man] For YouTube optimization, other than TubeBuddy what
are some important things other than pay to get your views? What are some things that
you can do tech wise? – Like the biggest is just
consistency, it really is. I mean, it takes time, when
we started really putting out consistent content a few years ago, it was really 2017, so we’re about almost three years in now, I mean, we had 300 subscribers and now our YouTube channel
is at 2300 subscribers and it climbs every single day. And what I do know when it comes to creating consistent content
is to go from zero to a 1000 takes a lot longer than it
does to go from 10000 to 20000. We start to see more
subscribers every single day and they’re the subscribers that we want, they’re the subscribers that
are in the scooter world. They enjoy this kind of content, they’re looking at our how to videos, how to fix this yourself. And it’s funny, ’cause I hear like, “Oh, you’re teaching
somebody how to change “the light bulb on their RX 50, “well, they’re not gonna come
to your business anymore”. Guys, I could go on YouTube
how to do an oil change on my car, I ain’t
getting these hands dirty. There’s just an audience like that, right, like there’s people that, sure, maybe a couple of them end up
doing their own oil changes, but instead you’re building brand, a lot of people are gonna see that, they’re gonna see these videos
and they’re gonna be like, “Oh man, this is great,
this is very informative, “this is the kind of business “that I wanna do business with”. Don’t think that by
creating or teaching people how to do their own service
work it’ll keep them from coming to your
business, because it won’t. Any other questions, yeah? – [Woman] So you’re
talking about consistency. – Yeah. – [Woman] You said you do about
six or seven videos a month or more posts than that, what’s
your frequency of posting? – We post every single day. – [Woman] Once a day, three
times a day, how much is– – I recommend, I think
once a day is important, we’ll sometimes do two or three. We schedule out content, so
we will schedule out content based on events in the community, like there’s a Gator game tomorrow, I’m sure we got some community, some posts going out about Gator football or maybe even about our hours,
I mean, different things. Content, whether it’s
graphics, pictures, video. Like Jay was saying earlier,
video is super important. If you’re not doing video
I would highly recommend incorporating video into your business in some form or fashion. But I think it’s different for everybody. I think once a day is good, if
you can do more, then great. You can’t, I’ll tell you this, you can’t put too much content out there, I think that’s one of the biggest falsehoods there is. People are like, “But like you post eight “pieces of content you’re
gonna irritate your customers”. No, especially on
platforms like Instagram, unless you and I are best friends and we’re engaging with each
other stuff all of the time you could post eight times
and I’m not gonna see it. I might see a couple of them, you know? So just keep that stuff in mind, yes, sir? – [Man] Are you using any type of a buffer or anything like that? I’m on a back load saying 10 posts and then I’m gonna put
them out at prime time. – Yeah, there are several
platforms out there, our team uses eClincher. I still want to find
something a little bit better, it’s okay. I still haven’t quite
found the one that I like. I like different things from
different ones of course. The reason I think we went with eClincher was because of the ability to schedule out video on Instagram, a lot of them weren’t
doing that at the time, I’m sure that some of them have evolved, but you weren’t able
to schedule out video. But now even Facebook has evolved, you can connect Facebook
through your pages or through your business manager you can connect Instagram
posts on Facebook and schedule them out there
and now you can schedule out Instagram TV videos as well
which is something that we do. You, guys, posting on Instagram
TV anybody in the room? Yeah, cool. That’s just a way to
make more longer videos that 60 seconds in vertical
format on Instagram. And you can even select to
have it show up in the feed like a preview, so I definitely think that’s a good opportunity too. Yeah, that’s what we use, yeah. – [Man] I tend to have
a short attention span when I’m consuming social media and speaking specifically
to video if my attention isn’t captured right away I’m
just gonna scroll past it. So what advice do you have to
capture somebody’s attention and maintain it so they’re not
scrolling past your videos. – Some of the things that I have done specifically with like Gainesville, I mean just targeting Gainesville is there’s been times where I jump and then we put text on top of it, so it’s like, hey, Gainesville. You try to get their
attention really quick. We’ve done that a couple of times. But I always look at the things, you know, some of the stuff that we do with NS4L.TV, like the drone footage, those first shots where it’s just like,
oh, wow, this is cool, you don’t even realize that
it’s a scooter video at first, it’s more you just recognize
a drone shot of Gainesville and it kind of grabs your
attention, but, yes, sir? – [Man] Going back to this question about you’re selling scooters in a store. – Yep. – [Man] Your business is a
specialized motorcycle part. Do you still have to post
everyday, every week, what is it? And when you’re not selling a
number of different products, you’re selling one or two or three, is it still important to post each day with a different caption,
different photos? – Guys, I really think it all comes down to what it is that you want
for your business longterm. Right, so you have to
reverse engineer your goals. I constantly find a lot of business owners who don’t know what their goals are, they don’t know what they’re
trying to accomplish longterm. So I always recommend
starting from your goals and working backwards. If you’re building relationships
with your customers, then those customers are
gonna keep coming back. Is this a thing where you
sell that part one time and they’re never coming back? – [Man] Not necessarily, but yes. – Okay, I mean, I believe
in customer retention, I want those customers
to be customers forever and thinking about it,
that’s even tougher for us, right, ’cause we live in a college town, these are kids that are buying scooters. They buy them, they’re
there for four years, they graduate, so what
I’m telling my team is, we’re not doing our job
unless those kids graduate and they’re bringing their kids to us. I wanna be this scooter family
where these people are like, “Oh, you got into University of Florida, “we’re gonna go get your scooter “from New Scooters 4 Less, “’cause that’s where I got my scooter “when I went to the
University of Florida”. So I believe in that longterm
vision for our company and I wanna keep customers forever. So for us the answer is
yes, I would probably have to learn a little bit more about what your objectives are, but I absolutely believe in
content creation around that. I don’t know if you can
show video on how to install the part that you’re talking about, different things like that, but there’s lots of opportunities. And you, guys, you’d be surprised, you start asking your
customers what they wanna see, I mean, a lot of our YouTube videos, people comment, one, when they
comment, always respond back. – [Man] Even the trolls? – I mean, I like to use gifts with trolls and kind of like play back on them, but if they’re just
really, really trolling you could always delete it. But I like to engage those conversations. But what I was gonna say was
like on our YouTube videos a lot of people will ask
a question and be like, “Hey, I really love this video, “could you also do a video on how “to de-restrict a Genuine motor scooter”. Or, “Could you also do a video”, actually, the strap, how to strap a scooter in the back of a truck video,
somebody commented on that and said, “This is really great, “but could you actually
show how to do two cycles “in one truck bed”. So we made another one
that shows how to do it with two scooters, you know? We listen to our customers, we
ask them what they wanna see and then we create content around that. Any other questions, I know
we’re running out of time, I can definitely stick around
if you have any questions, come and see me. You, guys, I absolutely love
doing this kind of thing, I’m super passionate about social media. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel at and
I’ll put these videos up there for you in a couple of weeks once we get them back and get them on. And if you don’t mind, like,
please, honest feedback, I wanna know what provided you, guys, the most value, I hope I can come back and do this again sometime. And thank you so much for
your time this afternoon. (upbeat music)

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