Bullet Journal Flip Through December 2017 – Practical Minimalist Bullet Journal – Vlogmas #2
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Bullet Journal Flip Through December 2017 – Practical Minimalist Bullet Journal – Vlogmas #2

hey guys it’s Tasha from one big happy
and welcome to my first ever a bullet journal flip through and this is for
December 2017 so this is my first month of like
officially bullet journaling I have bullet journaled in the past in
a lined regular notebook and I enjoyed that but I decided I wanted to go the
traditional route and get a Leuchtturm I think that’s how it’s pronounced
a4 book with the dotted paper so that is what I have right here I also used this
small six inch ruler which is great because it fits in the back pocket of
the journal itself and I used a couple different pens
all of which we already had on hand so I had this uniball vision needle micro and
it’s great because it’s fine tipped it does sometimes produce a little bit too
much ink so it’s easier to find than the other pens that I have you can find this
in the store so I used both this and this pen is a master fine liner and
calligraphy pen and we actually had the whole set here I bought this for Joseph
as a Christmas gift a couple years ago when he got into zentangling which is
the type of line drawing that helps relieve stress so we already had these
and this is the zero one which is the point two five millimeter thickness nib
and these firm fine points are really useful for making neat thin lines in
your bullet journal the other thing that I used are these Crayola super tips
although I do want to keep my bullet journal more like minimalistic and
simple so you won’t see a lot of art in my spreads I just because that just
takes a lot of time and I need my bullet journal to be functional first and
foremost but you will see a little bit of color here and there and so I used
these these were five dollars at Target and Reeves uses them too so but those are
optional alright so let’s get into it since this is my first official bullet
journal and because I knew I was going to be making this video I put a lot of
thought into what exactly I wanted to do
so when you open up the bullet journal first of all there is the the index the
contents which is really helpful because the whole point of the bullet journal is
for you to be able to you know just kind of get your thoughts down and have it
all somewhere that’s easy to find and so the index is where that easy to find
part comes in okay so the very first thing you’ll see on this side here is a
yearly calendar because you never know when you’ll need to refer to the full
year for the dates and all I did was I used a a hand lettered all of this and
then I used just one of the fine liners the broadside to just add a little color
in here and then I highlighted all of the federal holidays then over here I
have my future log which is normally it would have you know at least six months
but since I know that I’m only going to be using this journal till the end of
the month I just went out to February but this is where you record things as
they come up birthdays holidays things like that and I generally prefer my
things to be in order that’s why I’m spacing them out but the other thing
that I thought of was that if things had to end up going out of order what I
might do when I circle a date like say something happened to come up for the
10th between you know now in the 10th then I would circle the 10th use one of
the super tips to assign it a color and then down here I would color in the box
to help me know what order things are supposed to be in but I’ll have things
like that appointment birthdays and things like that would go due dates for
things would go in the future log so next we have my never-ending to-do list
and these are like whenever something comes up that I think oh my gosh well I
need to do this but I don’t want to assign it to a particular day yet I just
want to throw it somewhere so that when I’m ready to kind of plan a week I can
refer back to it and think about okay well what do I which one of these am I
going to take care of this is where I kind of dump everything so for example I
have Reeves preschool medical forms so Reeves will start preschool two days a
week in February so that has to be done sometime
before February so I’m just gonna throw this up here because I doubt I’m gonna
get it done in December because of Christmas and vlogmas then over here is
a need and want list which is basically a wish list so anytime I think of
something that I want I’ll put it on here and anything I think of something
that I need I’ll put it on here which goes into you know what we talk about
when we say that you should have a cooling-off period before buying things
this is a great way to do that you just keep a running list of the things that
you need to buy so that you’re not making impulse purchases next I have a
goals page which is not filled out because I really want to spend some time
thinking about exactly what kind of goals I want to have for the upcoming
year next I have my stats tracker so I want to keep track of our various social
media stats so that’s what I’m gonna do here in the stats tracker these are
books movies and games that I want to do meaning play read or watch and for the
book symbol will be kind of like a rectangle and the games that’s a little
Pacman and then a play button for any books that I want to read or watch and
then here is a collection of the books and games and movies that I have enjoyed
or finished over the year and sadly I wish that there were more books here I
think this helped me realize that I need to be reading more books this is not
nearly enough and so this is and I haven’t finished any games I’ve played a
couple but I haven’t finished them so and I do enjoy playing video games so I
maybe need to try to figure out how to make more time for that in my schedule
okay so that is the end of the collections pretty much and you can see
I have them all here in my index so if I’m looking for one in particular then I
can just flip to the index and then flip back to it
so here is my December monthly overview which I’m not 100% that I will keep this
some of this is figuring out what’s gonna work for you me and what doesn’t
and so here I’ve just for the appointments or events from the
future log which is here into here and then I also put the days that I’m on
vacation and then general to do’s that need to be completed that month or goals
that I have the month in that month will go here I also have my habit tracker and
a lot of people will make their habit tracker take up one entire page and they
have like 20 different habits that they’re tracking for me that’s like too
much so at least for right now I picked a couple of habits that were really
important to me and you see that they’re all kind of centered around self-care so
this is get at least seven hours of sleep a night this is work out and this
is meditate those are three things that I would like to do a little you know
work out and meditate every single day that would be awesome and then I also
want to include a nice little quote this one says do something today that your
future self will thank you for I like quotes they motivate me so I try to
include them often that’s something that you will see fairly often in my bullet
journal so you can see I have been I have done pretty good in terms of
getting seven hours of sleep not so much on working out or meditating but the
second is not over yet and I’m actually filming on the second
so fingers crossed that I will get to these today next I have a sleep log now
this may not be a big deal for some people but like I said I have seven
hours of sleep here on my habit tracker and then I also have it here and that is
because I have a tendency to work a lot and not get enough sleep or to go to bed
late and you know it is better to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the
same time every day and I don’t do that which is why I have a sleep log that
shows my ideal range like ideally I will go to sleep somewhere between 8 & 9 p.m.
and then wake up somewhere between 4 & 5 a.m. so sleep is a real issue for me
which is why I will be doing this every single month until I am sleeping
according to schedule on a regular basis and feel like I don’t need to track my
sleep anymore so over here I have YouTube content calendar here I have the
date followed by the day of the week and then I also have one for the blog which
is empty and I need to work on making sure that I am producing content
regularly for the blog so this is my first weekly page since I started this
journal on descent in December it’s just part of a week so it’s just three days
Friday Saturday Sunday and I just jot in my to dos for right now and I put it up
another quote great people do things before they are ready they do things
before they know they can it’s just nice seeing these quotes and reading them and
and being motivated by them so I’m not sure if I will keep it as just to dos or
if I’ll start adding in appointments in the weekly logs we will see as I use my
bullet journal more and more I intended to put all of my weekly logs together
and so I thought I had saved the pages but then I forgot and I ended up putting
my meal plan and grocery list which I’m gonna turn this on what should have been
the weekly spread for the next week I meant to put this kind of behind the
dailies but it’s already here so every month I will have a meal plan where I
will list the weeks and the various meal breakfast meals breakfast lunch dinner
and snacks and I put this in pencil because it can change a lot so this is
our menu for this week this is next week I don’t really make three meals that we
eat all week long so next we get back to the weeklies and you can see that this
is in a different format than here because honestly I don’t think that I
will use all of this I think this is an appropriate amount of space from any
given day in a weekly and it allows all the boxes to be the same size whereas
with this spread normally what people do is they’ll have it’ll take up this whole
thing and they’ll cut Saturday and Sunday in half whereas for me Saturday
and Sundays are like the days when I can get the most done because I work
full-time and so I have you know 10 12 hours of my day taken out by getting
ready for work community to work and work so I need my Saturdays and Sundays
to be big so I think that this will work really well we’ll see so then I have
some more blank pages for the other weeklies that you know should all be
together and now we get to my first daily this is my daily spread and I’m
actually gonna flip to a clean one just to show you what it would look like with
nothing in it this takes me less than three minutes to do which I really like
because this is the thing that I’m gonna be doing the most often for me my
dailies needs to have my to-do list food and water tracker because I don’t drink
enough water and that is something that’s important to me that I want to
start working on and then also breakfast snack lunch snack dinner snack because I
want to start focusing on my weight in addition to my exercise which starts
with my eating habits and I have a bad habit of skipping meals getting really
hungry and then eating junk so this is to try to keep me on track with my food
I will also be putting the times at which I ate so that I can start
identifying problems and then here I so a lot of people will just have a to-do
list but then not actually have a calendar or a daily you know hourly
thing where they plug the tasks in and for me I need that if I don’t have that
I will not get anything done so my spreads will always include a
calendar my day will generally start at 4:30 a.m. and then end by 10:00 p.m. and
so I will fit my tasks in there so what I will show you I can’t show you Friday
because I worked on Friday and so I do actually put my work tasks into my
bullet journal because that is what I’m working on during this period and I plot
out how long the things will take me and what I’m going to do with my day and
again you can see it generally when I’m planning out my day I do it in pencil
and then as I go through the day I darken it up in pen so here you can see
from 4:00 to 5:30 I plan to grocery shop and then from
6:00 to 7:00 we went live well that was my plan to go live for vlogmas but I
don’t think we ended up going live until eight so things don’t always go as
planned that’s why it’s in pencil but here’s my to-do list they started off as
dots and as I completed them I exed them off then here is a random
collection that I decided to put on there because I got some ideas for gifts
for Alexis and some other people so I wanted to jot that down before I forgot
it and that is the beautiful thing about the bullet journal because yes I was in
the middle of dailies but now I’ve got these these ideas for Christmas that I
wanted to put somewhere in catalogue somewhere and so I could just turn to
the next blank page throw up a Christmas headline start writing what I want to
write so here I have gift ideas I have menu I might do other – dues like
decorating cleaning things like that and then all you have to do is just go in
the front to the index which is here 27 Christmas Bam! and it’s in place so after
that it’s basically just my daily so this was today this is tomorrow
and here’s Monday I probably won’t go more than a week in advance I might
actually just do my dailies every single day but we’ll see anyway this was my
walkthrough I hope you guys enjoyed it and let me know if you have any
questions meanwhile I will be using this for the rest of December and I will see
you in January for a new bullet journal spread for 2018
alright guys bye


  • Creativevanspace

    I remember you mentioning bullet journaling in a previous vlog. I was so intrigued that I started my own bullet journal this past month after some research. Thank you for the suggestion and sharing your setup/spread for this month. I am really enjoying the process of planning, organizing, and tracking. Thanks again 😀👍❤️.

  • HSmom of many

    Great ideas! I have been using a bullet journal but not sure if my set up is really working for me. Thank you for sharing!

  • maiiamiii

    Hi Tasha! I started my Leuchtturm bullet journal (by the way, your pronunciation was quite good) in January and I'm only halfway through the journal since I didn't end up using daily pages. So I will use the same one for 2018. One thing I learned is that it's never to early to put in an overview for the following year. I like to plan my check-ups in advance so I already had 2018 appointments in June and no space to write them down.
    And thanks for the inspiration, I might start to use habit trackers next year. And the wants and needs page is also a great idea!

  • Rick Mitchell

    I'm SO needing a good way to get myself on track. I'm certainly going to look into the bullet journal. Thanks for laying it out & showing it 'in use.'

  • Marilyn O'Neill-Clay

    Thank you for this video. I want to start bullet journaling. Maybe because my eyesight isn’t good, I wish I could of seen the set up closer.

  • Bizarre Bear

    Yoir bullet journal looks really good! I'm impressed that you are doing a daily spread every single day.
    This is my two cents so take it with a grain of salt, but those got overwhelming for me so I only really do a weekly spread now. I put a to do list on 1/2 of the left page, 2 empty boxes down the other 1/2, then put my week on the right page. I also work on the weekends so I need full sized days too. What worked for me was to make 7 rows for the days of the week, then split each row into a small to do list, notes, and self care tracker (ie. Went to the gym, ate a vegetable, read for fun, did a face mask, took the dogs on a walk, etc). I think it helps to figure out what exactly you need and play with functional layouts until you find one that's flexible and structured enough for you. If you have a lot of scheduled tasks during the day, then it sounds like your daily spreads will be ideal, but if there's only a couple scheduled tasks then maybe switching to only a detailed weekly view would help. Also, is Alexis making a bullet journal too? I'd be interested in seeing what hers would look like since she's in school.
    Y'all have a fabulous week!

  • Shanna M

    Love the bullet journal! I may start one in January. I loved the meal planning pages. My current mammoth goal is meal planning/ prepping for the week. Would you mind sharing your actual meal plans? May I throw in a request for more meal prepping vids as well? Love the channel. You all keep me wonderfully motivated.

  • TruFinancials

    Love the set up, the Christmas theme on the table is great. The idea of keeping track of what you read, played, and watched is a fun idea.

  • Tammy D

    I’m embarrassed to say, but I never heard of a bullet journal until you mentioned it in another video. I enjoyed this very much. I have Googled more info and also watched some other videos about bullet journaling. Nothing has helped me as much as your video, so thank you! I have a beautiful collection of six empty journals, (sort of an addiction), so I am ready to begin.

  • April Holly Smith - The Frugal Home

    I like using the Overdrive App with my library card for audio books. I find that "reading" in the car or while commuting get lost of books read. It is also a great way to make driving/commuting more productive.

  • The Fun and Budget Act

    Wow…you are super organized…I bullet journal too and am going to talk briefly on it in my what went wrong with November video…I've been doing it for a few months now and now it is really boiled down to 2 pages per month. I love the flexibility of bullet journaling and the ability to really make it fit within your life (unlike traditional calenders/planners)

  • Kariné Poghosyan

    Wow this is soooo amazing ! Thank you for sharing- super inspired especially by the meal plan part as I tend to do same as you when having long crazy day, so will try to incorporate into my November spread

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