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BULLET JOURNAL IDEAS | Nail Polish Library Collection | ANN LE

(gentle inspirational music) – Hey, loves! It’s Ann. Welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m going to do
a nail polish library, because so many of you
guys requested for it in my last makeup library video. And I’m so happy that I did
the makeup library video because I was really
hesitant to upload the video. I didn’t know if you guys would like it because it wasn’t super journal-ey enough, if you get what I’m saying. But I’m glad I uploaded it, ’cause a lot of you guys liked it, and you guys requested
for a nail polish library. So I’m going to show you how I lay out all the nail polish that I have. Also, I have a meet and
greet this coming Thursday. And if you guys are in the LA area, come and meet me in real life. I would love to see you guys in person. We can have lots of
chats and conversations. I am into deep conversation. I’m that kind of person. So yeah, if you guys want to meet me, meet a friend, come on out. It is on the eighth, and I will have all the
information below this video. So let’s go ahead and get started with this nail polish library. All right. So to get started, I’m
going to start by drawing a border around my page. I just like the way it looks. It brings everything together. Up top is where I write my title, and later on, I’m going to
change it to Nail Polish Library. My next step is to categorize
everything into tones. The first line is for nudes. The second is for cool tones. Third line is for warm tones. And the last one, I didn’t
know what to label it, so I just labeled it as violet. And as you can see, I tried
to pain these color swatches into little ovals like my nails. I’m using a pencil to label all the numbers and
name of the nail polish. If everything looks good, then I would go over with a pen. I’m always messing up or changing my mind, so it helps me to do it this way. Over on this side, it’s
going to look very similar, except my categories are
going to change a little bit. This category up top is going to be just for all glitter nail polish, and then the next one
I’m going by a season, which is summer, since summer is here. For the bottom, I wanted to see how all my reds would
look next to each other. This is a great idea if
you have similar colors and you want to lay
them next to each other. By doing so, it would give
you a nice, clear visual idea of how all the colors are different. For the last line, I’m just
doing miscellaneous dark shades. This is a really fun project to do. It’s kind of addicting, because I just want to keep
on painting on these pages, but this is just to give you
an idea of what you can do. You can customize this
with different categories, whatever works for you. Definitely give this a try. It’s so easy, and it’s really fun to do. All right. So now that my swatches are in, I’m now ready to go over
everything with a pen. When I do my titles, what I do is use a highlighter first, and then I go over it with a pen. This way, I can avoid
smudging the black pen. For the overall look of this, I want to keep it minimal without too many sketches or doodles. I just want to keep it simple since there are lots of
colors already going on. It’s just easier to focus on
the colors and the labels, and it doesn’t take
away from the swatches. After I go over everything with a pen, I’m just going to erase
all the pencil lines. This next page, I photoshopped a whole bunch of nail art
images onto one sheet. This way, I can cut them out and create a collage on my journal. Having a collage is perfect if you want to play around
with different designs. You always have them in your notes. You can always reference back and try to recreate some of these looks. For the layout, I’m keeping it
cohesive with the other pages by drawing a frame and then having the same lettering up top. So as you can see, there
are just so many ways you can personalize your nail library. You can do it by brands. You can do it by shades. You can do it by the tones. Do whatever helps reflect your lifestyle and helps you pick out the right polish. Thank you all so much for
spending your day with me. Make sure to give this video a big thumbs up in support of my channel. If you have any special requests or ideas on what I should play around with for my next journaling video, make sure to leave a
comment below this video. I make a new video every weekend. I do journaling every other weekend. That’s what I can handle for now. But I hope that you will come
back, and I will see you soon. Love you. Ciao!


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