Bullet Journal [MAGYAR] 2018 Január DIY
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Bullet Journal [MAGYAR] 2018 Január DIY

Hi! In this video, I think, we hike a little to the top of a snowy montain: Pilis. Because I would like to collect inspiration for design of bullet journal January and February so I’m inspired by the nature In the meantime, I drawing bushes in the soft shining snow and I look closely at the bark of tree that I want to show in my planner. While walking, I was thinking of how to show the snow falling. When you throw a snowball into the air, it falls to smaller and larger pieces. I want to show this in my journal. Sitting on a cliff that easy to climb I saw a barren tree with full of twists and turns which I immediately drawn. I can imagine the beautiful rocky environment in the February design. For January, I would like to display snowy pine trees and the snow white wolf and rabbit. I think I’ve gotten enough ideas So, go home to a good warm room Just after I’m climbed down in this vertical stairway. You can see, I leave no stone unturned to create interesting designs. For the frontpage I create a moon for the wolf drawn with watercolor technique and I write January on it with calligraphy writing. You can check out the wolf in my previous video and you can download it’s template from my blog. The monthly designer was made entirely in a 250g / m2 drawing sheet I painted a snowy landscape around the planner with three pine trees. I used a variety of bluish colors to show the frosty cold. I painted the pine branches from the light blue to a darker blue after that I shaded with dark gray the left side of the strain colored with dark color the other side colored with white I got a cartoon like look which is good for the snowy landscape and with the black contour made with a thick and thin marker. I design the weekly planner for very spectacular I used pine trees as well I’m getting more and more courageous with colors and sizes. Now, this is my favorite drawing. It was very good to making them in series and I’d like to make one dozen of them. The size of my new booklet allows a larger design So, I showed the days with really big numbers and I wrote the name of the day with tricky calligraphy writing I have recently begun to combine the different types of calligraphic letters finally I maybe can create some of my own fonts. If you want to learn calligraphy writing, check out my video (link in the description) with free practice templates that you can download from my blog. Just roll it into my Journal and let’s look at it together I hope you like the result and my innovations I hope you like the colors and drawings and the big numbers too I’m curious about your opinion. If there is anyone who is starting the first bullet journal I would recommend Bullet Journal fans group on facebook where you can get a lot of information about Bullet Journal. Join the group! You can find the link at the description. Thank you for watching! Bye!


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