• Richard A. Joseph

    Great video. But I have a question that you may have explained in the video. I recently purchased an ecommerce site that already has a Face Book page. How do we transfer that account to me? PS I don't yet have a personal FB page.

  • Paulo Parreira

    When i'm in my business page, why can't i identify people in the photos? I'm a photographer and when i post o photo of a shoot then i start to write the person name, even if they are in my business and personal page, but it doesn't appear.

  • Terril Retter

    An issue of having the business page associated with my personal account is that my business partner does the same thing.  So now there are two business pages with the same name.  How do I avoid that?  I see several larger brands have business sites (it seems not just pages) and they do much of what is possible from the personal profile. Why not have a business site?

  • Designs by Treeza

    Hello SocialKNX, I already have a personal FB page. Now I want a business page. I want to share my blogs on FB. But my personal page which I set up when a friend invited me to join FB has now become a page of people that I never met and I never have conversations with. Should I just start changing my personal FB page to a Business page; or is their another solution? Can  you make any suggestions? Anyone. Thanks.

  • The Joy Of Coffee Barista Coffee Service

    Hi we are going crazy…..I have a personal profile page and have added a Business page……BUT everything goes to the Personal profile page which has all the admin rights so many of the features in the features in the Personal profile are not available on the business page………what we want to do is have the business and NOT the personal profile I originally set up.
    When I go into page roles I cannot remove the original name which is mine to simply the business name.

    Hope this is clear………..we only want the business The Joy of Coffee and NOT Colin Hudson personal page which at this point is dominant …………Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

  • The Joy Of Coffee Barista Coffee Service

    Thanks Gina we will follow your guide and link and hopefully resolve our issues..so we can get on with selling Coffee Happy Thanksgiving we shall be working.

    Please like us on The Joy of Coffee Hull or visit our website www.thejoyofcoffee.co.uk

    Colin n Joy

  • Ilana Groisman

    hi Gina,
    thank you for this informative video. its been helpful but there is still some questions i would like to ask. i have opened a personal account and then a facebook page. must say that i didnt realy underatand what im doing. at some point i somehow combined my personal accoun with my page, so that now my personal account does not exists any more.help!! what can i do now to fix it? when i try to access my personal account facebook gives me the option to reopen it as another page. any advice on this mess will be highly appriciated.
    thank you very much,

  • Heather Diemert

    how do I change a business page to another personal account? It is connected already to a personal account, I want put it on my other personal page without making a whole new business page.

  • Donna Marshall

    Hi Gina,  I wonder if you can help with a similar, but not totally connected issue?
    I manage a number of pages for my job which are attached/were created by a profile that was set up purely for managing those pages. 

    The profile has a name that Facebook has now identified as not being a personal account and we have been told by them that we must convert it to a page to continue using it.   The profile has no "friends" and doesn't post anything.

    The problem is that we're worried about losing access to all the pages that are attached to the profile in the switch over.

    We do have other real people with administrator rights but it's a daunting thought and we feel we need to do more checking to see if it can be safely done.

    Fingers crossed you can help.

  • Beatrice N Shilongo

    hi….am the founder of my organisation..my birth date and year was on so I was trying to change it to when this organisation was established but now my account was disabled… how do l get it back and change my birth date and year?

  • Biblický teologický seminář

    Hi, I have got the opposite problem. I only created a non-profit page some years ago…and now I would like to create a personal page as well, but I don't see the option for that anywhare… Could someone help me? Where do I need to go where it will let me creat my personal page? Thanks a lot for your help.

  • Temple Sinai Dresher

    I am wondering if you can help me. I work for a non-profit organization. Within our organization we have a few schools. Because I did not want to put the business page under my personal, I made up a personal page and created groups under that. I went to log in today and they disable the account and I am getting the following notification:

    It looks like you're using your personal Facebook profile to represent an organization, business, brand or public figure. It's against the Facebook Terms to use your personal account to represent something other than yourself. In order to follow the Facebook Terms, you should create a Page based on your profile.

    What can I do? I can't get in touch with anyone at Facebook. UGH

  • Jana Marie

    Hi there, Ok, so I have a personal page AND a business page. I do not want to lose what i've already built in my business page, HOWEVER, I REALLY want to get rid of my personal page. Is there a way I can just turn it off? I just want to be off everything social media for my personal life and ONLY do it for my business. It's such a vicious world and a time consumer, I want to focus on real life relationships more. But I can't figure out how to delete my personal page without losing my business page(s). Or if I can create a new profile like you mentioned, and tie it to my business pages I already created also. Eh? I dont think that's doable is it?

  • Angela Tinson

    How can I change/convert from a business account page back to reg fan page? When I created the business acct page months ago the looked changed to like a blue/gray. Thanks

  • CACTUS48

    Hi, I had a Facebook personal Page, so Facebook said I had to use my real name, so I did.
    So I then created a business page, but I get – Page Visibility, Your Page is still being created,
    so what do I have to do to publish the business page…

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