Can Twitter Avoid Being the Next Myspace or Yahoo?
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Can Twitter Avoid Being the Next Myspace or Yahoo?

In this video I’m speaking to two different
audiences. One is the Valuetainer, the entrepreneur that
follows Valuetainment for content around entrepreneurship. The other one is an individual. He’s a CEO of Twitter, founder of Twitter
and Square. Billionaire, recognized by MIT, by educators,
and by entrepreneurs around the world, Jack Dorsey. Jack, if you’re watching this video, I have
one intention with this video. I want to make sure the world knows how valuable
this brand is, but I also want to make sure this [Twitter] does not become the next Yahoo!
and the next Myspace. Because one thing I could tell you what happened
with Yahoo!, interesting stat on what happened with Yahoo!, everybody. Yahoo!, in February of 2008, during the most
terrible time financially we’ve experienced in America in the last 50 years, Steve Ballmer
from Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo! for 45 billion dollars, on February of ’08, I believe. And Yahoo! said no. And a few years later, Yahoo! ends up being
bought by Verizon for 4.8 billion dollars, just three months ago, from 45 bil to 4.8,
a very big difference, and we know what happened to Myspace. Myspace went out of business. Even I thought Myspace was a lot nicer, cleaner. Facebook had nothing going on initially. Facebook took off. Myspace didn’t. It ended up going out of business and somebody
bought it for 25, 35 million. I think Justin Timberlake and a few investors. So today in this video I’m going to cover
four different things. One is why the world needs Twitter. Simple as that. I’m going to cover my points on why the world
needs Twitter. Two, can it be saved. Three, why no one is buying it. Some of the people that are interested and
why no one is buying it. And then what Twitter needs to do as a strategy
moving forward to increase the value of Twitter. And I’m going to cover that with you at the
end, so you want to watch this entire video. So let me get right into it on why I believe
this [Twitter] is a very, very needed business and company to be around and why I don’t think
there’s nothing like it like Myspace and Yahoo! but it needs to be sold properly. Let me explain to you why I love Twitter. Think about it this way. This is point #1. Any time I see a controversial topic that’s
taking place – Hillary, Trump. Hillary, Bernie Sanders. Director Comey. Stephen A. Smith debate over certain athletes. A car comes out, there’s some challenge that
happens with a new Tesla, are they going to be able to deliver. Any single controversial, social issue, pro-life,
pro-choice. Any major issue that happens, earthquakes,
disasters in the Middle East. It doesn’t matter. Anything I want to hear both sides of the
argument, I go straight to Twitter. You know why? Here’s why. When’s the last time you saw somebody post
50 different messages on Facebook in five minutes? You don’t see that happening. And the last time you saw somebody doing that
on Facebook, what did you call them? That’s weird, what is wrong with this obsessive
person? Do you know what happens if you send fifty
messages in five minutes on Twitter? They just call you a Twitter user. There’s nothing wrong with that. And somebody can be watching that. So if you want to hear both arguments, Twitter
does a very good job on that. Second thing, for breaking news I go to Twitter. It’s immediate [snap], breaking news. And I want to know what the audience is saying
about it. Breaking news, such and such passed away. Breaking news, this company on the brink of
collapse. Breaking news, election. Breaking news, sports. Breaking news, trade. Breaking news, LeBron leaving. Breaking news. . . everything is breaking news. That’s the second point with Twitter, why
we need it. Three, is tracking trends. It doesn’t matter what word I’m looking for. A lot of people tend to go to Google. I like to go to Twitter because actively I
want to see are people talking about this word. Who’s using this word? What are they saying about this word? What word is trending? Twitter tells us what word is trending. Next one, customer service. There’s a lot of times where I remember one
time I was in Las Vegas and I stayed at a hotel, and I wasn’t happy about the service. So I tweeted, I am not happy about how long
it’s taking for me to get service at this hotel and the fact that they put me in a smoking
room, even though I told them I’m non-smoking. Immediately, I got a response from another
hotel, Caesars that said, “We apologize about your experience in Las Vegas here. Give us a message, we’d love to make up your
weekend and give you a show. I went to Caesars and stayed, and it was a
great experience. Why? Customer service. On Twitter, you get to find out what kind
of customer service different companies give on Twitter. Next, following a celebrity. People Magazine today is done. Twitter has become the new People Magazine,
but Twitter needs to learn how to sell it as a People Magazine. Next, short, 140 characters is like reading
a short blog. So if I’m busy and I need to go somewhere,
Twitter’s a great place, let me see it, I’m good, I’m gone. I got what I needed to get. #7:
Outreach to people interested in your product. For instance, if you’re selling a product
that is tailored to people who have many pets, and they have many dogs. And your product is the fact that your dog
is itching itself so much that all of a sudden they’re hurting themselves, they’re bleeding,
because they’re itching themselves so much. That product can help the person that owns
the pet to say, listen, we don’t want your dog to go through this, you search those words,
you respond to the owner, the owner says, “I’ll try your product.” They try your product, and now you have a
customer you would have never had. You can’t do that on Facebook. You can do that on Twitter. Very powerful for small businesses. #8 Traffic to site, marketing, branding, there’s
just a lot of benefits, why Twitter needs to be around. We just need to see if Twitter wants to be
fat, like this Twitter bird that I made here, instead of being skinnier and the valuation
keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller. So now, let’s talk about some stats with Twitter. Some numbers that all of us kind of need to
know about. How big is Twitter? What is going on with Twitter right now? Twitter has roughly 3900 employees, give or
take, quarter 1 of 2016, they did roughly 600 million dollars, last time they turned
a profit was Q4 of 2015, their share is roughly right now $18. I think in 2013 they were $69, or $68 dollars
a share, they were worth around 40 billion dollars. If they wanted to sell today, the rumor has
it they’re asking for 15, you know, some will probably be willing to pay 5-8 billion today. Market says 8-12 billion, but if they want
to sell today, 5-8 billion, maybe someone’s going to be willing to pay for that. Now here’s what happens. If that’s the case, how come they’re not selling? The following companies recently publicly
came out and they said they’re not interested. Obviously, some of the rumors came out, they’re
trying to protect Twitter, but it’s been on the market for some time, according to a lot
of different publications you read. Google and Disney on October 5th they said
they’re not interested. Apple said we were never interested on October
6th, and Salesforce said on October 14, we’re not interested. Okay, we’re not interested, that’s what they
said. So a lot of times people are watching Twitter
and saying, What is Twitter? That’s the biggest question. So what is Twitter? Is Twitter more like Myspace? Is it more like Facebook? Is it more like Yahoo!? What is Twitter? I don’t know what Twitter is. Is Twitter a data collecting company? Is it a news. . . what is Twitter? Is Twitter a news organization? Is it becoming more of a media type of company? What is Twitter? By the way, Jack, by the way, Twitter, that’s
actually not bad. It needs to be identified what Twitter is
because most people really don’t know what Twitter is, and what Twitter is needed for. Once that is identified, the buyer is identified,
and knowing how to pitch to the buyer is identified. Just recently Twitter shut down Vine, and
they didn’t really announce why they shut it down. But they shut it down. It was probably a smart move because, you
know, Instagram, Snapchat, and they themselves were Twitter. All the old videos will stay on Vine, you
just cannot upload any new videos. So while you’re looking at all this stuff,
and you’re looking at numbers, you’re thinking, man, so what’s going to happen to Twitter? Is Twitter really doing to go out of business? I think if, sometimes, in a marketplace, when
you put a house on a market for a price, and you wait three months, six months, people
come see it, but they make an offer way below, or the house doesn’t sell. Twelve months later, guess what people start
asking? There’s something wrong with the house. So there’s a few different things. Either there’s some unsafe things that’s going
on in the community that we don’t know about, there’s something really messed up in the
house physically that we don’t know about, and when we inspect, maybe we’ll find out. Maybe the schooling around the community just
got downgraded, there was a shooting in the school or something we don’t know about. Maybe it’s just overly priced. Maybe it’s just too optimistic. Maybe it’s just the area now is terrible because
crimes have gone up. We don’t know what it is. But there’s a reason, why for 12 months the
house hasn’t sold. It’s never no reason. There’s a reason. And you know what sometimes the best thing
to do? Sometimes the best thing to do is to take
your house off the market. Come back, fix it up, and then bring it back
to the market 12 months later. And many times you may not even bring it back
to the market if you do it right. I think Twitter needs to go off the market. And Twitter needs to have a strategy session
and they need to put a team together of people that sees it from a different perspective. A lot of times a person like Jack who’s running
Twitter, when you’re doing well, and everybody is telling you how amazing you are, kind of
like how I did earlier, the difficulty we have to live up to that expectation, and when
we live to that expectation, there’s so much pressure that we forget what it meant to be
open minded. We fully forget it. We forget what it is to be open minded. And we start having holes. It’s like a general that’s always known for
being the most incredible general in the world, and they become so big and so good, and then
all of a sudden, they start thinking that everybody’s expecting them to be perfect,
and they stop asking one question – what do you think? What do you think? What do you think? And they start doing everything themselves. They don’t ask the team what do you think. And they get caught. Then they get hit, because they’re not on
the marketplace, they’ve been distant, they get shot, then they lose 2,000 soldiers. And sometimes they lose the battle. And eventually sometimes you lose the war
as well. So I fully get where the position Jack is
at, and it’s very important to sit down and see somebody’s else’s perspective on what
can happen, because I fully believe, not only is this thing [Twitter] savable, this thing
can be valued extremely high. And there’s one buyer, I guarantee you, no
one’s even thinking about this one buyer to sell to and I’m telling you, I am telling
you, this one group, the buyer, desperately needs this [Twitter]. Desperately needs this. I’m not saying by a little bit. They desperately need to buy this brand. Desperately need to buy this brand. So now, stats, arguments to make for Twitter. What are some of the stats? Right now in the marketplace, we have seven
and a half billion people on earth, say 7.2 billion people. 2.1 billion consider themselves active on
social media. What does this number mean to anything? When Coca Cola brought the CEO Roberto Goizueta,
a Cuban immigrant that came to Coca Cola at a time when Pepsi and Coke were competing
and Pepsi came out with that one initiative that which tastes better, and all that stuff,
and people were saying Pepsi, and Pepsi passed them up, Roberto Goizueta came and said, what
a small thinker. Why are you guys only focused on beating Pepsi
and Coca Cola. Let’s see what people consume? And he asked, what do people drink every day? And they said, What do you mean? What do people drink every day? We’re a Coke company. I know, but what do people drink every day? Well, they drink 16% of this, 30% water, they
drink this much milk, they drink this much, they have alcohol, they have this, they have
that. He started buying companies like that, Dasani,
Minute Maid, he started buying those companies. He said I want to get 100% of consumption
of whatever kind of liquid goes in here [stomach], I want that. I think Twitter needs to start looking at
2.1 billion people that are actively on social media, what ways can we pull, and what is
their motivation to want to use Twitter, to increase them, benefit, happiness, joy, whatever
it is, that’s the case on what to do with that 2.1 billion people. Now, continuing, one of the good news with
Twitter is, the market that Twitter is doing very well in, is 12-24 ages, which 32% is
Instagram, Twitter has 24% of the marketplace for that age, 12-24. Facebook’s 14%, Snapchat’s 13%, Tumblr’s 4%. Facebook’s dropped. You don’t meet a lot of 14-year-olds talking
Facebook. They talk Twitter and Instagram, more than
they do Facebook. This isn’t good because it’s future. But that needs to be so because 10 years from
now, Twitter has a market that’s going to be aging at 14, they’re still somewhat connected
to Facebook. I’m 38, I’m emotionally connected to Facebook,
because when I was 28, I was using Facebook. I’ve aged, I’ve grown up with Facebook, but
because I’m in the space of social media, I need to learn how to adjust. Not everybody does. Let’s continue. Numbers wise, according to a CMO survey, Chief
Marketing Officer survey, they have said, in the next five years, companies are going
to double, more than double their marketing budget, from 11% to 24%, that they’re going
to use, increase of how much they’re going to invest in social media. Not T.V., not print, social media. What does this mean? A chunk of it can go here [Twitter]. This is an argument, a chunk of it can go
there, but we need to have a strategy on how to get the chunk of it on there. I can go on with a couple of other stats to
give you, but I’m going to get to the most important stats here. Again, all of this is getting somewhere on
a point that I want to make. 83% of world’s leaders are on Twitter. 83% of world’s leaders are on Twitter. I will tell you right now, that if Donald
Trump ends up becoming the president, if Donald Trump – whether you like him or not – if Trump
ends up becoming the president, whether he does or not, he ended up becoming the Republican
nominee by beating out 16 other candidates. And then, he ends up going against Hillary,
and is able to get that close, where he’s got a fighting chance to beat Hillary, the
question would be, what percentage of the influence has to do with Twitter? Think about it. People always make fun of him and say, he’s
so Twitter friendly and he goes on there and oh my gosh, take. . . he’s like a little kid. And he says, look, it’s all about media, and
Twitter’s a big platform. Donald Trump endorses Twitter, Jack, whether
you like him or not, it doesn’t matter. He endorses the usage of Twitter and because
he’s a better user of Twitter, he’s got a shot at becoming the president. What if the influence of Twitter was five
percent, 10 percent, 15 percent? Take Twitter out. Do you think he has the same amount of opportunity
to go viral? I don’t know about that. I think Twitter’s got a very big play with
world leaders. There’s something there for the argument that
I’m going to make if I were to meet with the board of Twitter on what I would be doing. Next, journalist make up 24.6% of verified
accounts on Twitter. What does that mean to Twitter? Well Twitter. There’s leverage. Journalists need you. If you go out of business, they’re hurt. That is a very, very big selling point. Because journalists get a job by having followers
and writing content worth reading. And one of the places they go to is Twitter. Katy Perry has the biggest Twitter following
at 87 million people. The biggest challenge that Twitter gets is
they have 310 million active users, Twitter does, but they have 1.3 billion accounts that
have been created. Which is too many fake accounts on Twitter. Way too many fake accounts on Twitter that
hurts the reputation that Twitter needs to make a move on that side. So, again, I can go on with a lot of other
stats here, but let me get into my four points with you. Here’s my four points with you. And it’s very simple. #1: We need to go do what exactly Instagram
did with their users, when they purged many of the fake followers in 2014. And you saw Twitter people who had 100,000
people following them and it went all the way down to 17,000. Many, many people did that. And Instagram cleaned house. And then all of a sudden, Instagram was bought
out by Facebook. Twitter needs to clean house. It shows authenticity. It shows transparency. It shows transparency to investors and users. You come out and say, we purged, we found
out we had 398 million fake accounts. And we want to change Twitter to a transparent
Twitter. We’ve cleaned house. No more fake Twitter accounts. Many numbers have changed. It’s completely okay. People are actually going to say, “Wow.” Lots of credibility on Twitter. They don’t say that today. If I see somebody on Twitter, with 600, 000
followers, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it because I look at them,
and it’s fake. It’s fake. I don’t believe it. 600,000 followers. Something needs to happen with that part of
Twitter. Second point. I would find a way to focus on businesses. Listen. Business are going to spend money. They’re going to spend money. And businesses, if you can show them a way
to make money, if I spent $10 million with you per month, and you’re going to show me
a way to make $15 million on that $10 million, I’m going to keep spending $10 million with
you every month. It’s purely math. Show me that my $10 million will turn into
$15 million. And there’s a way of doing that. There is a way of doing that. But I would put a big focus on businesses,
if I was Twitter. A big focus on businesses if I was Twitter. Three, you know, I’d take a play out of Mark
Zuckerberg’s playbook. And I will tell you what he did. In 2007, I want to say that it was March of
2007, he goes to a Christmas party with a man named Dan who he meets, Sheryl Sandberg
there for the first time. And Sheryl, at that time, I believe is getting
ready to go to the Washington Post, to work for the Washington Post. Mark and Sheryl speak for a few minutes, you
know, whatever the timeline is, they get along, they hit it off, it’s great. They see each other again at another world,
you know, political event that’s taking place. And again, they hit it off, like a connection. March of ’08 I want to say, I could be off
by a month or two, Mark Zuckerberg announces the new Chief Operating Officer is who? Sheryl Sandberg. So Sheryl Sandberg, instead of going to Washington
Post, she goes to Facebook. When, at a time when Mark was being crushed
on quarterly conference calls saying, Mark, when are you going to make some profits? We want some profits! And Mark doesn’t have answers. He’d say, we’re going to figure it out. We’re going to figure it out. He finally figures it out. He brings Sheryl Sandberg. Sheryl Sandberg brings some of her plays on
what she had with Google, looks at Facebook, everything that’s going on. We need to change this, this, this, this,
this, boom! Facebook takes off. Facebook’s worth right now a few hundred,
Mark’s worth 60, Sheryl’s worth one-and-a-half give or take, And if she would have gone to
Washington Post, this would have never happened. But she came to Facebook. So who gets credit for the turnaround on Facebook? Sheryl or Mark? I think it’s Mark, because Mark went actively
recruiting for talent like Sheryl to bring in, and Sheryl gets the credit for coming
through, making a play happen. And she wins. And history books are going to favor Sheryl
Sandberg, when the history books of Facebook are written later on, and you’re going to
say what happened for Facebook to be turned around, her name will be on there. She is a hall of famer on Facebook forever
to come. Jack needs to be doing the same thing. I would be actively recruiting killers in
the marketplace to become heroes. When AIG was almost going out of business,
they called one man. One man they called. The man was a former CEO of MetLife. He had three years to live. I met this guy many many times. I’ve had dinner with this man. His name was Bob Benmosche. Bob Benmosche was at his vineyard in Croatia
Dubrovnik, which is a beautiful place. They called him and said, “Hey, we need you
to come and see if you can do anything with AIG.” He said, “Look, I’m on my deathbed, I’ve got
three more years to live, I’m enjoying myself. I’m having fun here. No way in the world.” But it was sold as you can be possibly the
person that saved one of the biggest companies in the world, and the history books are going
to talk about you as the CEO that turned everything around for AIG. He thought about it, talked to his son, made
some choices, came back, makes a phone call to the government, gets the money, brings
on David Herzog, promotes him from American General. David becomes the CFO. David’s brain is an incredible brain. I’ve had dinner with David. They start working with the government properly,
stop bullying us, government, we’re going to pay you back. He takes the company, makes the decision on
a few things they need to do. They borrow 183 billion. A few years later he gives 183 billion back,
plus 23 billion dollars in interest, something GM still hasn’t done, and the public says
AIG, we forgive you. He saves AIG, insurance, everything stays
on the books, jobs stay on the books, government money is given back, tax payers got their
money back, and Bob Benmosche just died this year, 2016, February, he just died. When we were doing our convention, on that
Friday night ceremony he died that night, I think it was in January, late January/first
week of February, he passes away. And anybody whoever writes any business books
and AIG is written, Bob Benmosche’s going to be there. Jack can go get somebody to become a hero
for a company like this, and history books will favor them, just like Mark got Sheryl
Sandberg. And I have many other ideas. I have three other ideas that are very, very
unique ideas that I believe they’re proven, and I believe it’s going to work because both
parties will need to do these things, three ideas. And I have one idea on who you need to go
to to sell. If I was to sit down with Jack Dorsey and
talk to him and his team from Twitter, I would be more than happy to do that, because for
me, my brain, I look at businesses and at what things need to be around, especially
businesses that I use. I use Twitter. Twitter needs to stick around. This is a product that needs to stick around,
and if I can find a way to contribute towards it, I’d love to do it. So, with that being said, Valuetainers, a
couple things. If you agree with this video, I need you to
tweet Jack, his Twitter account is literally @Jack. Dennis, let’s put the image so people know
it’s Jack, and tweet Jack and say, Jack, watch this entire video and meet with Pat. Watch this entire video, and meet with Pat. And Jack, if you watch this entire video,
it’s very easy to get ahold of me, you can find me all over social media. If we hear from you, great! If we don’t hear from you, I wish you the
best of luck. I truly hope you figure out ways to make it
happen. If we can contribute in a way and help it
to go to another level, I’ll be more than happy to meet with you and give you some feedback
on what we can do with Twitter to get it back up and have this one massive organization
that is desperately, desperately interested in this product. Desperately interested in this product that
you happen to be the CEO of Twitter. So with that being said folks, if you got
any thoughts, any opinions about Twitter, comment on the bottom. If you, would like to see Twitter make certain
adjustments and improve, to not be the next Myspace and Yahoo!, also comment on the bottom. And if you haven’t subscribed to the channel,
click right here to subscribe as well. Take care everybody. Bye bye.


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    I am over FB…and looking for a social media for individuals that wish to be adults and business minded..etc etc etc.

  • C B

    Hey guys, if you love business, sales, and motivation, check out my channel! I am a young entrepreneur that teaches people the skills I have used to become financially independent!

  • Kirko017

    The problem with Twitter is they censor any view they don't like. They especially censor conservatives. Twitter is about posting your thoughts, if your thoughts are not welcomed to be openly expressed. Then why continue to use Twitter? This is the internet for crying out loud and people are being restricted on what they can say, really? That isn't user friendly. Porn and illegal activities are the only thing that should be censored and removed.

    I don't use Twitter. They've shown they're owned by liberals, and dislike conservative views time and time again. They also are not friendly to businesses who want to promote which is a main position where they generate revenue… Probably why their stock continues to fall.

    Facebook is starting to really do the same thing as well, and I can't stand it how they push liberal stuff and remove conservative views. I have an airsoft/paintball business I can't even promote on Facebook with ads because it's against their terms of service. Really? Nothing illegal or wrong with my business, it is completely safe, it's just a more "conservative" view than a liberal. And they have to push their agenda.

    I truly don't care if Twitter vanishes away like Myspace. I wish Facebook and Google would quit with the liberal agenda bullshit. At this point I don't care if they vanish away either if they continue down this path. Hopefully something replaces all of them that is open for everyone to use.

  • Owesome Music

    I find Twitter very useful for live sports events, travel updates & breaking news. I think the more time that passes the less appealing it will be to potential buyers, especially considering some are saying the mobile/app era has fully matured and we are looking for the next thing.

  • Dogan Ulusoy

    Well when I checked stock shares for 1 year, it is going down. Google will ring the door bell soon to buy some birds 🙂

  • Kevin Nejati

    Twitter needs a live stream dashboard. A glowing map of real time tweets from people all around the world. They do this on periscope, but they don't do it for twitter. Also implement a google trends search that shows tweets and locations they are from. The home page should just be a live stream trending map.

  • clark bolding

    twitter is really instant when it comes to information and allows you to check what others are saying about topics. They allow you to easily do market research. twitter doesn't have a focus and that's why it's not doing super well. it's the second biggest social media platform for ages 12-24. they have waaaaay too many fake accounts. They need to find a person to help them overhaul their product

  • Arjun Sundar

    Great Vid Pat. Its True that Twitter is more effective than other mediums because of its conciseness and brevity. I'm only activ on Twitter despite having accounts on other social media sites because I can cut through BS quickly. Moreover, info in Twitter is Bite size thus allowing easy and more consumption as compared to FB. People keep sharin shit on FB and its extremely less in Twitter. In Twit, its more about original or retweet posts than sharing borin videos. Twitter needs to continue factorin in innovations and techniques as mentioned by you.

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