Canning Crushed Tomatoes with Water Bath Tutorial

Canning Crushed Tomatoes with Water Bath Tutorial


  • Mary's Nest

    Hi Sweet Friends, Today I am showing how to Water Bath Can Crushed Tomatoes. This is an easy Step-by-Step Tutorial perfect for those who are new to water bath canning. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm always happy to help! Love, Mary

  • Apryll Wil

    There is so much information and value given in your videos and I can really appreciate that. I've been away for a while but now I'm back and looking forward to learning so much from your videos :).

  • Essayons Family Garden

    Love the tip for using the lids in the bottom of the pot. Simple but effective!
    Thanks for this how-to video.

  • rlwhite55

    I thank you for being so thorough with your explanation. Too many online cooks/teachers seem to assume the audience knows more about the processes they are talking about.

  • Joy Louise

    Mary, So excited to see this. Thanks for explaining your reasoning about salt or not. Especially appreciate tip about the pectin breaking down. Never heard that anywhere! Great tutorial. So appreciated.

  • Moat Cottage Homesteading

    Hello Mary,
    The iCard link didn’t come up for “making the canning rack”
    I Thoroughly enjoyed the video, great info for our new water bath canning friends.
    I don’t add salt at canning time either.
    So much great information 💕😊

  • Gardening in Gnome town

    Water bath tomatoes? I’ve never done them. I Always pressure can tomato’s You’ve got me thinking 🙂 do you have Any duds in a batch? Or do they seal up right nice?

  • FlashGordon1023

    Thank you for the video. I am always interested in canning. So far I have made jellies the water bath canner and beans and soup in the pressure canner. Haven't tried tomatoes yet, but I will. Started doing Keto diet, so I need a pantry filled with things that have no sugar added.

  • Wendy C.

    Hi Mary! Wendy here and what a thorough video. You really take the extra time to make sure that your canning is fail proof. I sometimes wonder how many people have successfully preserved food by watching your videos. Take care friend, love Wendy and Andy. He’s my old man with four legs🐕

  • TennesseeGirl

    Mary you explain things so easy to understand, I have done canning for a few years, but I learned so much today. Thank you for sharing this info, I feel we are never too old to learn new things. I love the red on you, it's very pretty, blessings sweet friend

  • Mary Ann Lee

    I know a lot of people enjoy canning, I find it a bunch of work I’m uninterested in doing. I find freezing a lot less work, could you do a video on freezing tomatoes.

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