Chatroom Чат - Trailer 2010

Chatroom Чат – Trailer 2010

you what is this place Chelsea teams exclamation mark and that's you is it you hey probably is this is your room this is your personality this is a room oh wow I'd really let it out on a regular basis a meetin I mean sure whether I use gym choose someone Kate share it with the group and we talk shit from there who do you hate me I've been on antidepressants for two years there comes a time when you see your friends for the posh bitch as they are William you're not gonna get better talking to strangers I have friends online friends have you been flirting with me I think it might be safe to take you to the next stage if you're brave enough to come off the pills I'll be there for you you don't strike me as a charitable sort of course not what are you going to do punishing deans you're playing around Emily you want to mess with Gemma later maybe Jim can you open the door I'm worried I know this room but wiser I'm hidden it's a safe room have you had suicidal feelings lately this is sick William I need some help will you be lying to you to us this is wrong people help themselves from you because I'm going to give you each is read to me you're trying to kill him and we all will implicate do it you


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