China bans Bieber! * And 13 more true weird news stories!  #DDWN
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China bans Bieber! * And 13 more true weird news stories! #DDWN

From, I’m Darren
Marlar and this is your Daily Dose of Weird News… Justin Bieber has been banned from China in
order to “purify the nation.”  ***Hey – we need purification too!  Could be worth a try… just sayin’… Researchers say they may have discovered the
tomb of King Tut’s wife.  ***She was the one who really wore the pants
in Egypt. A Louisiana man has been arrested, and booked
into the same jail for the 77th time. This time he was caught when he got stuck
in the chimney of a business.  ***Shouldn’t there be some kind of limit
on how many times you can get arrested without being confined to house arrest with ankle
monitor and an electrified fence? That White Ford Bronco in which the famous
O.J. chase took place is now in the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Tennessee. ***At least for now.  The Juice is going to need a vehicle to travel
between golf courses when he gets out in October.  Apple has shared some of the new emoji coming
later this year. They include a zombie, T-Rex, zebra, mind
blown, vomit, yoga, and breastfeeding.  ***Breastfeeding?  How often is that emoji needed – who was
clamoring for that one? New research predicts that in 65-billion years,
the moon will crash into the earth.  ***Wow – good thing I just renewed my homeowners
insurance.  A Virginia man has been sentenced to 132 years
for stealing tires.  ***132 years?  Did he then murder a small village with those
tires? A recent study found that women find stubble
more attractive than any other kind of facial hair – and even more than a clean-shaven
face.  Researchers theorize it’s because scruff makes
a dude look more mature. ***However, ladies, it doesn’t work the
other way around.  We do not think your leg stubble is sexy. The Three Rivers School District in Texas
has approved corporal punishment — as in paddling. Parents would have to approve its use, but
if they do, a bad child could be spanked.  ***The tougher schools will be incorporating
counting the number of swats kids get into the math classes to help teach addition.  Loubie lives in New York City and is famous
for giving hugs. She’s a five-year-old golden retriever who
likes to hang out on a street corner near her owner’s home and give out free hugs
to stressed New Yorkers.  ***With the amount of stress in New York,
I’d be afraid my dog would be crushed to death.  White House spokesman Sean Spicer resigned
on Friday.  ***”Saturday Night Live” is still in
mourning. A guy in China is breathing better after doctors
removed a bottle cap from his throat. He had accidentally swallowed while opening
a beer with his teeth.  ***So obviously he was a couple of cans short
of a six-pack to begin with.  Hawaii is taking North Korea’s new ballistic
missile capability seriously and is making plans for what to do in case of an attack. ***People on the islands haven’t been this
concerned since the famous ukulele shortage. Scientists say they have found the reason
for misophonia, a condition that makes some people find certain noises unbearable.  ***Oh… I thought it was just being upset over losing
your smartphone.  I guess I don’t have misophonia after all.  Apparently China does though – since they’ve
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  • The Alextrifier

    In order for us to be purified we would have to get rid of trump & his administration!!! I prefer the yoga emoji in honor of Asperger's. I'm sorry I must have earwax. Did you just say the moon will crash into the earth in just SIXTY FIVE YEARS???

  • Steelebourne

    Let's see…the Earth is halfway through its approximately 9 billion year life cycle right now…guess I have nothing to worry about!

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