Chris Pratt’s faith attacked on Twitter
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Chris Pratt’s faith attacked on Twitter


  • Christopher Dibbs

    Who cares what religion an actor is. If you like his movies, it should be for his acting skills, and if you don't like them it shouldn't be because of his religion.

  • Christopher Brownstead

    I am an athiest but i think the guy should be allowed to have whatever views he wants . . . people are idiots . . .

  • Fact Pickle

    Damn these people legit insulted a Celebrity on twitter? Wtf is going on?? Glad Fox was willing to cover this, it’s easy to forget that this kind of thing really happens in the world

  • She’s in Parties • 23 years ago

    The left is being T H E O P H O B I C towards Chris but bend over backwards to defend Isla 🌴 m and even CONVERT to show ‘solidarity’🤦‍♀️! Hypocritical much?

  • El Grouse

    you guys don't have problems with other religions but when it comes Christian's,cathliocs, Mormons,or people that belove in hospital in general it's all bad to you people so in the name of Jesus Christ leave me alone

  • Nathan White

    Why do people walk on eggshells around sexual orientation, other religions, racial issues, etc. But if someone believe in God it's ok to bash them and Christianity? It's double standards and it's wrong.

  • Amanda Stevens

    While I'm an atheist, Chris sounded sincere. There's no need to attack him. There's no need to stir up trouble.

  • Joseph Scarbrough

    I like how they left that person's Twitter account name out there. The dude could've been joking around. And is this really news worthy? Like who gives a shit

  • Elizabeth Taylor

    Some people hate God so much, that they can’t stand any mention of Him, they have no dignity, they just act a fool. A hateful fool.

  • Catty Cattington

    I'm an atheist but I see nothing wrong with Chris Pratts response. If he believes god will help then good, but I'm sure the positivity he's sending alone is a big help.

  • Canadian Astronaut

    I am an atheist and a man of science and that only. I will never believe in God. And I hate when Christians tell you your going to hell or something because your an atheist. (Not all Christians). But really, he is just trying to be nice. Chris Pratt is one of my favorite actors. I loved Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Infinity War. Great guy.

  • Grayve Rose

    I doubt many people feel this way, the internet brings forth the worst of the minorities and gives them a mic to scream the loudest. Great power comes great responsibility and such tales, so, great tech comes with many caveats. Buncha leftist twerps being dickweeds basically. Im agnostic and always will be but I have no issue with anyones religion. If it helps you process and handle what you expect of the afterlife, thats you're spiritual journey and no one elses.

  • Melancholia

    I highly doubt Chris Pratt has read one page of The Bible. If he read The Bible he wouldn't be a Christian anymore.

  • Morgan

    Do people think that by calling me an idiot and telling me everything I believe is delusional and “cancer” I’ll automatically just become an atheist? Insulting me and acting like you’re better than me does not make me want to listen to what you have to say. Maybe if you treated others like human beings then I’d see what you’re talking about. Anyway, nothing you can say will shake my beliefs anyhow so it doesn’t really matter. I forget half of what these people say later on.

  • Independent

    Fox is always promoting It's us against them, WTF Fox News. Its amazing how Fox news are so critical of Tweeter. Where is your critics when its comes from your great leader Trump. BTW Chris Pratt rocks.

  • michael montoya

    “and you will be hated by all for my name's sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭10:22‬ ‭

  • Wil Hovater

    So many Liberal actors and the one that isn’t you have to make fun of. How do you think we feel when our idols turn out to be another liberal “nut”

  • Lightning McQueen

    Im not a mainstream God and Jesus type believer, I have what I believe, unlike the [email protected]$$ who wont enjoy his flicks because he is a "Jesus Nutt" it makes me like Chris Pratt even more.I cant like his movies anymore than I already do , he is already one of my favorites along with my son's as well..He possess what is less and less popular theses days which is A Good natured and kind human being, that appears to put his values and beliefs ahead of the typical Hollywood nuttiness/ clearly growing ignorance…
    Bravo Chris Pratt..
    I stumbled over this video after seeing him narrating Disneyland's Christmas musical and going off script at the end 1st about his love for his son and son to him then lastly the DIG "AND MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE"!!!! EMPHASIZED against the Happy Holiday's nonsense


    The day is coming soon when every tongue will confess that you're God and every knee shall bow infront of Jesus Christ.

  • blackwhite more

    Well, Chris Pratt I'm glad you are a man of faith and are willing to reach out to someone and show commpassion. Let's all us "Jesus nuts" support Chris even more for showing he's a man of prayer and someone who isn't afraid speak of his faith!!!

  • chillchi

    Only conservative Trumptards don't believe in God, as they worship the Devil.
    The Devil is a liar and Trump has told more than 7000 lies since taking office.

  • Sir Maximus O'Fartsalot

    Faith should always be attacked!
    Faith is nothing!
    There is no position that cannot be taken by faith!
    Plus, doesn't the moron realize that prayer is just Wishful Thinking and Confirmation Bias

  • Mark Peterson

    Stop and think about how many people with the opposing viewpoint stopped a part of their day to willingly search for this video, just to go to comment section to spew an already common viewpoint. What's the point…


  • zogem sitlhou

    People who are atheists and criticise those with faith. Do you even believe in equality? Equality is not just about freedom of speech or freewill. Its also about freedom of faith. God himself gave us freewill from the garden of eden thats the whole beginning of why you get to question and spew venom against those who have faith.

  • Swol Nol

    I’m a republican and a Christian but why does everyone in the comments assume that the people who hate on Pratt are left? Republicans have problems too

  • Israel Itehua

    what many people don’t know is that this country was founded by Christian people who believed in God. This nation was bless by God.

  • Julie De Fee

    As a CNA, I have provided care 4 all populations, including the elderly. Believe me when I say, there's a huge difference between a peaceful passing and a tormented one. Those with strong faith are a testament to what a truly peaceful crossing over looks like. I think I'll keep my Christianity.

  • Julie De Fee

    I also want to add that for whatever reason, I can sense an intense fear in some who claim to not believe in God. I believe the fear comes from a perception of what it means to Humble oneself to a higher power. As it may pose a threat to that individuals autonomy. I absolutely understand that. I was without faith for a very long time. I was also dissatisfied, confused and always chasing one thing or another. Never, ever able to just be. Love to all.

  • Hannah Colquitt

    I mean the only problem that I had with his tweet is that he cursed while talking about prayer. It's a tad bit hypocritical but I know where his head was at👍🏽

  • Penny Henry

    I’m praying for You, Chris Pratt, because Satan attacks those who loves Jesus most!! He doesn’t want people to know about Jesus!! Thank you for not letting Hollywood dictate your faith or your values!!

  • WiserJonahYT

    As a Christian and republican watching this I feel bad for Chris why are stupid liberals so mean and dumb liberalism is a mental disorder

  • Bob The builder

    Faithism is not what I think America is about. We accept all genders, races, and faiths including religion and atheism. I respect those who choose their faith no matter which.

  • zef sagala

    ''Blessed are they who are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs the kingdom of heaven''……….America really has changed

  • Stephen Curlee

    If you’re any religion other than Christianity, you can say whatever you want. As soon as a Christian says something religious they’re shut down and shut out. This is disgusting.

  • aussie bloke

    To be fair.
    Chris Pratt does believe most of us will burn forever.
    Is it that bad to criticise his stupidity in return?

  • YourSkyDaddyAintReal

    At the end of the day, no matter what you believe in its all FAITH not FACT so it doesnt even matter. Some people can't get that in their heads because they are too brainwashed to believe in one FAITH and that is Jesus Christ which is wrong. There is NO proof.

  • Kevin González

    Atheists including celebrities hates that. The same faces who are promoting abortion, gun control and racial justice.

  • T Alex

    I love her Chris Pratt is not afraid to express how he loves Jesus Christ he's one of the few real actors I love Jesus Christ he is real don't ever tell me different

  • Allison Loves Jesus

    How ridiculous is it that people get mad over Christians when they talk about their faith. Yet when a homosexual talks about their sexuality some people get happy and say “YASSS” like ??? Christians in the world are also getting killed bc of their faith and not just lgbt people. Sad. We’re all supposed to be equal to God but sadly some people don’t see that. Jesus is coming soon and a lot of people are not saved. Repent before you burn in eternal fire.

  • Denny Michael

    I rather believe that there’s a God who created the universe than by “chance”. If we were created by an accidental explosion out of nowhere, life would literally be pointless.

  • Kevin Nowling

    Honestly without religion there would be less conflict and separation with people. Also saying god is real as a fact make you just sound dumb. The Bible is not a credible source and shouldn’t be treated as such

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