Citing Online Scholarly Journal Articles in APA Style
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Citing Online Scholarly Journal Articles in APA Style

When you’ve found the perfect article for
your research through Polk Library’s online search tools, you’re ready to create your
APA citation. This video will walk you through how to find
all the pieces of information you need to create an accurate APA style reference for
your article. You can consult your APA manual, the Purdue
Online Writing Lab, or the APA Style Blog to review the format for an online scholarly
journal reference. To create a complete APA reference, you will
need: The article’s authors
The year of publication The article title
The journal title The volume and issue number
The page numbers The article’s DOI, or digital object identifier,
OR, if the article doesn’t have a DOI, the URL of the journal’s homepage
But you may be wondering where you can find all this information. There are a few places to look: the database
where you found the article, the PDF of the article itself, or the open web. Let’s start with the database where you
found the article. In this example, we’re looking at Polk’s
database Academic Search Complete. Academic Search complete is one of many EBSCO
databases that Polk Library subscribes to, and all of these databases will look similar. Other databases will display information in
a different format, so you may need to look in a different place to find the information
you need. Here we see a page of search results in Academic
Search Complete. In most cases, you can find all of the information
you need to cite an article right here on the results page. Let’s say that the top article is the one
you’ve chosen. The large title in blue is the article title. Below the article title is the rest of the
information you need for your citation. First, we see the authors’ names, listed
last name first. Next, we see the journal title. Then, the date of publication, volume, issue
number, and page numbers. Finally, we see the article’s DOI number. You can take all of this information and reformat
it to match APA style. A correct APA reference for this article would
look like this. Another place you can look for this information
is in the article PDF. This is the PDF of an article downloaded from
Polk Library. You can find all of the information you need
to cite the article on the first page of the PDF. The article title, the article authors, the
journal title, the volume and issue, the page numbers, the publication year, and the DOI. A correct citation for this article would
look like this. If you’re unable to find a DOI for your
article, either in the database where you found it or on the PDF, you can use the free
DOI lookup tool at Looking up an article on Crossref will find
the DOI if the article has one. Go to to access the
form. It’s easiest to use the article title search
box in the middle of the page. Enter the first author’s last name and the
article title, and click search. If the article has a doi, the doi will be
displayed. If the article does not have one, you’ll
see the message No DOI found. If there is no DOI, APA Style dictates that
you use a retrieved from URL. The URL to cite is the URL for the journal’s
homepage on the web. Googling the title of the journal will help
you find the correct URL. A correct citation for an article without
a DOI will look like this. Do you still have questions about how to find
the information you need to cite an article in APA? Ask a librarian! You can reach us by chat, email, phone or
in person – just use the help options on the library homepage. You can also contact me, Erin McArthur, at
my email – [email protected], or by phone at 920-424-1361. Thanks for watching!

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