hi guys welcome back to my channel if you're new around here my name is Minnie if you could hit that subscribe button it would mean the absolute world to me and if you enjoyed this video don't forget to give it a thumbs this video is going to be all about really common Pinterest mistakes so I wanted to talk about Pinterest because it is one of them is one of the best things that's helped me grow my business and it's so underrated people like think that it's not that popular but honestly especially if you're a blogger like me it really is just this gold man that you need to be getting in on however there's lots of mistakes you might be making when you're first starting out and I'm here to help you out with that if you want to follow me on Pinterest then I'll definitely put my link down below so you can do so it's all about business entrepreneurial blogging kind of stuff on my Pinterest or I'm sure you will love it if you're watching this video already the first mistake that I see people make especially as an online business owner is that they don't have a business account on Pinterest you are missing out on so much by not having a business account like a whole world of analytics out there the business accounts give to you not only analytics so you also have the opportunity to run ads and if you're a blogger like me the chances are your audiences on Pinterest and you want to be able to run ad so you can reach out to them when you're ready to D say bye hi access to all of these amazing tools you get on a business account you can really work out how to grow your business because you can see where you're doing really well and where you might need a little bit more work for example maybe people aren't saving your pins or repinning them maybe your engagements a bit low whatever it is then your analytics will help you do that they'll show you which pins do best so you know what your audience likes it's just a goldmine honestly so you need to be having a business account on Pinterest the second mistake and a super super common mistake I see on Pinterest is people like to name their boards really creative fun names which might seem like a great idea to help you stand out however Pinterest is a search engine is not a social media platform so by doing so you're actually you're going against like you're not helping yourself at all because by having clear and like names that have keywords then you're going to rank much better on SEO and SEO is obviously key to be getting at the top of the search when people are looking for blog posts like yours for example I'm obviously a blogger so I have boards called blogging tips start a blog things like that because these are the kind of things people are going to be searching in the search bar on Pinterest and it gives my boards a chance to pop up at the top of the page increasing my page views and just growing my audience and visibility what I really want you to take away from this is that you want your boards to be searchable you want people to be searching for them so kind of think of it that SEO and Google it's very similar with Pinterest the algorithm works very similar to how Google works the third mistake I see people make on Pinterest is that they just pin to random group boards group boards obviously absolutely amazing to get your Pinterest out there and start getting to your audience however if you're just randomly doing it to any group board you're not going to see the results you need to be joining group boards that have the same niche or in the same industry and have your ideal client in there what else people aren't going to be interested in what you have to stay and you're not going to be able to convert these into page views or even if you get more page views they might not turn into clients or customers which is the ultimate goal my next mistake is that you're not making the most of your Pinterest description so when you post a pin you have the opportunity to put a description when you're doing this you want to put in as many keywords as possible again like Google and SEO if you're doing stuff about blogging then you're gonna need like blogging tips entrepreneurial tips whatever is how to start a blog how to increase your page views you want these keywords in your description however this does not mean that you want to sandwich loads of keywords in you want to form sentences and write a little paragraph at least at least three sentences so that you can really get those keywords sandwiched in but pictures won't like it if you just write lists of keywords they will not like that the algorithm will punish you so make sure that you are putting him in a nice paragraph and you're trying to get as many searchable keywords in as possible my next mistake is people don't realize the importance of having high quality attractive pins a lot of Pinterest users are email so if you need she's female then think about what they want to see and what kind of pins they're gonna click on a day a super girly group you are going to like bright pink pins or they more sporty maybe blue colors whatever it is try and make your pins high quality and just stand out from the crowd maybe stick to your brand color so they know it's you and keep a consistent theme throughout you'll notice on my Pinterest that all my own pins look the same and this is so when people are scrolling through they know straight away that that is a pin from me and it will take you out into my website for example try and stick to the same font same colors etcetera like that I use canva to do my pins which I really recommend because you can then save that template and then use it again each time you want to create a new pin and all you've got to do is change the text and maybe the background picture on there a lot of people who are gonna repin your pins only are going to want to repin high quality attractive looking pins so you really should put some time into this my next mistake which is something I definitely made at the start is to really succeed on Pinterest you need to be pinning a lot and I mean a lot and some people out there will preach manual pinning but for me personally that's gonna take a little bit too much time I'm a busy business owner and I have lots to do which is why you need to be getting on a tailwind I don't think it's too expensive I think it's only like $11 a month or something and it really is amazing I can't get this through to you enough tailwind is a kind of Pinterest manager I guess or scheduler and it's so easy to schedule pins I post about 20 pins a day and all I have to do is click schedule when I see something that I think my followers will like and it's that simple so I barely spend 10 minutes a week doing my Pinterest and it brings so much traffic to my blog it really is amazing however this does not mean that you shouldn't be manual pinning at all Pinterest I'll commit algorithm wants to see that you're using their site actively you're scrolling through your Reap inning styles so maybe mix in manually on there as well so I probably spend 20 minutes a week on tailwind and then maybe 5-10 minutes a day on just manual pinning my last mistake that I see people make on Pinterest is they're not consistent you really need to be consistent on Pinterest to get the best results I has a few weeks off during my exam period because I am at University and I really did suffer the consequences my page bimonthly paid for use on Pinterest were up to a quarter of a million and from just about two weeks of no pinning I dropped straight down to about forty thousand which is still I'm so happy with forty thousand but just from having that time off I had no excuse I could have scheduled those in advance so in future I'm gonna make sure I don't do that and I want you to learn from this mistake consistency is key that's everything for this video I hope you found it super useful and if you're not on Pinterest already and you're an online business owner then definitely get on it also if you're a youtuber it can be super helpful to draw traffic to your YouTube as well which is what I'm working on at the moment with my Pinterest hopefully you found this useful anyway don't forget to subscribe give this a thumbs up I'll drop my social media links like my Instagram down below and yeah see you in the next video I post on Wednesdays and Sundays have a great day


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