Conjure The Win Condition, Plant Edition

Conjure The Win Condition, Plant Edition

sleepily Oh God get that weak stuff out of here where did that come from nailed it what's going on everybody this is fry so today we are doing the grass knuckles no wind condition nobody cares dug in this deck we have no ways of winning that's amazing except that we have a lot of conjures so the idea is to use your captain cucumber to conjure up a storm we're also gonna try to get cards from the primal walnut and from the cosmic knot and from the photo synthesizer you'll be growing your TRICARE tops all the way so maybe you can grow this enough and do bonus attack and win the game really gonna be relying heavily on the conjurer I'm actually running three copies of banana peels hopefully we'll get some bananas usually those ends up being bigger cards getting a bananasaurus rex or pre Nana would be amazing hope you guys enjoy just get right into the game feel like there's a little synergy between banana peel and dickweed because you can demand the things should I run a plucky clover in this deck maybe if I feel like there's not enough control I'll put more concrete cards Mia oh snap oh snap okay nothing to do on the one except for drunk cards we really have a lot of card draw between all the the card jaw and then the whole of flora should be good should I save this for the later like do two three four and then grow this toys opponents roping Pass well program they used to play I mean I'm my phone using sidesync screen Mary oh snap I think this goes hello Creek alright guys let's try to keep the chat in general try to keep the chat english that would be a mobile and thank you so much came our Kmart's thank you Kmart for subscribing really appreciate it let's draw cards that'll take care of this problem that we just developed this instead what do we have next turn for first they look your channel I thought you're subscribed was more than 1 milli I really I wish our planet passes turn 4 so this could be really good 1 & 3 like this and kill the dude thank you so much mr. Samoa for subscribing really appreciate it oh yeah all right I'll see you like this Oh baby so fetch we doing it and thank you so much loud SUV four months really appreciate it aim is that prime and just a rock just fine guys we do with you just fine alright guys let's try to keep the chat english plz thank you very much just so we can all understand what's going on I believe I believe it's like they don't want to play anything in here so we're playing around us first of all I'm covering the environment which helps to reduce the stats second of all second of all just cleaner an ally news we could go bonus attack and try carrot tops it's not bad it makes this become a thing what's the other play probably wasting the bonus tag is good Oh baby B Rex more like erect Oh with six gonna be very difficult to deal with this field I mean two fours Morticia is not amazing and dealing with these carrots if I put them puts a sugary treat on this it can kill the walnut okay too bad we don't have a schema Wow Oh TK trick-or-treating hello better than Monday's thanks 400 bits favorite zombie oh thank you so much this place personally let it read the bot reads it at 200 bits worth by the way so favorite deck for zombies Oh like a grow moustache with professor brain screams and recently been my favorite act Wow we actually conjured this card amazing amazing so this is actually gonna happen to dark stuff it's probably gonna die oh my gosh Zomba incoming trick-or-treater the captain cucumber is gonna grow these to our planets exploiting this banking sector look at the forecast star through I got the only yet gas giant really not too bad we just don't want to see Zomba and we kind of don't want to see deep sea guard okay Oh get ready for explosions that is really lucky by the way their opponent got got so much dang Oh wonderful she goes just our fruit here good double she's not gonna be good fun can't play tricks cuz of this dragon these guys are gonna explode that this was really bad like it's gonna explode the baddie all right best exploit DXE how do we do this I think conjuring as much as possible as good oh my goodness these cards ridiculous we don't want a splash or definitely not feeling you I don't think we go so bad sure I was gonna do primal walnut and Ford but we kind of had that in the bank the primal feel all night oh wait no this would actually make him make up oh this actually the one damage would make this big explosion I don't know why you're putting conceited there he basically field cleared us with one one one one yeah and then it would have done ten to our face that was weird no one cares here we go and thank you so much oh man deserves some money thank you so much really really appreciate it who is this this is John I really appreciate it wait got a mulligan here it's Johnny race thank you for the five hundred bits thanks for buying food for baby fry and Jonny race thanks for subscribing with Amazon friend really appreciate it whoa the wombo combo is real this looks good gotta get Captain cucumber starting him at an early game card and got some car drunk again asking coach that please keep the chat in English thank you play your own Doctor Who and just do this Goodman how do I start upgrading your budget Tzemach Becca I do up a more expensive version but the main thing is adding conman genetic experiments and more one drop better one drops and even I found the great what's a call to raising one drop – what's it called Gregston robber whatever damn I knew who we do this all you knew it another one slip and slide on the banana peel I think we're gonna put this on height so he doesn't have the this actually prevents him from doing B if we front this he won't be able to play laser base alpha pan my brain forecasted a regifter Conger two cards over here Athena Lawson and given in watch it I would like to eventually this is what he can't you alright good enough let's wave me deadlies at least will conjure a card and we'll stall it it's supposed to investing more I think we'll do some combination with Drake here at least thank this will be have five six seven this will actually be beyond songs are put into some poco I think the plays actually effect try carrots out to the double deadly so annoying wouldn't mind getting like I am wow what am I supposed to do and I don't conjure the car hey pally how you doing it's been a long time what is kosher salt it just means coarse salt the reason it's called kosher salt even though all Sultan's kosher it's because they use it to salt meat which is how you make meat kosher it absorbs the blood getting all the blood out because that's the way the kosher goes man I didn't even know let's just we'll start doing these next three cakes really sucky right now lazier pace Alto and Chad is popping today in an emissary mr. day this man was messed up I fixed that with the assets or even stolen but it worked work baby will definitely be holding on to that we're doing okay if our opponent does not play great I can put any great Buster's in this night turnover this is missing if our opponent does not fly a gravestone here I'm it's probably gonna be grow and Wow are you kidding me man you're so annoying we can't bonus attack now that was so annoying what yes it costs one oh that was so huge what are the chances of getting in an environment there that was has to be all to cost environments whoo there aren't that many left you planted the grapes down that was crazy lug I should be keeping luck scored today why am i keeping wins and losses okay know what that doesn't die okay at least he can't kill both of these I was thinking barrel girls it's not care of it oh man all right we're doing okay Oh baby you got one good here we go let's just change it over the let's go right now we can keep the change it over just take one second here let's just say it's let's just say it's 15 to 0 nothing unlucky has happened it's really been very very lucky I got to make this play I'll do it after me can he kill this what about trying to teach am this turn is that crazy let's just go for it I don't even give a darn I give zero darns I mean I guess I could just go for eight and eight okay we'll go for eight in there and then we will save time to shine we're getting a lot of really nice cards here Oh baby wait didn't work oh I don't know I just faced that one out but well time to shine external nine and we'll need seven more mm actually this will be ten so then six will work I'm just doing too many things at once fix scorecard for anything bad happens multitasking and playing pvz heroes why did he why fly that one okay are you ready to rumble oh yes I am mommy Oh baby mumbles there oh look at this kernel corn I'll definitely take it man we rolled a three on the doctor here to get ready to rumble we're pretty good I think we can go to two wait how do we conjure something this brain and I could just like win the game just like BAM listen if he plays the minions we're gonna rock it in time to shine him to death if he plays if he passes and tries to go for a trick we're just gonna hit him with the brain Anna today I'm more luck you know I'll just add sorry this thing is messed up come on man what do they do should I bring Nana him to death wait what if he blocks and gets infinitely cleanse huh you would need to get it's a one-in-three kill you and he needs them Finiti clones to cover both lanes or he could roll out one and then roll three men just need one lane he has a few outs oh then fitting clothes doesn't work here you're right so he would have had to roll the one and then block this on yeah it's guaranteed good point spike weed makes it guaranteed because of one last year he'd a it so that needs to be save just so sad this guy Oh baby rough 35 and oh here we go alright what's going on guys can know this little changing garb what happened was is that the internet cut out in the middle of the stream so I'm having a little makeup stream there were outages in my area whatever you will be seeing some random people very surprised in the chat in just a few seconds if you're watching the Sun YouTube because they have no idea I'm streaming at 11 o'clock at night weights a big surprise I'm gonna continue playing this game and I will explain that to them when they come should be a bunch of people coming in here's the first one making up for the stream again there were outages internet outages in my area in the middle of the stream it just cut off reticular sound like no keep on doing conjure the wink condition this grass snuggles like it's amazing it's been performing very well let's kick some tush maybe I'll I had 10 points of unlock just because 20 points to unlock just because the internet would happen had 20 points here we go okay so gotta get that captain Juke umber welcome Alcorn and apathy party I'm happy made you night you made my night for coming let's go guys let's go I do not want to have low flow man that's pretty much see happens maybe we'll get like a second forget-me-nots end of the whole holy moly with that jolla floor I will do this the rents are part from doing anything yeah Laconia welcome back you got Jake Foley hello you got Jesus be sness they're gonna have a bunch of new faces here giving stony different time of day just minutes the I finish three-minute video I actually have a video rendering the back down it's gonna be really fun it's like grass knuckle out also grass knuckles that completely different kind of thing come on give me one more ah now can actually kill two for one if I play this know if you get the fair opponents bet that is summoning lets go cat lady oh no way together three two one in the field yes they'll probably die No thank you so much yeah ha first subscribe gets two months in a row yah ha I should make the into a meme all right you're searching for videos and just notification goes I am it seems like that's one thing about having the YouTube stream on there's a lot of people are just on YouTube sometimes just watching the actual videos there and here we go I'm sure people will be very happy to see this alright so we have to place one is to spike weed our ponent will probably play in an environment you could just go with but it's probably gonna play some kind of environment here like nebula I think this charging our block meter is let's go like that we'll get a big card which we could use next month if I manage to catch up it will be a full year thank you so much Alan corn free subscribe thing is that Jolicoeur and welcome back and it's 11 months really appreciate it thank you so much the streak is real it's midnight where you are yeah it's 11 o'clock where's the midnight in Brazil it's like the only place it's midnight I'm an Eastern Time you must live in Brazil it disturbed you from going to sleep I'm sorry I apologize build the wall we're gonna build a wall we're gonna get back an honor oh do we play this next trick we're gonna build a wall okay maybe I should do this to get the next banana and then we'll go with the onion rings and actually buff everything up it's gonna be ridiculousness fine but hand upon it's a gentleman over watch tonight um I just kept playing a different mobile game actually I kind of want to scream other mobile game a when I'm done with this I'll probably stream this for an hour Oh we'll see where we are can I don't really have a time limit don't have to go to sleep until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. consoles welcome we're gonna see a lot of new faces cuz it's a complete new stream I should probably just do this randomly anyway if you actually just stream like random mobile games at night I'll show you guys the games I'm grinding oh my goodness okay so we could Boop this thing how many tricks is our opponent gonna player so much yeah screw it probably actually could have gotten more value six is it just gonna be maniacal laugh are you doing I'll do someone who wants to ensure you can actually banana bomb that one of these so that looks happy Oh baby that's a good one man what everyone just go fat beats here I think we'll do the fabric I think it's boob boob we run trickable you can't trick nobody no baby or contouring the wing conditions here we go and if he rockets this it'll kill his own guys too no that's fine this'll be expensive you can only play one trick max now because of everything's Dada Dada Dada oh here we go and we have this wall we have this freaking wall being built that's a unshakeable for one we'll have a bull's-eye for two that it'll explode eventually we are in Gucci chez folks chi all shaped so I think it's gonna be photo synthesizer on this one and then fat beats somewhere all these teams see what's in the box don't want this dying in splashing Wow we can combo these eventually I think I'll do this first we want to play this not on height so it doesn't get a leanest it's a decent consideration it probably gets blocked this way I think it's still worth it this grossest starts up as a for $4.99 it really only would have gone down a fine I can't wait to do this this is so much damage gold and protected thank you guys so much for coming I'm so happy seeing so many new faces ridiculous I feel like at least a third of the people here morning fry from the Philippines how you doing pop we've been okay kamusta really really fun just things I mean I bet people on the YouTube for the YouTube video will actually have a very much as anything lucky happened yet probably will just say it's 40 keeping track of luck score very vaguely what's the most mad lad thing you've done I see I'm not really in a risk-taker I actually experienced like a fight-or-flight response like pain when I take risks so I'm not really into that kind of thing okay I'll tell you the story it's kind of romantic it's actually really good what does this turn 8 we have this next time just give me one second and I'll tell us tell you the story plays Easter when I met my wife I'm lying on this weird Jewish dating site and we talked on the phone and we're like hey it seems like we're compatible let's meet sometime this is originally when we met and I was living in Israel at the time he's gonna be so mad lad but it's gonna be more like I was a room ready for their DK here we go I was I was living in Israel at the time and right at that moment sort of everything fell apart for me it is lethal yet us gotta get that weak stuff out of here where did that come from nailed it 55 ladi Dadi dad all right maybe I'll be the keep it going that pretty much sums up what this deck is all about here we go sorry I'll play the story I mean you guys are more than patiently look for a little more early game AM okay so basically I was living in Israel and everything fell apart from me at that time in Israel the job I have which I was like to quit thank you so much – a man for subscribing welcome to the Fryman seeing selling his story I had some problematic people moved into my apartment I was actually in an apartment with a few other guys and there there were there were two problematic people who kind of moved in normally moving in and stuff like that so that was a huge issue so I go and I look online for a plate and thank you so much – your office is grabbing I just looked online for plane tickets to go to Canada it's around so much in my life then just some random person wanted me lived and it turned out that the Beth of cheapest plane tickets were three days later because it was right to the beginning of like the school year and there were these planes full of students coming to Israel and leaving empty so they were selling them leaving just buying a one-way ticket away they were selling him for your cheap so yeah oh man that's the bird of paradise that's pretty good here good synergy rocket yeah they come in I think instead of killing the bird of paradise I'll do this it might get free cake I'll kill this next round I'll be able to get a superpower so I just call up I just call her up oh man final mission I just call her up and I'm like hey I'm coming in nutrition no I said I'm coming in in three days and she almost flipped I literally just picked my stuff up all my stuff then fit into two suitcases brahms in Toronto I had a friend who who in school who lives in Toronto whose family like hey you can stay with us for a little while to get yourself together I found a little apartment a little gig a little everything and sort of set up and we dated for a while and we ended up getting married that's kind of my craziest thing I've ever done yeah what do we do 1 2 into rocket tricare's UPS Monda bronzer is not that good that was my yeah so that was my little romantic thing I think interesting is pushing for lethal going facepalm oh it doesn't go face I don't know about that I don't know giving us a great operating so much this kind of man so you can actually heal though not yet our life is just ticking holy now what's the play maybe I'll go with this you know but we can't draw a card or else we lose I don't know this is bad we can't draw a card or we lose we lose guarantee leaf oh so I have to go with this this I don't think I can place either cuz it just gives them a anyway he removes anything he'll win I guess he could remove this and win too so he might as well play this in fact if he removes it now than the captain cucumber won't drug her it's good to me damn damn killing one haha Wow okay that's the way you're doing is one way to do it so con man is full pointed out before that con man would be the weakness of the second they sure were right they sure were right folks better like first time on Twitch Hemi Dakota welcome my days doing so Mike Dakota primal wallet would have drawn me a card though maybe you would have given me some kind of miracle I don't know what could it came out of that there we go we got a couple of these this will prevent his superpower from happening I think I did not watch the New Avengers movie yet I actually just watched infinity horse Fanning religious never even heard of that like this cuz nothing Trixie start the format see your favorite dinosaurs this is one of my favorites I think Raptor is probably the best one tote period my first dinosaur and my first legendary actually was bananasaurus rex little fun memories there this is great what is our opponent planning which which one cost must oh he's just doing that to counter this one there's no one cost trick that he could even have unless it's super it's man crazy worth playing this Allosaurus Elster's just isn't that useful it kind of just does a lot of nothing if you happen to have a dr. pepper and a bunch of damn men you're just so circumstantially no oh no okay do not play this guy's just gonna die is it true that the game servers are getting shut down I hope they're not yes value we could go with two in one and then do the fort next er maybe that's better when they prevent it from us playing some kind of trick here I think playing a son I definitely don't want to play the environment is it possible he was relying on some sort of trick so let's do a little trade oh no it doesn't however I put it down to 70 little bit did I play this next turn no no I was thinking to grow this one every time by keeping our hand and playing extra but we just want the cards in our hands plant will be very useful definitely Google the fun plays a big minion is just rocket so this always happens see what's in the box he grows up to five – Sportacus Sportacus my grass Oh Baby it's an apple tree it's running tricare Dobson's Dec unfair no uh-uh no no very bad oh okay that's interesting well it's turning our block we're good constitute its cosmic not the worst cosmic card no it's actually one of the best because it gives you something really good usually here it didn't matter but the nuts are find any not that with three attack I mean can give you walnut which is one cost three six it has decent stats two four three three like I found that I do want to use the cosmic peashooter but it just seems like it's wait it should cost – it's way too expensive it's only a one one when it's played do we have lethal anyone you draw at our superpower grab a tree on one drags this alright and they'll set up the one for next year okay the really BM e play was to play dickweed try to prop the block and then use ready to rumble or time to shine in and win the game we still win them oh we got him oh here's the real BM valiant damn I should have done the more fun play there we were gonna win prolly I wanted to play this time to shine would have won then it would have been well yo you missed the old interesante do you I still know how to do the dance where we used to dance then two streams of so random and thank you so much – a man really really it's just money hello master ready okay okay all right make this one's better let's for that one this is fine what to the two who do I keep this so many questions I think I do we'll use it with via later hello Denzil beetle and again I'm apologizing in advance there's gonna be a lot of people saying hello that I'm not gonna see there's a hundred a lot this is actually an off stream and there's a 150 people imagine this was my time maybe I should just make my main mic my streams at 10 o'clock every night I don't know k so this is a electrician wrong lane for like trician I'm gonna guess sumo I guess this is okay either way if it's a sumo if an electrician these two trading I think is actually fine then we can actually we can do that you do a lot of things next train if it's a sumo we definitely don't want these getting matched them or could just be teleportation I don't know why they consider that you're gonna host me I effort this time would be big for the American viewers would you guys the idea I had was just to chill with you guys and show you all the random mobile games just try and I'll try whatever you guys want to play wherever you're playing on your phone I will literally download it and play it for a while and try it out and see if I like it and maybe I'll make some compilations of all the best mobile games here would like to see that excuse me what the heck is this do I want to kill this teleportation zombie see the great thing here is our opponent cannot rocket this now so what's the play I guess we'll start with you [Applause] forget-me-nots should be fine here well that's gonna be electrician I think it's gonna be like this now we are actually playing into chop ah what about Chuck it's nice Evan sit on the ground because we can protect that I guess we're about to find out about this chap attack with this one oh damn definitely his Jeb no he doesn't so what does he have he didn't use the power nerve I feel like you wishes use there there's well maybe as a rocket she doesn't want a nerf anything there's rock well he'll last standard I played last an earth that's a really hard game to stream cuz that's just timers I hate games it's just hard timers and say don't play can't do anything that you know like timer that's what our opponent just left us dry there is there a way to take advantage of this I wish we had a banana peel right now I would just hit him in the face and a fair haze in the face it doesn't look like he has an answer to my um – my dude looks like he's trying to Oh baby seven costs dragon man we got that from photosynthesize I'll definitely take it I'll play shooting games apply anything the game I'm playing right now is called dungeon survival – actually oh that was good vainglory I've actually been interested in trying vainglory I tried to a long time ago but I'm actually playing playing overwatch on my free time a lot that's not a mobile game hello camera we're back he's desperately trying to deal with this man I'm liking this guy and thank you so much Wisel new 20 happy birthday fry also please play Looney Tunes Wang also cosmos is op should be a zero over zero cosmos is OFI no it's not check out this one things get to me the other option was play primal here comes another card go if spike wait Ness look no no I was gonna good job damn what is it can't believe it solo night okay I played slowly I'll play whatever though I'll play whatever as long as haven't played it I'll play whatever long as they're playing it whoever should play this now you be a me up so I can stand on mountains here we go banana bomb for free PVC – I've tried that I I didn't really like it playing a classic segment I wouldn't mind doing some classes they have classic Sonic the Hedgehog on the phone I don't I can't say ever really like thinking okay why is he growing up just means crazy Oh baby I want him to pass again and we're just gonna drag it's nice having the stacks and we can safely play dragon banana peel it's not a Pogo probably not been handed out you can't put bonus attacks we are safe have we got this from primal walnut that's definitely lethal by the way because I can't even click on these cards why can't I click on this one no I I didn't run great bustard mr. that's kind of a thing that's what you oh he's he's not dead yet damn you know one day you okay let's go for the for the brain Anna how does he bring Nana or banana bottom would be amazing yeah I think I'll just add 20 points for getting dragon this deck is actually really good have we lost a game yet I took off 20 points for losing the Internet in the middle of the stream Raptor electrician interesting idea what about just wrapped your lurch for lunch though we've done that it seems like there's for lunch will be better because then you could teleport in and do a combo life after I don't know what that is well I'm happy to I'm happy to try the ones I've never heard of that's for sure p.m. foam cats I love phone cats in fact III new phone cats way before PC heroes happen so funny how I keep bumping into him more salt in the wound thanks so much – sure man really appreciate it man by the way the little two dollars here and there it really really helps me it really really adds up and that's it's I'm not making a lot of a whole lot of money and I'm working really hard really appreciate you guys play cookie run I could try it allows binary mime dark no I don't have an axiom well how do you activate the mind argument say hello P you see me okay Oh baby that's a hand that is the hand folks all I'm trying to say is that's a pan always playing the Sun Heights to play around his environment is the most efficient way of filling this next term probably if he goes with sumo I'm gonna front it damn damn son the problem is the little cadet ghost can neutralize the gaps in cucumber oh he goes for radio it doesn't do anything though we might have some kind of follow-up what could go wrong Rolling Stone can anyway happen so I'd rather him only Rolling Stone one of these I guess I'll play this on the well I don't want to get there's an environment that can make this final mission that's interesting mother damn son wait so this flow only over it turns out that primal walnut would have been better I wasn't thinking when I thought a little more and talked about lost theirs kiss swabby thank you so much for Matt I really you guys are the best you guys are the absolutely best thank you so much I say absolutely best how do we deal with this thing oh we do not have an answer it's not gonna galvanize Frey Street is streaming is my full-time job I don't have another another job I it's the hours of streaming I'd like to add another couple hours of screaming at night maybe and and just the YouTube video editing and just bad community talking to let me know the answering me heaps of comments just all day recording recording takes longer yeah that's full-time Joe I'm still making like a very minimalistic living from it so it's really the donations make the difference to me getting by and that that's why I say that kind of summer I don't feel shame in it we're just not spending the money on anything more than just supporting my family what is this why are you passing turn five it's a weed spray turn what does this one do just these two this is ridiculous Shannon mushroom it's my wife ever been on stream one time and you prefer online comes our physical card games I just what's the better game I should go with this we have a rocket actually uses loca Sofia he is protected oh so prevents it prevents me from conjuring another levee look I mean in overwatch that my most hours aren't Leone junk rat but I have now two three cosmology if I've been playing a lot of soldier lately it's much better than in the meta trade grants again I'd be down heavy down that's a complete different game I go three and three here they'll shamrock get the guard and then just do this in that matter in it we're gonna do it the fun z-wave this and shamrock it we've got a win not bad I kill you might be shooters conjugal in conditions it's a molecule deck now yeah guys if he the great thing is I don't know what he could do to cost killing a date there's no way I'm just thinking the snake grass would Oh mr. fancy pants no he's only up to 14 we should still be good okay dad did you damage my face congratulate how great is this day this deck I don't know what the score is I don't know it's been too many things but I know my DC guard deep sea guard is not the card that you invest so much and play the scene take the risk on that oh look mommy deep sea guy that's not how it goes this is seven have I lost a game I don't think I've lost one well so you can the game that the internet divers this is crazy splashy nuts good idea – sure man yeah you know that the epic sax guy music I can't use it anymore there's a remix that everyone used to use and the person who owns it wouldn't started copywriting videos so you'll probably never hear that in another compilation ever again it's stupid because that's why nice try response it's the epic battle Zam Balaji teacher forget me nuts who will be victorious me that time have you done binary guards rolling stone it'll make this got Russell from a pack what should you make what's a good rust bowl cut I mean if you have all the tricksters and everything can do that but even just sports necks are fine good with smash though – if you don't have Russell you definitely have smashed yeah I'm gonna go with this here just so it doesn't get any medicine can neutralize it you were just gonna get flicked your you know that is so big now we get a legend oh man expensive it's not even that good make the sounds please okay I'll do first I'm gonna just end up doing this every single day oh here's a good one that's some good ones folks is it just bonus attack is this crazy it's the greatest thing ever I don't like discord I do have a not me no though I think there should be a you know like here I'll get to the Darrin that's the equivalent of it this guy so I just draw cards I don't know if plant foods correct let's let's spread the love Stephen get some forget-me-nots oh snap I should probably play both of these another one it's free it's free folks it's the free folks you don't do actually I could I could have played this back you can't weed spray anymore hey he wasn't waiting for weed spray or flick there no yes really this is the story well we have cornucopias everyone did I play Mario Kart the only Mario Kart have really played is Mario Kart 64 and now I'd be happy to try the other one the other one the other white Mario Kart literally dude here try to get a banana try to slip and slide on a banana peel that's what I see fronting this though I'm very confused I will unfriend him move Oh get that weak stuff outta here I guess it's this one maybe it's not maybe it is maybe it's not um that stuff I think it's like this way he has to play to get that weak stuff out of here massive top-deck madness we're just gonna make it into 105 just for that I don't care we're going over that'll be down to one you can rock it it just seems so hard to catch up to this deck it's just it just outperforms everything we just said well they're just building a cornucopia now what is in the what is in the so wonderfully do this just there does significant damage I don't phanie both these bonus text the Shamrock you'll probably see it's got it like quadrupled this damage because now I went from one and one doing to in to that's finally rolling stone that I will just do these proc that block -5 for him having the Rolling Stone fine minus one Oh play around weed spray yeah I know getting where Peter is useless by the way oh look look it's extra double strike what she definitely knew a third attack you guys alright I had enough this garbage you give me a wind condition I'll get a wind condition no matter what oh there's Allosaurus for the person that mentioned it before you should add pea shooter to this deck where are you this fun okay okay I was so afraid he's gonna weed spray me going viral okay oh baby love his Adsense five points unlock just for him not having anything in his hands what does he have for going viral why is he playing going viral for card draw this is empty and I'm like what does this turn eight coming up oh look another what just in case the first one doesn't work at least he won't see this coming that's all I gotta say now do you want the Healey one to be earlier or later are they still hacker since game Oh I kill you we will heal we'll get like three minions from cornucopia I see rockets lives did it to charges trickster oh here we go you'll double jism I probably actually should have put this here so we draw a car and I guess he wins at least were healing that doesn't know what's about to happen turn nine Betty's not expecting cornucopia she's like where is all this guys legendary he has two in his hand guess what dragon oh that's not bad that ain't bad a 3-2 against Russell it's fine you want them to have more than two attack wait we all have what did you write you fought a hacker the only a teacher's going viral yeah that's Aaron hi I played against the hacker voluntarily no one's gonna be by the way there's no one enforcing this this game are you write in life no one cares there's no team that's gonna there's no team in this game that's gonna like look into it yeah this is a really sad cornucopia right perfect play now what you gonna do what do you what could he possibly do he doesn't have a heel oh that's nests of one-in-five he is not gonna get we need a roll three just for karma dowered wait no block time to shine or block rock wall well you those guys cap okay this was a little overkill I still have a chance that guy that was a blow from hell we didn't even get blown from he played a thinking cap at some point and got blow that is like the only thing I can't believe that is ridiculous that is that's highly real worthy actually what a freaking fail I'll write that down what did I make it making it 56 it's ridiculous that was so sad it was Conger blow one five verses it's writing down notes so I know what to do for the highlight reel come man such a great hand wonderfully keep the Shamrock and I think it's worth it should have gotten rid of it just in search of us feel like all boogaloos wind conditions are anyway going to be huge cards so shamrock it will kind of always be good in this magic free gift stuff oh he was using the miracle paparazzi they shoot you so we could go after this that's a swarm deck I guess we can shamrock it that eventually this is fine can always protect the mixture complaining tricks luxury we're doing just fine the I edited is a hello he passes how go forget me nuts he can't play the big I though I believe this is the play was rocket have you done the candle if and star fruit no that's a wave activating starter if three photosynthesizing and and buffing its health no I've never done that deck before that's a great idea citron pecan Alif star fruit photo synthesizer I might do that tomorrow no I've never done that before has anyone ever seen probably used it doesn't even sound familiar that's a really really good idea doesn't have to be great responsibility can be photosynthesizers even by look at this play look at this play real here so expensive just to play one trick our phone could play for three here the superpower watch it be a lucky blow again evaporate that is so lucky I'm glad I find Logan you play you fry and I end up in your highlights I am unworthy oh that was you wait that was you less game wait I have to open up my thing and see the message again was that really you thank you so much you're so nice hey I'm opening up my stream laughs so you were the one got to play and you'll end up in the highlights good game so that was it was you know someone commented it was someone who want much watches my stream because that was my Ross Bolt miracle deck with trickster crossbow paparazzi teacher trickster and yeah good game once we get by the way he's playing a storm's egg so once we get this kernel corn and it's just two more turns we just guaranteed where did we get this from move this first yes conjure this up its instead of one more we just do this binary stars doesn't do anything the only is one binary search does nothing here it trades with my primal walnut okay no but you got us keep the binary stars alive why not keep the binary stars alive it's better than them this guy I'm very confused that's okay lot more I don't have another team oh yeah that was a mistake Oh baby villains are pretty easy play methinks I know that enables le news not really yeah oh wow so that's a for for this I'm like if the party is gonna live here cool combo nobody just plays another storm that experience forgive my kernel corn into the eye stage this bananasaurus rex lives actually no it just kills all of his guys the Galactic just clears everything lightning bolt kills this one we need some conjures and we're addict hearts it's Austin first time you've ever caught a live stream cool I don't watch a stream but it's always missed that yeah it's at a weird time thank you so much you're really big fan and that paparazzi zombie sucked yeah thank you so much Austin I really appreciate your kind words and thanks for subscribing it says here you are a one month subscriber welcome to the we will put this in a place that can knock you know used here we go we really just need to more damage after this you have a way of ranking Legendary's for beginner players it's a good idea I could I could I guess that's just a lot of work I'd have to sit for hours probably and put it together a list I guess I could do it though everything's possible you never get the streams because it's close maybe I'll do some random streams at night like this it's fine slip and slide on a banana how come he's not fronting me though why is he going here weirdo slip inside of a Nick come on Bri Nana my friends are some top tech madness it doesn't matter you don't have any brains anyway it's the principle of the thing the man is begging folks this deck is it is eyeliner yo I'm not gonna say human highlight reel no like a top tech man which lion are we going with July there's a lot of lines that are appropriate to that situation you can use electrician trickster mustache monument I think electrician I don't really see when electrician is good electrician gives your opponent an opportunity to first of all see the electrician great bus day you know remove the minion that you're trying to do the bonus attack let's see electrician is it's almost it's good if in a science deck because you know you know being a body is it's a good be good in the science science deck it's also good with like um secret agent I can bring back secure agent electrician bring back secret agents electrician alright I think this will be the last game and I'll do like the daily challenge it's not you really be able to remove these cards whistle player on telepathy pretty well basically never does anything uncertain one I should just play dry this gives us options so this will be the last game and then I'll do the daily and I'll do some wants you right into the French deck that's a really good car but chess losses thank you fry for your major personnel amazing content thank you so much I really appreciate your kind words you make my days better every single day you have rough taught me so much about this game also you're an amazing person happy to the aggressive Channel thank you so much just luck you guys are so nice you guys are the nicest but you crap besides going Barroso hunts of pumpkins very good for aggro decks such a strong card I hardly ever use anymore it's so complete yeah the aggro that slip and slide on a banana peel you dick me up so I could sorry sorry I don't know where that came from oh I don't know the play is you do this one and this one and then we'll do this next time but if he dead leaves it give this from just plant food sounds good to me oh the great zucchini the great zucchini binary headhunter I've done headhunter I don't think I've tried binary and under their dance floor see we had a lot of new viewers a lot of new ideas this is this is a real brainstorm this is the real one tips are pushing the taco League try to make a good budget deck where you can just look in this playlist I actually haven't listed here what did he do now we have this one sure small cards nice okay you know to to to to I'll kill oh ho ho they will do the Cornucopia way it's up meme yes why don't people use more more people use my cap is basically the zero try to read all the comments there's a lot of people here damn there's as many people now as they are during a scheduled livestream there's more people I feel slightly more this is the best time for me to strings just 11 o'clock at night why not what I have to lose why do I call dr. space-time Doctor Who because dr. who is the character ladies oh there any banana peels Oh Oh small Hills can we use his name oh I don't really know what's going on roar is right see me cakes hey gotten a how you doing yeah you late but so my this is a good this is a good last game he has chopped your so at least it'll grow one last time all I need is plain clothes oh no I meant for that mill yeah super Milt three no is that a team-up oh this one's a team-up whoops whoopsie Daisy I didn't realize this was a team-up I forgot once it mattered we wants a field anyway so just prop my block like we're not milled anymore we're fine we're fine got some soul as well soup word does not win them in the game or tech videos oh you mean game again no I love the great Jew kini it's probably soul patch time time to shine actually just so we can heal out of this hole we just got to play around the promises accents it's so tempting I feel like winning those they move this and go phase for me slip and slide on a banana peel Oh baby we are healed I kill this one he's so heavy so has a frozen mustache in the sand it's okay he's gonna freeze it anyway it's fine guess he can't super bone this attacking Lane no but if we have the soul patch yes come on roll three we have two great Cecchini this guy oh you can see bonus tags anyway because we wing that whoa cheap pose for the babies oh no we have to heal healing was the way anyway it's all good it's all good folks final score 150 256 I think someone predicted something along those lines so you do hope you guys enjoy that was amazing spirit who is our unofficial score keeper says we did lose one game there somewhere but nobody cares stake was absolutely amazing how fun is the depth of no-win condition when you just win every single game no win condition nobody cares hope you enjoyed peace this is fraud oh thank you so much – sure thank you so much on our 350 right it's so nice really


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