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ContraPoints was Just Canceled by Her Own Community on Twitter | The Rewired Soul

homeboy so if you’re wondering who got
canceled today it was contrapoints and it was by her
own community and we definitely have some things that we need to discuss
today when it comes to canceled culture outraged hate mobs and all that stuff so
stay tuned what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we
talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new to my channel
what I try to do take different type is going on in the YouTube community or pop
culture and try to see what lessons we can learn from them to improve our own
mental and emotional well-being so if you’re into that stuff make sure you
subscribe and bring that notification bell yeah once again we are going to be
talking about cancel culture so those of you who have been around for a while I
talk a lot about mental health check this out like if you are freaking out
online at strangers people you’ve never met this is also a mental health issue
if you are losing sleep if this is consuming part of your day like you
really need to take a step back and reevaluate yourself like this is one of
the reasons why cancel culture is so toxic it’s not just the people getting
cancelled it’s everybody participating in it like when I watched the members of
the hate mob going at it I’m like what’s going on in your life where you are
spending this much time and emotional energy and all that anyways before I
jump into this topic before I forget my brand new book cancelled inside YouTube
cancer culture is out now it’s available in both ebook and audiobook format and
it is down in the pin comment down in the description down below so if you
want to deep dive into YouTube cancer culture I share a bit of my experience
talk about a bunch of other stories that have gone on in the YouTube community
and offer some solutions alright so yeah those of you who don’t know culture
points is a pretty pretty large youtuber on the platform I don’t really watch her
channel if I’m being honest but she is a trans woman right and she has done a lot
speaking up for the LGBTQ community and everything like that and she has
some opinions that people disagree with much like someone like Blair White right
well anyways I just see my my twitter feed this morning blowing up everybody
talking about culture points it was trending on Twitter and I’m like
what timeout what what is happening who is being canceled today so it all
started with this series of tweets and I don’t know why but I couldn’t find what
she was replying to but with her series of tweets you can kind of see what
happened alright so culture points Natalie Wynn she says I’m friends with a lot
of Gen Z trans people and I’m often grouped in with them because I’m very
online and I transition not that long ago but my experience is very different
I’m not a vanguard Zoomer Tran I sometimes feel like the last of the
old-school transsexuals but I also understand why a lot of trans people who
just want to blend in are frustrated with the new visibility and with the
radicals I’m feeling fearful myself about the future of trans acceptance and
I understand the desire to be invisible tolerated and safe but now you go into
these leftist discord Facebook groups and like 20 to 30 percent identify as
some flavor of trans most of them are not conventional binary transsexuals
that seems to be the future and if you like me you read that and you’re like
okay there’s four opinion but if you like people who freaked out
this caused conscience to leave Twitter today because she got
mobbed by people of her own community so in this video I’m like my opinion on
this matter doesn’t matter all right like but the thing is we got to look at
people being outraged over opinions and and like how how people tear apart their
own cause from the inside so you guys for the love of God for the love of God
if you witnessing what is happening in the
world today with canceled culture with outrage and hate mobs do yourself a
favor and please go get the book the coddling of the American mind by
Jonathan hate okay like I just finished that book it was
recommended by the other youtuber dr. Mike phenomenal guy and yeah like you
guys here’s one of the biggest issues in the world today and this is something
that you know that is one of the reasons why I got cancelled right like you guys
just because you have different opinions doesn’t mean you freak out on somebody
else okay like watching people call a trans woman transphobic for that comment
is mind blowing like whose here’s a thing like we have such selfish
self-centered creatures that we think our experience is the only experience
she was sharing her experience and her opinion and people lost us sending
insane tweets and getting bombarded until she actually left Twitter alright
so something that the book the coddling of the American mind talks about
throughout the book is CBT methods alright so those of you who don’t know
CBT is cognitive behavioral therapy alright it is one of the best
evidence-based therapies and what it’s designed to do is help you to catch
cognitive distortions all right cognitive distortions are the
crazy lies that your brain tells you all right it makes you freak out over things
or it makes you have black and white thinking alright one of the problems
with these outrage mobs is that they are just rage filled with cognitive
distortions and no therapists or psychologists any mental health
professional in the right mind would allow you to play into those cognitive
distortions let me play this scenario out for you all right
Concha points shared her opinion on Twitter okay thousands of people got
angry just freaking out about her now imagine
one of those people going into a therapist and saying oh this this woman
I’ve never met on Twitter said this thing that I disagree with and I’m so
angry she is an awful person she’s transphobic and everything like that
now the therapist or psychologist has one of two options they can challenge
your cognitive distortions or play into them you tell me which one sounds better
option a is that they challenge those thoughts and say okay is this person
really a bad person what evidence do you have they reply and
you say okay so since they have a different opinion than you this makes
them a bad person and it causes the person to step back and really question
their thoughts right and their feelings and their emotions okay option two is a
therapist or psychologist playing into the cognitive distortions well I’m
saying you’re right that person has a different opinion than you they’re a bad
person they’re an evil person they shouldn’t even be online that trans
woman is actually transphobic and she’s destroying everything that the LGBT
community has worked for wait that sounds silly like you guys this is a
practice that you guys can do like I know a lot of people are lacking
financially or lacking health insurance and you might not have the ability to go
see a therapist get a book and do some research on cognitive behavioral therapy
you can do these things on your own like recently I read an entire book on rebt
which is rational emotive behavioral therapy and that is another therapy
that’s all about challenging your thoughts with being rational and logical
all right so here’s here’s the thing like when the hate mob comes out we
cancel culture is in full force the people who participate in it they
they’re either one of two things all right they’re either blatantly lying
okay but I choose to be an optimist or they’re extremely ignorant and they
don’t really understand so let me read to you
one of these tweets but this is just an example this is all over Twitter and it
happens every single time someone is getting bombarded by the hate mob but it
said this sorry to see her go but still if you’re going to be popular you have
to learn how to take criticism better and not let people run you off like this
is like I said it’s either a lie or it’s complete ignorance and again it goes
back to that selfish self-centered way of thinking that we have people believe
like oh what are they what are they so why are they upset like they’re just
getting criticized like this blows my mind like when it happened to me like I
was getting death threats my mom was getting death threats right and people
like you just can’t take criticism like what what and people try to use
attacking people online as criticism like death threats name-calling right
labeling people as transphobic or racist or Nazis like I hate to break it to you
but that is not criticism okay insults do not equal criticism I’ve been
replying to more people in my youtube comments like some guy started out his
comment to me you dumb F right and then he goes on to say how he disagrees with
me like think about that for a second do you expect anybody to take your
criticism seriously when you come out swinging when you come out punching
right but here’s the other example I want to give when you get bombarded by
the online hate mob it’s not all criticism what happens is it’s a
snowball effect it starts out something small like people were going after the
tweets as she said but then then it turned into this fun culture points fact
of the day if you assume that every one of her patrons contribute the lowest
possible tier contra points makes two hundred twenty eight thousand dollars a
year from patreon alone then someone says I think there are better criticisms
of contract and how much she makes on patron which
is not to say this can’t inform a strong criticism just on its own then somebody
else replies hoarding wealth for mostly if not completely for oneself isn’t
extremely wrong then and then they say a lot of people donate one dollar then
somebody else replies the poem is that nobody realistic aliy needs that much
maybe if contra took some and gave the rest to her show maybe that is a little
better but since we don’t know where the money goes it is assumed that money goes
directly back to her this is another issue with canceled culture it starts
over here and then it turns into something completely different you see
this every single time like with what happened with James tall’s you saw it
start with oh he’s a bad friend he promoted a competitor’s product then it
turned into he’s a sexual predator right you’re seeing it happen right now now
that people all amped up and like what else can we complain about and here’s
the thing one of the rules of canceled culture ice talked about this in my book
is that you talk about how much money that person makes alright and you assume
the worst in them okay and this this is also an issue like you’re going to
constantly be angry in your life if you’re constantly assuming the worst so
let’s talk about this real quick okay again I’ll play the optimist let’s say
that culture points actually donates a lot of that money to I don’t know LGBTQ
causes right we don’t know that for certain but let’s say that she does okay
how would you know does she have to disclose that well here’s what cancel
culture gets you if she was out there gloating about it people say oh you’re
just doing this to get a positive attention and things like that
like many MUA in his comeback video you just had to talk about that he talked
about how he’s afraid to talk about the charities he works with because the hate
mob will criticize him for that like think about that one of the issues with
cancel culture is that often times there’s no winning alright so anyways
when this happened there are some people who are speaking up about this such as
the quarter ring or Chris Reagan and they talk about as you can see these
tweets even though they disagree with her like they think it’s messed up what
happened alright and this is what I really want people to pay attention to
like you see so many people as your enemies but look and see what what they
really think right because you have people like Chris Reagan and the
quartering who although they disagree with culture points they would never
want her canceled or deep platform yet the people within her own community are
trying to do that and labeling her a transphobic like you guys we can
disagree with somebody without wanting them to be completely off the platform
alright so one of the last things that I want to talk about is and it’s talked
about a lot in the coddling of the American mind and it’s part of cognitive
distortions – all right our brain tells us that everything we feel is true and
if you call someone out on that they say that you’re in validating their their
feelings right which is absolutely mind-blowing like if you even took like
five minutes of a psychology class you would know that humans are extremely
emotional irrational beings so this new kind of thing where people think that
all of their feelings need to be validated is nuts like if my son is
afraid that there’s a monster in his closet why am I gonna go play into that
right am i saying no there’s not like what if my son came to me and said oh my
god dad you’re invalidating my feelings right I’d be like what now think about
this for a second like this is something that really bothered me it’s bothered me
since the talk to Westbrook and James Charles situation because Gabriel Zamora
came out and said like this isn’t a big deal it’s not that big of a deal so what
he promoted a competitor’s brand and Totti Westbrook went off saying how dare
you invalidate my feelings right like you guys sometimes we need our feelings
invalidated less less play this game alright let’s say you’re
standing in line at a grocery store and somebody walks past you and accidentally
bumps your shoulder and you lose it because you feel that that person
disrespected you on purpose and they hate you and they’re just an evil person
even though it was an accident should we play into your feelings like
that our feelings are not always facts we feel a lot of ways that are not true
ok so we need to get out of that mindset like oh my god people are invalidating
our feelings like what I try to teach people is to check in with yourself
because we get so offended when other people try to call us out on it but we
really need to be checking in with ourselves and say ok is my emotional
reaction to this situation proportional to what just actually happened and
actually the last thing I want to talk about is listen one of the things that
I’ve seen for years now and I truly believe it’s why the 2016 elections
happened the way they did and why I’m worried going into 2020 it’s because we
tear ourselves apart from the inside all right like we’re all fighting for
something but we just whip each other to shreds and that’s what you see what
contre points like she is trying to make strides forward with the LGBTQ community
right and people within her own community are trying to cancel her and
deep platform her even though they should be a lying with her and maybe
just have conversations rather than losing their mind and I say this as
somebody who is a mental health advocate and addiction recovery advocate and all
these things I see it happen all the time people within the mental health
community like why do you guys think I rebranded like mental health has become
such a touchy subject you can’t even disagree a prime example
is a few months ago I made a couple of videos with my opinions about suboxone
and oh my god people actually made videos saying that
my opinions are going to get people killed
like I look at that and it’s just like are you serious right now are we really
being serious like listen just because we have different opinions doesn’t mean
we take it to extremes this is a cognitive distortion called
catastrophizing all right when we blow things way out of proportion
and our mind goes to crazy places anybody who struggles with anxiety you
know how our brain likes to do that and it’s completely the opposite of
cognitive behavioral therapy to play in to those crazy thoughts so calm down
have disagreements and debates with people without freaking out all right
like I saw this happen today and I’m just like this stuff needs to end and
I’m going to cover it more and more and more this is a mental health topic
because we’re never going to solve anything
we’re going to live these miserable lives if we keep becoming outraged over
the slightest things like difference of opinion alright anyways like I said my
brand-new book cancelled inside YouTube cancel culture
is out now if you want to check that out down in the description down to the pink
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the channel in other ways buy my books by immerged all that kind of good stuff
I love you all alright thanks again for watching I’ll see you next time


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  • Razonism

    Oh hey early didnt notice. Liked contrapoints' latest vid. Though well I guess her community has a pretty big overlap with the cancel culture people

  • Not Your Daughter

    I really dislike cancel culture but I do have to say I disagree with the way she worded those tweets. She’s got a point and I get what she’s trying to say, but honestly it comes off as a very transphobic and transmet argument. I’m probably one of the people she’s talking about not being, although I definitely do not like just raging for the fun of it. I always have civil debates and I won’t outrage just to outrage. It’s dumb. Essentially people are mad because it doesn’t feel like trans people should have to want to just blend in. People want it to be so that trans people can be openly trans and not have to pass as cis. It’s something I personally agree with, i think that it should be okay for trans people to BE trans and be proud of that identity without having to transition under the radar and then one day, when they’re able to pass, just blend in and “be” cis. It’s cisnormative and tends to erase people with non binary identities, because everyone who is non-binary can’t just blend in with the cis crowd, because there’s no cis people who are non-binary. Non-binary people are transGENDER, not usually transSEXUAL. Some are as well, but others aren’t. THATS why people are so upset and I get it to an extent. It’s still ridiculous to outrage though. If these people where actually watching Contra’s videos and seeing how she talks and debates, then they’d understand that in order to talk to someone about their differing opinions, you HAVE TO BE NICE AND CIVIL AND JUST
    T A L K.
    Seriously! I’m a gen z myself and it’s ridiculous how these other people act! They’re out of their damn minds and they need to not become what they chose to destroy. It’s the dumbest thing ever and I can’t even begin to describe it.
    While yes you can be transphobic and be trans (internalized transphobia, which is much like internalized racism), screaming it after not even getting to hear more of her statement is ridiculous. I feel like if she had been given a chance to actually EXPLAIN what she meant and meant to say “Hey, I don’t hate non-binary people. I just wonder how trans acceptance is gonna progress with this new, more radical generation of trans people coming out.” Like seriously. If one gen z queer person can realize that, everyone else can take that upon themselves too. Be that understanding person that you so desperately wish everyone else was. Don’t say “RESPECT MY OPINION!!!” And then SCREAM at her for a different opinion that even seems like it’s not worded perfectly imo.
    All I’m saying is, keep your radicalization. Keep being leftists, I’m a leftist. But STOP being so crazy. Don’t refuse to argue and jump to conclusions. You have to WORK towards making people take you seriously. I mean you see boomers and right wingers refusing arguments because they have no basis. WE HAVE A BASIS, SO FUCKEN USE IT INSTEAD OF FORMING A MOB


    Ok. So I understand and respect your perspective of using this as a teachable moment for people participating in or being effected by cancel culture. But this video is very poorly reasearched the tweet you showed isnt what made people angry. The tweet you showed is actually in response to the reaction people had to a previous contrapoints tweet where she expresses being fed up with having to explain her pronouns instead of people assuming shes a woman. which wouldve been fine if she didnt also blame nonbinary individuals in the process which is completly unwarrented. As a consistent contrapoints fan and a Nonbinary person myself this was very much in line with Natalie's past comments regarding Nonbinary people. Usually when she alienates her non binary audience she apologizes or atleast addresses it. But this time instead of expressing her feelings of being othered as a binary trans woman and also apologizing to the nonbinary community she doubled doubled down. This isnt just a random persons opinion, Natalie Wynn is one of the largest trans voices on youtube and when she expresses opinions that are hateful and toxic it gives those opinions legitimacy. Do your research.

  • Leslie Tincher

    HIM. THATS A MAN WITH LIPSTICK AND MAKEUP. Its not sane or trendy or hip. Its fucking riduculous. Men are men. Women are women. Always will be.

  • Charles Smith

    I watch Natalie's videos & she's an important contributor to the discourse. She deserves better. I fear we are missing needed perspectives at the expense of protecting entrenched tribalism. Her incel video is probably the best jumping off point for the progress that can be made. In theory we should hope the thoughts incited there could light a fire under other conflicts.

  • Rain they-them

    You are a great service to the internet. I wish more people watched you! They would learn so much. I think about things a lot like you, but sometimes you make points I've never come to realize. Thank you!

  • Kaleb Dewitt

    I have a bit of a question about the topic with the therapist either having the person reevaluate the situation or agree with the person. Can that situation be applied to relationship because I always get bombarded by comment that the person I'm with constantly stating with what people say including the therapist. Example would be "you know my therapist told me what you are doing is really shitty".

  • Milk Rebelle

    You have to keep in mind though that non-binary people aren’t often accepted by cishet people, so when a trans person turns against us it really hurts. I’m not cancelling her because it just shows her own internalized fear but it wasn’t right. It’s not just about “an opinion”, it’s about a trans woman turning against other trans people

  • Hanniffy Dinn

    There are only two genders. Deal with it. You either look and act like a man or woman! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

  • FreakyPuff

    I've had a similar situation currently in my country. There has been massive fights over crime in South Africa and all over social media people are outraged, justly so. However they take to calling men trash and then when men get upset over this they block them because they arent understanding how scared we (women) are to even leave the house. We know the generalised statement isnt meaning all men and they are telling men not to be offended. But if a guy says women are emotional, thats not ok, even though statistically women are and are more likely to be neurotic, but also in the same breath have a lot of empathy. These guys are reacting as a women would to being called emotional, just as the guys are reacting to being called trash. it's fostering this hate and black and white thinking. When yes, all women want is to be heard and recognised for their fear and anger and men want to not be mocked. Not saying I agree with eithers reaction tho. But yea they arent being mindful.

    Apologies for the mild rant ^^,

    I know to get people on your side you need to show them they are understood in their perspective (as a means for them to not react defensively) and then you need to try and offer them more information that perhaps they hadnt considered. Usually then they listen. It's hard for most people to foster understanding rather than reacting emotionally to a situation etc. But yes I love your video. It's going in my pile of references to help me explain these kinds of things to others. So thank you ^^

  • corrie feltmen

    They’re actually individual communities.
    None of them even like each other.
    N’ straights will never gaf ‘cause we ain’t a part of it.
    The rainbow needs to get real …
    Primary n’ secondary colours are for CHILDREN!!

  • Ben’s Recovery Journey

    As a gay man I CANNOT with this new hyper woke transtrender non binary fad. I’m not saying all nonbinaries are illegitimate but they have TAKEN over the LGBT community with many of them being straight privileged white women or men who are starving for oppression points. They are so militant with this pronoun bullshit, guess what.. as a gay man i call my friends SHE , why? Cause it’s fucking funny to me.

    I’m not going to let these people police my community and language. I’m left wing and believe in democratic socialism.. we will never ever achieve that with these idiots, they tear down other leftists whilst making people like Bernie sanders unelectable.

  • Francita007 K

    Dave Chapelle called out the LFBTQIAP+ community and how divided they are. It’s ridiculous!! They are more confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ than they think and know. I’m sure I will be cancelled too!!

  • Brandi Carlson

    Sometimes I can appreciate my anxiety, after being medicated, because it forces me to actually think thru shit. Maybe it's because I seriously thougt my family and I were dying 24/7 or whatever other dramatic ass event I swore was going to happen and never did but caused me to actually stop and THINK. Now I have the ability to actually check in with myself and see where my priorities are and what really matters.

    I always believed that SO should (for the most part) stand together in public even if they disagree, obviously if it's something blatantly horrible that's different but little shit they put up a united front. Same with parenting, that's how I feel about these different social groups. I for the most part don't really care what others do but if you guys are literally tearing eachother apart from the inside why would I respect that? It doesn't help me understand anything, absolutely everything tbey are fighting for is thrown to the side because they are fighting eachother

    I love that you are doing this little series about cancel culture. It's so fucking crazy to me. I don't understand how the same people who cheer u on the most can also try and ruin your life.. Not the kind of people I want to be around that's for sure

  • Elle B

    I fear that this tendency the Left has to police every word and not look at people's intent is going to set us back so very far in our discourse/ fights with the Right. It's time we really don't fucking have.
    Natalie began as a alternate voice in the right dominated YT and has earned a lot of people's respect with her methods; hell, she's been dubbed the Alt-Right whisperer because of how many people have rethought their views after engaging with her. This cancellation of her is going to give the Right lots of fodder for their "ToLeRaNT LeFt" arguments. I can't imagine the betrayal she's feeling right now after she's given so much to all of us. She's an imperfect human with an open heart and inquisitive mind and I do hope she's got some good friends with her and checking on her.

  • tafoyaerik

    This is leftist youtube's elevatorgate/gamergate. This is straight out of anti-sjw playbook, using is the same tactics as the people that went after Rebecca Watson and Anita Sarkeesian. This is disgusting and needs to stop.

  • Daves World

    Good points made in this video
    It’s sad to see Contrapoints get blasted by her own community over something that seems so minor.

  • Tim Frick

    As a gay man I can tell you that the LGBTQ community is horribly splintered. There are still people that say bisexuals should make up their mind. Gays that hate lesbians and lesbians that hate gays. I am white and my husband is black, and the abuse that we suffer at the hands of a community that is supposed to be supportive is mind boggling! We know of couples that have broken up because of it. But we will never give anyone that much power over us! We simply laugh at them. We are in love and you will never steal out joy!

  • Arch Girl

    I just want to say – CBT doesn't work for everyone and I don't want people to watch this and think that CBT is a cure-all. CBT works off the premise that your thoughts are wrong and need to be altered. It may be a great form of therapy if you discover that that really is your core problem but if it's not then CBT can be a very damaging and distressing process. If you're going to try it then please do some research and mental prep beforehand to ensure you're in a strong enough mental place to deal with it

  • Clear mooN

    I remember when Contra did a video about Gender Critical. Natalie said TERF is not a slur, but when this twitter drama happened, I found on Tumblr that some people already hated Contra because of repeating "TERF" and "truscum" rhetoric.

    I mean… Maybe this should realize not only that the Left is eating itself but that ANYTHING can be transphobic and the word TERF is a slur because even if you're a famous trans woman, that doesn't save you from being called that word.

  • Muddy Witch

    Criticising Contrapoints for having a healthy Pateron account is not helpful. Just the same as when Contrapoints and Micheal Brooks (the Majority Report) criticising Jordan Peterson for also having a healthy Pateron account, that was not helpful. In fact, in that particular interview (with Brooks) it was the very first thing Contrapoints and Brooks discusses. Even though I disagree with Contrapoints being booted off Twitter I can’t help feeling that Contra’s chickens are now coming home to roost. Contrapoints indulged in the very same tactics now being used against her. You reap what you sew.

  • GW Epyon

    Yo man, dont hide the likes/dislikes.

    This was a great video is great. When people see hidden likes/dislikes they just immediately dislike the video.

  • Shawn Wales

    Of course some of the money she receives goes to production costs. Do you think a studio, equipment, costume and makeup, camera operator etc., are free? They aren't. This is her job. Also, her medical expenses are of a type typically not covered by insurance, how do people expect her to pay for that? $280K may seem like a lot of money but she has to pay taxes like anyone else. She's self employed so she has to pay even more in taxes in the form of workmans compensation.

    Frankly I think its self destructive for people within a movement to rip others to shreds just for expressing their opinion. Twitter is a cess pit at times. People need to stop acting like savages online and chill out. Other peoples opinions aren't always going to agree. Folks need to stop venting venom and start acting more like adults instead of 3 year olds having temper tantrums.

  • Drawalot

    I'm confused. Opinions can cause a lot of damage. For example, someone might hold the opinion that women are inferior. As a result, they are biased towards treating women as inferior.

  • à-bas-le-ciel

    I've been "canceled by my own community" several times, but I think it leads to a reconsideration of the meaning of the word community in this context. Twitter is an advertising platform, not a community; that's why nobody has ever been canceled by an email community.

  • Simone

    The fucking amazon is burning down and people are fucking losing their shit because their gender identities are spoken about by some person on twitter… what kind of brain cancer is this??

  • Diego Pirx

    This is something that has historically happened in the left. As an example that hits close to my home, in the Spanish civil war, while the fascist side was united, the republicans (the legitimate government) was divided into many factions, some of which were just different flavors of communism or of anarchism, and this factions were continuously at each other's throats. Disagreement is healthy, but we need to unite in the things we agree on, not let ourselves be caught off guard while we slaughter each other

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