Creative Outlier Air Review: True Wireless Earbuds - MEGA battery life for cheap!

Creative Outlier Air Review: True Wireless Earbuds – MEGA battery life for cheap!

true Wireless just keeps getting better the audio market is getting flooded with new Bluetooth earbuds hitting a variety of price points but in the past I've had really poor experiences with anything under $100 but when creative gets into the game we got to give them a shot the creative outlier err retail for 80 bucks with a sporty focus sweat resistant design and huge battery life so starting off with that design we immediately jump into a minor controversy these are inner aural earbuds but what creative has done is kinda like the air pod one-size-fits-all version of an ear tip that goes inside the ear canal the arm of the bud funnels to go inside but instead of a larger foam or silicone ear tip there's just a smaller gasket to help with noise isolation the casing flares well to hold a larger battery and rest against the side sidewall of your ear but the first fit with the outlier will probably be disappointing it took me a little twisting and some rotating and then pressing in to angle the ear buds down before I got a good fit blocking outside noise this design is super practical it's a cost-effective way to cover the greatest number of consumers with a minimum of engineering costs and accessories to include but I do believe a small minority of people might not find a good fit here I managed a solid fit they don't pop out on me and the isolation is reasonable certainly not the kind of world rejection you'd get from nicer IEMs but you can reduce enough noise to listen at a healthy volume from there we've got a normal master slave setup you pair one earbud the other tags along big single button controls on each year now those buttons are a common criticism they're really stiff so folks complain that they're uncomfortable because you have to push your finger hard into the earbud which then pushes that your butt hard into your ear you shouldn't do that there is a solution if you use your thumb with a pinch instead of your finger with a poke pinch don't poke those controls matter to because we've got everything we need on the buds play pause skip tracks answer calls launch a voice assistant and you can control the volume you can do a lot with you phone from these earbuds without ever having to pick your phone up and it's great the phone call quality is maybe average a handful of complaints from folks that they could hear the noise around me when I was in a busy coffee shop they did better with traffic sounds while I was on a walk around the block and for storage we get a larger case to charge the buds over USB C with a satisfying magnetic snap to keep the buds in place this case is my other gripe with the outliers neck band ear buds are more lifestyle practical when you're not using them you just drape them around your neck but true Wireless is a bit trickier because you kinda need to keep a case on you I don't like putting them in a pocket on their own for long they're easy to lose if they don't have a home so when that case is larger it's another something taking up space in a pocket or purse but you might not need to turn to the case very often because the battery life estimates hold up really well creative claims up to 10 hours per charge with two additional charges in the case I didn't quite get that runtime somewhere near 9 hours in my testing but these are the longest running earbuds I've yet reviewed that's a huge perk considering they're also closer to a mid-priced ear so that's all the techie stuff out of the way we're talking about headphones of course how do they sound a little bass heavy but not bad I was surprised by the low-end punch on these smaller graphene drivers it's a quick tight response really good decay without getting too floppy or muddy the compromise here I could do with a bit more mids where I can't quite get the guitar snarl I like for rock if you like a lot of sparkle these will probably let you down in the highs but I liked the balance where even aggressive tracks were pleasant and not shrill I generally like it when the highs are more of a compliment in the mids then something that's way up in your face front and center what's really impressive at this price is the stereo separation I don't believe creative is employing any fancy software spatial adjusting like on their sexify headsets but they built a reputation for tuning headphones to sound a bit more like speakers out in space around you the outliers have very good stereo separation and instrument placement for a pair of sport buds that's what's critical about these ear buds creative is targeting a specific lifestyle long battery life rated sweat resistance these are active lifestyle solutions not bad if you want decent fidelity to sit and listen to some audio but fill more for people on the go these are a top-tier solution for sound tracking other activities that's the claim creative is making and judged against that claim the outlier error absolutely crush and the price just makes them even sweeter I'll have a link below where you can find more info on these ear buds maybe shop them online as always thank you so much for watching for sharing these videos and subscribing to this channel more than just picking up good ear buds we want to try and make sure you're getting the right fit audio kit for you if you'd like to help support the production of those conversations there are links below or you could consider joining the list of names scrolling by on your screen a growing community of fun like-minded Tech pals and an incredible resource for me for future videos and reviews there folks I'm leaning on more as we plan out our future strategies so I hope you'll check it out now you know where you can find me around the rest of the internet at some gadget guy on the Twitter's and the twitch in the Instagram and kind of on the Facebook and I will catch you all on the next review you

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