good morning everyone Lisa here with hot Southern Miss and welcome back to my channel if you are new to my videos thank you so much for stopping by I appreciate you coming and spending the day with me today as you can see the puppies have decided to make sure that I get up and get going and it's a good thing too because I have a huge to-do list to tackle on this particular day so they are helping to make sure that I get motivated to get up out of bed and get going all right guys that's enough of that I will spare you any further singing cuz my singing is horrible but I do like to sing in the shower so I thought I would share a couple of seconds of that with you sorry for the torture but let's get on with it yeah I gotta finish getting ready so I can get out the door today I have to put some maintenance requests in for the maintenance crew here at the apartment I have a few little things that need to be taken care of so I'll be doing that this morning I need to take the puppies to the groomers and drop them off while they're at the groomers I'm going to head over to the courthouse I need to get our survey map registered with the county I need to put in for a septic application so we can get our septic together and going for our property hopefully hopefully that works out for me and there are lots of other things I need to take care of today so let's go ahead and get this day going alright guys so I have finished getting ready for the day and now I'm going to put in my maintenance work orders that's something I can do through an app or the properties website and now that I know that the guys will be coming in to take care of those maintenance work orders I feel like I need to pick up and tidy up the apartment is this something you would do I just feel like I need to do that so they don't feel like I live like a slob let me know if it's something you would do or if that's something you do do if you live in a rental these guys are incredible I'm going to try to grab the leash and I try to film this too not going to be easy they are super rude so let's go for a walk I love to bring them back here this is like the very back part of our home and it smells good and you may be hearing some geese in the background there brush that I used to pick it as a kid and out of it I know crazy right so guys tell me are you breakfast people or no like I've been up for a couple hours now and I'm just now having my breakfast I cannot do breakfast even as a kid I could not do breakfast before going to school I just couldn't it's just a stomach thing for me I have to be up and going in about a little bit before I can put anything on my stomach let me know how you guys are are you breakfast people like my husband for example as soon as his feet hit the floor he is ready for breakfast he wakes up starving and has to eat as soon as he gets up me I have to be up and going for a couple of hours usually I can do a heavy breakfast like when I'm traveling for some reason like on vacation I can really put down some I don't know what the deal is it's just different but on a normal day to day day and the hive this is my breakfast I have about 45 minutes before I have to leave so I think I'm just gonna sit down and relax and cuddle with the puppies although they are wet from their walk dog mom life right and just watch a few YouTube videos and relax a few minutes before I have to leave [Applause] the puppies do not like to ride they will whine and whimper embark because they want to be up here with me because they're both very nervous writers we're going to head over to the groomers I'm actually taking them to a groomer that's close to where our property is and that way they're kind of getting used to it because when we go on vacation in July we are going to board them there I'm really really freaked out about that too but yeah this is my first time taking them by myself we've only been there one time in my husband row so just drop the puppies off in the end oh yeah boobs off at the same time that was a handful I'm headed over to the courthouse because I need to get our survey or property survey registered and try to figure out this whole septic permit thing so I'm headed over to the courthouse and you know be back everything's would have worked out I'll explain later this is such a cute little town oh my gosh this is so cute it's just like stepping back in time there's like little antique shops everywhere but everybody was so friendly I can't wait till we get out here okay sorry about that I've got some time to kill so I may go into severe boil and just look around some shops guys I had to show you some of the footage of me driving from the courthouse out to Sevierville the road I took the scenery was just amazing I don't know if you'd be able to see any of it actually in the video at least what I was seeing but on the left side was the lake so pretty on the right side was just all these beautiful farms just this amazing beautiful countryside I just had to share it with you but now I'm back into sort of some civilization and headed into Sevierville to do some shopping at Tanger Outlet this place is awesome it has all kinds of shops I'm gonna go into Starbucks grab something to drink cuz I'm dying of thirst and I'm just gonna walk around until the groomer calls me maybe pick up a couple things we were young here we were free and running never bothered about what could be coming every day we dance the life was smiling we were young few years later I started if it ever got you there's no reason to Jason payment on cuz your ears say every night I got you I have always been afraid of change but show me like this full of faces sometimes clouds scudding our favorite we were young oh I got you there's no Shay cuz you're here every night I'm just fine I got you before more to find out we're not young but we're so free and running and this day has never kept us bothering every day we dance a lots been smiling we're not young still drunk in love JZ babe and cuz you are here to stay every night nothing to do makes me move but here it comes me just left of Disney's to lose I had $20 and did you give cards that I've had forever and a day and I saw the Disney shorts was like perfect timing so I picked up a couple things at now share that with you prolong their hunt for cook place simply can't find it very good so let's go do some damage and Kirkland's I'll let you know tonight a breath so I parked at the very entrance of the outlet and I walked all the way through the whole thing so I got to burn off a lot of those carbs that I had we have my little Starbucks trip I did pick up a few things from the Disney Store and one thing from car cleanse and I'll share that with you once I get home but I have to go pick the puppies up the groomer called me while I was in Kirkland and I'll be headed home and we'll see how they look I'm excited I am finally back home it's about a quarter after three so I have been gone for about five hours the maintenance Kirti come in and work while I was gone and I've taken the puppies for a walk and so now I have to go pick up my son so we can go pick up his car from the mechanics I don't know if I mentioned that earlier but he called me last night and asked me if I would take him to go gonna pick his car up from the mechanic so I'm getting ready to leave to do that I wanted to come in and get the house ready for the puppies huh while I'm going and they like so good especially Jasper he's just he grooms so well because of his coat and his little mustache and his eyebrows he just looks so cute when he's first cream so I'll give you a quick look at the puppies and then I'm headed back out the door pick up Travis hey Backstrom is my youngest son he hasn't been in one of my videos for probably like a year and a half right since we did that gravy they suggest I guess was the last time as I mentioned a little earlier he didn't go pick a car up from the pear shop and asked me if I'd come and pick him up at home and so he just left his house we have a ways to go but I told him I was blogging today and asked him if he hit my man on camera so there he is Savas whiskers that I really wish he would shade and show his beautiful face if I say that was look like a ten year old what's wrong with that cap tucked in he is 26 by the way he just turned 26 a couple of weeks ago I thought I would just come on here I made it and let him plug his hip channel said call the channels yeah but I'm not doing anything on it until I get my computer well haven't been streaming the time selling getting my car back to sell it and get my computer so how long has it been since you streamed for like three months oh wow he's a gamer by the way will it be soon I don't Philippe I can put a lake in the my description box he's gonna send me a link tell them what your is it 800 Jim what it is twitch TV forward slash munchies mu in underscore CH e easy yeah I'll put it in description box because that's gonna be hard to remember that it's a gaming is it a channel but is it yeah it's twitch in twitch channel so how much streaming every day until my my laptop crapped out and sorry about that but if any of you are gamers and are interested I'll have his channel linked below or you can share my video to your guys's kids if they are sorry I'm trying to get us both in the front if they are interested in those types of things I don't know hey it'll be down there play a lot of different games so there's something for everybody I think you wanna tell them like what kind of games like a few of them maybe your most popular well I mean a mainly stream cop duty but when I get my computer I'll be playing more PC games I really want to play Grand Theft Auto RP I've been watching a lot of that lately enough it looks like a lot of fun so but I have to have a computer for that County I'll have that information below if you guys want to check it out or share it somebody you think might be interested routing the pick up his car finally yeah finally how long has it been since you dropped it off since I dropped it off it's been three weeks but I've driven it it's been over a year yeah I always finally finally get his car fixed not that he didn't have transportation it's just you know he's wanted to sell this one person doh finally alright guys be back should be I take Travis and drop him off and I've stopped here to pick up some dinner and there is a traffic jam and a parking lot trying to get out I think this guy's just waiting on a parking place and he's blocking the whole drive-through I think I got the same thing last time I did a day-in-the-life the buddies BBQ but it's like way after 5:00 and my plan was to do sous vide chicken tonight and it's just too late now and I'm starving all I've had today is that protein shake in that coffee cake from Starbucks sorry I've irritated because this guy is waiting on a parking place and he's blocking the entire drive-through when he could just go around to another parking place sorry road rage if I ever get home I will show you guys what I bought it take her outfit today – all right guys let's get home I'm ready I've been gone all day okay guys I am finally back oh thank goodness I was ready to be back I just wanted to show you really quickly when I picked up at Tanger Outlet I loved it at that place it's one of my favorite places to shop but it's so far away from us now that we land go out there a couple times here but now I would be much closer I'm so happy and excited about that wait – Kirkland and you know I think that's one thing and I use my spin and win app and got 10% off it's a farmhouse style tray it has our initial here on the center has this pretty white oak finish on it and then the metal handles here on the ends I thought that was super cute I had been thinking about getting one for our guest bedroom for our new house whenever we get there oh it was $24.99 by the way yes I was thinking about getting one before a guest bedroom to put on the bed to style it in from the Disney Store I may have already mentioned that I had $20 and gift cards that I had for a really long time I used to be a member of the Disney Movie Club and you gain points for buying movies I'm not a member anymore but when I entered my membership I cashed out my points and I got those gift cards I probably had those in my purse for at least a year if not longer so I decided to go ahead and use them while I was out there I'm not very often in the air of a Disney Store but this tote was only $0.99 and I thought it was well worth ninety nine cents as Disney Store here on the front of course and then a Mickey on the back I love that I got a couple of t-shirts and I was looking at the adult stuff not the kiddie stuff when Lila gets here I may take her in there let her pick something out picked up a couple of t-shirts for myself I got the medium I typically wear her small but I was a little bit of afraid of the smalls I put it up to me and you know held it to my size I don't know I just felt like I didn't decide that so I did and these were twelve dollars each which is an amazing price I think for the Disney Store if you bought tip I don't know what the original price is let's see the original price on the t-shirt is I don't know if it focused or not is 1695 and I even tell you what that one's at I don't think I did anyway just kind of a typical original Mickey Mouse t-shirt and I liked all the bright colors on the gray but that was really cute I like the sort of ringer t-shirt design with the trim around the collar and the sleeve again this blue one with Mickey and Minnie and it says it shipped him which i think is love enrichment and then of course Mickey at the bottom and I really love blue so I had to grab a blue into a qualified for a discount beach towel it's a adult beach towel so it should be the right size for me yay and it's originally 1995 and I got it for $12 for buying the t-shirts I haven't even seen it they had him at the register and yeah I didn't even look at it I was just like she said beach town I was like yes please cuz I love to collect these tiles in anything Mickey I'm gonna love it anyway so I didn't have to worry about whether I was gonna like it or not but this thing is huge it is taller than me I'm 5'4 and it's probably I'm gonna guess it's six feet yeah so pretty cool let me show you a little bit more we get Mickey lay in the air we've got some beautiful bright colors it is one side it is not double-sided what is this pink part right here oh it's a flamingo right okay and here we have Minnie oh yeah yeah I like that this is the first time seeing it guy I think $12 for a Disney beach towel is a really good price sourcing I've been looking for a little trinket tray to put my jewelry on like in the bathroom or next not bad sure where I'll use it but it's a Mickey shake little trinket tray and it's just white with some gold trim around the edges and it was 1295 that is everything I picked up at tinker today I really held back the reins yay me I'm going to feed the puppies and I'm gonna have a dinner and then I'm gonna call it a day I am send you guys out with a little bit of some puppy clips if you like to see the puppies I don't a lot of you say you do so I will do that and that's gonna do it thank you guys so much for joining me today for my day in the life video I have been all over God's creation today and yeah so I hope you enjoyed it if you have not already subscribed to my channel please be sure to do so before you exit out it's absolutely free I would appreciate it help support my channel don't forget to hit that like button if you like my video that also helps to support my channel and gets it out there to more folks to what thank you again so much for joining me today and spending the day with me and I will see you guys in the next one


  • gina c

    yes, we always tidy up if we have someone coming in our place too. My hubby will usually have a little something or at least coffee or tea. But generally we dont eat anything until after being up for a little. As a kid mom had us eat before school but as an adult i dont usually have breakfast any more.

  • Donna Sadawski

    My husband could eat an entire huge breakfast before he even gets out of bed. Just the thought makes me nauseous. I like breakfast for lunch.

  • Deborah Swogger

    Hi Lisa. Your puppies are so cute! I commented on one of your videos a few weeks ago that I also live in Sevierville. It's a small world. lol I also have a 26 year old son named Travis. Maybe I will see you around town sometime. <3

  • Esther Powell

    I want to work for a couple of hours before I am ready for breakfast ! And yes, if I had a housekeeper or maintenance men, I would pick up before she came….so why waste the money 😊

  • Cynthia

    Yes- I would tidy up before workers came, no to breakfast, I used to eat the nectar out of honeysuckle too when I was a little girl.

  • Ashley Holm

    My family and I went on vacation in April to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. The cabin we stayed in was in Sevierville. Such a beautiful place!

  • whitney holcomb

    I don’t live in a rental. But I always pick up before anyone comes over!!! If we ever had a surprise visitor, I am always throwing stuff in our laundry room!!!

  • Leann Brooks

    I am a breakfast person but it has to be light. Cereal, oatmeal, just not heavy or too sweet. Also, I crave milk in the morning. I have to have milk! Lol. I live in east TN and it’s so neat to hear you talk about my home. I was just in Tanger Outlet 2 weeks ago!! I hope I run into you some day. Can I say hi if I see you?

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