Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Depressed About Social Media?
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Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Depressed About Social Media?

This is the new drug. We should keep this away from
our kids because social media results in more
insecurity and depression. Nah, that’s Dead Wrong. Only now we’re getting the
first studies that follow individuals over time, which
is the only way to see how a change in use
affects the mood. And what we’re seeing is
that social media use does not predict more depressive
symptoms, but interestingly, more depressive symptoms
predict more social media use. So there is a correlation
between social media and negative emotions, but it’s
not that it makes you feel bad, it’s that you turn
to it when you feel bad. It’s like the correlation
between being in a hospital and being ill – it’s not the
hospital that made you ill. And supposedly, you went there
because you thought it would make you feel better. In a recent Pew poll, 81% of
teens said that social media made them feel more connected
with friends, and more than two-thirds said that it gave
them the feeling like they have people who will help
them through tough times. Large majorities said that it
helped making them feel more included and more secure,
rather than excluded and insecure. There’s a new
insight for you, now go and share this
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  • Culture War Chronicle

    Respectfully disagree. While it may be true that being depressed causes more social media use, that doesn't mean that more social media use will result in less depression. In fact it could and often does result in more depression. People don't communicate the same way on social media and irl, so I'm not sure what "more connected" means. If a depressed teen goes online and gets even more negativity on social media (especially from people they don't know) I'm not sure letting them use more of it is a good idea.

  • peter quenter

    Hmmm… one could make the argument that 'kids saying social media makes them feel better and more connected' is an indication that the desired effect of social media is working, but that does not necessarily and automatically also mean that it is good, or even actually true in a clinical-psychological sense – kids, and adults for that matter, may not always judge well the difference between what feels good and what actually is good – in this case, between what feels like being connected and having friends and what is being connected and having real friends –
    Am not so sure …

  • ET

    Thanks for sharing the Pew poll. However you provided no evidence for your assertion that depression causes more social media use and not vice versa. Can you share your sources, please?

  • maninthewilderness4

    Apparently, YouTube is considered a social media platform. I wonder if I am watching Johan Norberg because I was feeling depressed. But I guess he'll tell me that if I think that is the case, I'm dead wrong.

  • Joseph Matthew Clift

    Professor Norberg – very interesting video! It would be a treat for you and Glenn Harlan Reynolds to debate this topic. Professor Reynolds just recently published a book where he states Social Media is the disease.

    Looking forward to your next video, Sir!

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