Deck Improvement Flip on a Budget Day 7 Completion with Wagner Paint Sprayers
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Deck Improvement Flip on a Budget Day 7 Completion with Wagner Paint Sprayers

hi everyone and welcome to Hedgehog
Hollow and welcome back to our last day behind the scenes and what I get up to
when I’m not in the crass studio so we have shown you all week what I have been
doing to create this gorgeous deck and today I get to reveal it to you so on
day one I showed you my prep and how I really opened up the space by painting
our siding white whereas before it was beige and then on day 2 I showed you
that thrifted furniture and how it went from kind of really blah that really
kind of old-fashioned wicker into this really cool black and then on day three
I showed you how I up cycled loads of good will and thrifted items and I think
it was a really kind of don’t judge a book by its cover then we went on and I
showed you the upholestry side of things and how I fixed some boo-boos and also
how my in-laws managed to show up a day early and throw things all out of whack
then we showed you those really quick and easy pillows no buttons no zips none
of those kinds of things but how cool were they then we went on and we did
some awesome paint paws and then today we get to put everything together plus
some extra items so when I was at the thrift store I found some really cool
colored glass vases and in Joanne’s clearance I found a really gorgeous
succulent holder and then I added this awesome
pink succulent that I found at Home Depot into it we’ve also got some really
cool other things so before I go into all of those things let’s show you the
finished deck so here it is isn’t this awesome now look at it I mean that’s
just amazing think of that deck before that little space that we had it was
pretty dark and dingy now look at it I mean I think it’s awesome what do you
think I mean do drop us a comment and let us know as I say every day we’ve had
blog post too so you can go and check all of those out as well
so I bought this discount plant Stan holder home decor store that was closing
down and it came with a couple of the gold plant pots and this is where those
gold plant pots I showed you in the upcycle video a few days ago came in and
so I couldn’t find any others a good price and that’s when I bought those
terracotta ones that I spray-painted and I created of my own and you can see here
today and I had so much fun planting the plants I bought tons of plants at Home
Depot and we planted them all ourselves it was really great fun we had so much
fun since watering them every day and tending to them looking after them she’s
learned lots about you know looking after plants how they grow how they
flower going from Birds all of those kinds of things we also found some other
fun things that I’ve managed to stage out there look at this really fun pink
table that I’ve staged up and I put this really fun pineapple drinks holder up to
and some more little projects that I did so I spray-painted the door handle I
couldn’t find one that fitted it seems to be a really an unusual size so we
just did quick coat of gold spray paint works fine still functions perfectly and
but yet absolutely works really well and you can see it just looks like in you
and those paint paws above the couch don’t they look awesome really works
great as well


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