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Destiny 2 Cayde-6’s Story gets worse! | Myelin Games

Welcome back guardians to a continuation of
the Cayde-6 story. If you are not aware, each week you can purchase
treasure maps from Cayde-6 for the featured Destiny 2 location and when collecting loot
from Cayde’s treasure stashes you will discover torn pages from his journal, which reveals
the lore of Cayde-6 The first journal entry revealed Cayde had
a family, a child named or nicknamed Ace and partner. In that video I spoke about Cayde being converted
to Exo and the difficulties with Exo’s and Guardians recovering their memory. The second journal entry revealed that Cayde
was still writing to Ace, his child, post collapse. The timeframe was confirmed because Cayde
referenced the Awoken and the Awoken were not created until after the Collapse. During that video I explained the Awoken and
I questioned why Cayde would have been still writing to Ace in his journal, because if
it was after the Collapse he should not have any memory of his previous life and Ace likely
would have died during the collapse. This is exactly what I said,
So, here are the three possibilities at the moment:
1. Ace survived the Collapse but would surely
be dead by now as there has been centuries since the collapse
2. Ace died in the Collapse however also became
a Guardian like Cayde, hence Cayde is still writing journal entries about him. 3. Ace died in the Collapse and Cayde is still
writing entries about his child as a way of coping with the loss. Turns out that the new Cayde-6 Journal entry
confirms that one of this options was correct, stick around to hear more. I am live over on Twitch once this video is
released, we are helping more people to get through the raid. The artwork in this video is by Brandon McCamey,
link to his channel is below. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy
this latest Destiny 2 Lore episode. [INTRO]
Here is what the next journal entry says, – Here’s the truth, Ace. I don’t remember you. Found your name in a journal I had on me when
my Ghost rezzed me. I guess I used to write to you? And I kept doing it. Even though you’re long dead, if you ever
really existed. Just like having someone to write to, I guess. So there you have it. Now, you’ll never guess what happened today,
Ace – – from the journals of Cayde-6
So it looks like my option 3 guess was correct, Cayde-6 has no recollection of his family,
however when he was first resurrected as a Guardian he had a journal on him, which I
assume was his journal, and the journal refers to Ace as his child and mentions Ace’s mother. So I assume that Cayde realises that Ace is
his child, despite not having any memory of him, regardless he continues his journal because
he likes having someone to write too. This video is going to be quite a short video
but I want to clarify my version of the chronological events according to everything we know about
Cayde. Starting off. Cayde is human, he has a family, including
a child named Ace and partner, possibly his wife, although it is never confirmed that
they are married. Cayde has a lot of debt, which is revealed
in the Taken King Collectors edition. I assume that he had this debt whilst he had
a family, because in the first Destiny 2 journal entry that we find he speaks about becoming
an Exo and that he had to do it. We know that Cayde was coerced into becoming
an Exo by Clovis Bray in order to clear his debt. We know that some of that debt came from damaging
a Clovis Bray orbital station whilst doing a job. We also assume that some of the debt comes
from betting, as many in-game dialogue pieces revolve around making bets, in addition we
have the playing card references. Cayde becomes an Exo prior to the Collapse,
during the Golden Age. Now we don’t know if Cayde was ever reunited
with his family whilst he was an Exo, because we do know that he was transferred to a moon
of Saturn to be converted to an Exo and his journal entry to Ace says,
Just know your dad did what he had to do if I ever wanted to see you and your mother again. You probably won’t recognise me, since I’ll
be, well, a robot and all, but I’ll find you, I promise
We are definitely left wondering whether Cayde as an Exo, after his procedure was ever reunited
with his family, because the Collapse may have occurred between becoming him becoming
Exo and returning to Earth. On top of that, we don’t really know how
the memory of Exo’s are affected when they are converted, but we do know that Exo’s
memories are wiped. Then I assume the Collapse occured, Cayde-6
must have been back on Earth by this time, he was then revived by his ghost becoming
a Guardian, and of course, newly resurrected Guardians do not have any memory of their
previous life. Cayde finds the journal in his pocket when
revived and continues to write journal entries directed towards his family. I
love how Cayde’s story has been slowly fleshed out over the course of Destiny, and I believe
we should have one journal entry to go so be sure to tune in next week. If you would like to support the channel leave
the phrase, “the truth”, to represent this journal entry where cayde says, here
is the truth Ace, I don’t remember you. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games. Peace.


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