Digital Minimalism: Why People are Quitting Social Media
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Digital Minimalism: Why People are Quitting Social Media

if you’re like me in tons of other
people around the world social media is taking its toll on your life and that’s
why we are constantly hearing about more and more people leaving social media and
this is part of something called digital minimalism I have personally been doing
that for this last month or so and in this video I want to discuss what my
experience has been like as well as some of the benefits to getting rid of social
media what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk
about the problem but focus on the solution and if you’re new to my channel
my channel is all about mental health and what I like to do is sometimes use
my own personal experience or things going on in culture to try to teach you
how to improve your mental and emotional well-being so if any of that stuff make
sure you subscribe and bring that notification bell so yeah this has been
going on for a while now I recently just came back to YouTube I started seeing
more and more youtubers talking about leaving social media and there’s
something that I started doing you know like a week or two before I came back to
YouTube and I want to discuss it a little bit so I took a mental health
break not too long ago and for an entire week I was completely shut off from
social media so what was my life like before that so I’m a youtuber I’m on
social media I stayed engaged with my audience and everything like that and a
lot of my day like no joke was spent just doing what a lot of us do just
refreshing refreshing and scrolling right as a youtuber I was constantly
refreshing you know my feed are there new comments are there new subscribers I
was refreshing Twitter I was refreshing Instagram I was getting DMS from
everybody some of it was business some of it was you know fans DMing me and all
that like I was constantly on social media when I would go out to dinner or
wherever was like everywhere I was social media was right there in my face
and leading up to you know me leaving social media it came to this point where
just I had this like break where I was like no I cannot
this and a lot of it came from you know negative comments and you know videos
being made about me and all sorts of stuff and I’m like I have to stop this
right so before I actually delete his social media off my phone and things
like that I picked up a book by dr. Cal Newport and it was recommended on
subscribe to a monthly reading list from an author named Ryan holiday he makes
some amazing books like ego is the enemy the obstacle is the way and other books
like that so anyways I was reading digital minimalism and Cal Newport he
was he was saying some things that really connected with me they really
fascinated me especially because part of what I do on my YouTube channel or just
in life in general I’m comfy just like looking at you know society my own
behaviors I’m just fascinated without how our minds work and you know the
behaviors that we do and everything like that and he was he was spitting some
good stuff in that book so by the way I’m gonna link his book down below it’s
called digital minimalism and like if you’re interested in this and want to
learn the benefits some studies behind this you know and some great stories in
there as well like make sure you check that book out it’s it’s phenomenal
alright so one of the things that he brought up was this thing called
solitude deprivation alright and I was like oh my god like you’re absolutely
right so they they talk about studies where even though we’re more connected
than ever before more people feel lonely than ever before before and Cal Newport
in this book he talks about like conflicting studies and he kind of
analyzes why they conflict with one another but for example I believe it was
NPR who did a study where or they made they wrote an article about a study
where they talked to people who were on social media and found that people felt
lonelier they struggle with more depression more anxiety but you know
they had all these friends and followers and everything like that so anyways one
of the things that he brings up a solitude deprivation okay so we are
deprived of solitude we are never just alone with our
thoughts and what’s even more fascinating is I
remember another study that I actually was able to find again where like check
this out okay so this university I believe it was the University of
Virginia so this experiment went in stages so it says this the researchers
then decided to take the experiment a step further for fifteen minutes the
team left participants alone in a lab room in which they could push a button
and shock themselves if they wanted to the results were startling even though
all participants had previously stated that they would pay money to avoid being
shocked with electricity sixty-seven percent of men and twenty-five percent
of women chose to inflict it on themselves rather than just sit there
quietly and think the team reports online today in science we went into
this thinking it wouldn’t be that hard for people to entertain themselves
Wilson says we have this huge brain and it’s stuffed full of pleasant memories
and we had the ability to construct fantasies and stories we really thought
this thinking time was something people would like he suggests that the results
may be mixed science of boredom and the trouble that we have controlling our
thoughts I think our mind is built to engage the
world he says so when we don’t give it anything to focus on it’s kind of hard
to know what to do like how bananas is that okay like think
about that for a second people said they would pay money to avoid being shocked
but you sit him in a room by themselves and 67% of men 25% of women hit the
button to shock themselves like think about that for a second so when I think
about this I think about you know how when wherever we are like if you if you
get stuck in line at like you know a coffee shop or the DMV or even when you
go out to dinner with you know friends or family or whatever it is like just or
a reaction to pick up our phone like we are people who just don’t like having
our own thoughts and this is one of the reasons that a lot of people don’t like
meditation right a lot of people do not want to meditate because then they are
stuck alone with their thoughts and that’s one of the reasons why I
promote meditation so so so much because I had a brain that would never stop and
meditation has taught me how to sit there and watch the movie rather than
being stuck in the movie I can watch these thoughts and just be like huh
that’s interesting like our brain is constantly going during my first week of
just completely getting rid of social media off my phone I noticed a few
things one of them was this automatic response I have to just pick up my phone
and check it right constantly checking to see if there’s notifications if
there’s not notifications then maybe I don’t know maybe is glitch or maybe I
need to go check the app and refresh that and all these other things and I
noticed I was doing that a ton that first week and then like I would be like
oh yeah I deleted all social media apps and I would just kind of stare at my
phone for a minute and be like oh I don’t really have anything to do on this
and I’ll just set it back down I would just kind of be very mindful of my
experience notice the sights the sounds what I whatever I was doing if I was
with somebody you know maybe engage the conversation more and things like that
but it’s just interesting noticing how often we just automatically pick up our
phone the other thing that I noticed was what I think a lot of us struggle with
with social media which is FOMO right fear of missing out like we we believe
that if we’re not on social media if we’re not plugged in if we’re not on
Instagram or not a face but we’re not on Twitter we’re not in these things like
some crazy news is gonna happen or something’s gonna pop off on Twitter
something’s gonna happen and we’re going to miss it all right let
me tell you about my experience you’re not gonna miss it and here’s why because
people are going to text you and let you know what’s going on and all those
things so like we need to really recognize that and also this is not as
much about quitting social media entirely it’s being more mindful of how
you’re using it when you’re using and the things like that and I might do more
videos in depth on my kind of how I’ve done that but anyways so the entire
first week I was completely on social media but the second week I came back so
I did this kind of like in stages and phase
and things you know because I’m a youtuber this is my job so I can’t just
completely get rid of social media but I can tell you this I still do not have
Twitter on my phone there’s absolutely no reason for me to have Twitter on my
phone even though I you know post new YouTube videos to Twitter I’ll post you
know updates and things like that um as far as Facebook still do not have that
on my phone alright so real quick hack fir if you’re trying to do this digital
minimalism thing one of the tips is like keep it on your computer okay any
computer not on your phone because obviously you know when we’re out and
about and doing things like we don’t need to be as plugged in and connected
in all those other things like start getting into that solitude you know what
I mean so those are two apps I still don’t have
all my phone Instagram I reinstalled on my phone just because the desktop
version isn’t that great but I don’t really check Instagram all that much and
even since coming back I think I’ve only made two posts and maybe a couple
stories and that’s just to say hey there’s new videos up or this or this or
this all right and then lastly like YouTube I actually didn’t
reinstall the YouTube app for I think two whole weeks and I’m a youtuber I’m a
youtuber and I did not have the YouTube app on my phone for two whole weeks
now it’s back on my phone I’m trying to be you know mindful of how often I check
it I’m trying not to you know do that mindless thing I do why refresh it and
say okay how many feels is this video good how many subscribers do I got I
mean I am I losing whatever it is so I try to be very mindful for those of you
who don’t know there is also a YouTube studio app so for creators you can go in
there you know check comments check your analytics you know check you know views
and you can also check or you can edit videos and things like that I still do
not have that app on my phone and that’s an app that I spent a lot of time in so
rising the actual YouTube app I was spending more time in the YouTube studio
and that is still not on my phone all right
and what’s the results it’s been about three three or I’m on week four
it’s been great I’ve had to be very mindful because I’m the type of person
where I’ll find workarounds for my own things so I have to be mindful of that
and you know I downloaded two apps this is not a sponsored video but two apps
that were mentioned in the book that I ended up downloading one of them was
called the moment app and that’s for your phone and basically that monitors
how many times you’re picking up your phone it also monitors screen time for
different apps basically for that you just like take screenshots of your
battery usage it walks you through it he’ll tell you how many how much time
they’re spending in specific apps you know each day or that week or whatever
it is but mainly I use it for like how many times I pick up my phone in a day
on average I think it says like most people pick up the phone like over a
hundred times every single day I have my limit set they’re like 40 and every 10
like 10 20 30 40 it tells me it’s like hey you’ve picked up your phone 20 times
today and it it forces me to be more mindful of how much I’m actually picking
up my phone all right and like for me it’s a little bit difficult sometimes
but it helps me be more mindful because for example I keep all my notes for
videos like kind of like a little like talking point script I also put down you
know video ideas because my mind is always going I’m like okay here write
this down so that causes me to pick up my phone even more but I’d still have
done extremely well not picking it up more than 40 times each day which is
less than half of the average then the other app that I got which you can
download on your computer and your phone that was recommended in Cal Newports
book it’s called the freedom app and that will legit block apps on your phone
or block websites on your computer okay so like that’s been very beneficial I
need to do some more research because I listen to a lot of audiobooks and I have
like right there I have the audible app on my computer and if something going on
we’re like freedom is like interfering with audible so like even though I can’t
find the setting for it so I need to research that so sometimes I just turn
it off but I will tell you this now that I’ve limited most of my social media
usage to my computer well I do my work you know I play video
games and things like that like I have noticed that I’ve been using
it a lot less I had the freedom apps set so I can only use like Twitter for
example for 15 minute increments and that’s been working wonders you know
what I mean I’ve gone into you know some you know
discussions and things like that but I limit my time the freedom app says no
poom you’re off of it and then I’m gone you know what I mean so it’s been
extremely beneficial for me if you have found that social media is taking its
toll on your mental health I highly recommend you try some of these
strategies or just at least pick up the book by Cal Newport like like what’s the
worst that’s gonna happen like I am like this is my job and I was afraid to read
that book because this is my job this is what I do for a living this is how I
support my son this is how I pay my bills right and I was like oh I don’t
want you convincing me to get out right but it’s actually been a very freeing
experience I have read more books when you know my beautiful girlfriend Tristan
I we go out and stuff like that I’m not on my phone as much when I’m with my son
I’m not on my phone as much and all sorts of things so anyways I highly
recommend it I might do some other videos on like strategies or maybe apps
or things like that anyways if you have any questions or comments about digital
minimalism or if you’ve tried it yourself let me know and let’s like have
a discussion down below alright anyways that’s all I got for this video if you
like this video please give it a thumbs up if you do make sure you subscribe and
ring that notification bell and a huge huge thank you to everybody supporting
the channel on patreon you are all amazing and the March Q&A will be posted
this week so stay tuned and if you would like to get involved through the top on
that patreon icon right there alright thanks so much for watching I’ll see you
next time


  • The Rewired Soul

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  • chipette

    Mate, I used to admire your content but you don’t seem apologetic at all despite what you preach.

    The way to redeem yourself at this point is to stick to content that’s self reflective. No more drama.

  • Erin Vinson

    I basically quit (I message on there occasionally and haven't posted or looked on there since my close friend passed away last summer). My therapist recommended a break and it was so great a have basically stuck with it. I find it's so worth it. This video is fabulous so far! Great work my friend! ❤️


    i stoped being social in ral life peried why? just don't want to fight to be fazed out after 5 days or one week,hate to say it, but just can'y stand people too and youtube is the only think i watch and rearly talk to people on here, sometimes

  • tori

    i cut back my hours on twitter! i used to tweet every second, but now when i log on twitter i realize it doesn't help my anxiety like i thought, it makes me MORE anxious and overwhelmed. i cut back about 6 hours.

  • diamondpieces

    I decided to give it up for Lent and focus on reading the Bible, exercising, and health. Surprisingly I don’t miss it and don’t get so depressed as much. I plan to minimize the use after my fast.

  • Rachel Eh?

    I think social media is so full of toxicity. You find the glamorization of pornography, pedophilia and self destruction. There is the silver lining on social media and you can reach everyone on the platform, which can be a good thing but there is also so much garbage, it's so hard to filter. I am not on Snapchat or Twitter. I'm only on Instagram and YouTube but I even wonder about these platforms because I've found so much absolutely demonic stuff on there and it's not hard to find. Social media has been a huge part of my suffering and so many others. But it's also the place where a lot of people begin to find resolution. Great video.

  • BeezieBoom

    Pretty much the only social media I use is YouTube. I use Twitter here and there. And occasionally Snapchat. I’m slowly distancing myself from social media because it’s truly so bad for me. When I started using Instagram again (after a 5 year hiatus), my anxiety was at its absolute WORST. I deleted it and I feel so much better.

  • akimo - san

    I've been on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so rarely (FB for a long time, Instagram since a few months and twitter just recently). The only things I may be doing on my phone is either text my friends (which is maybe 1 friend I do a roleplay with) and my bf. Other than that I'm mostly using GBF to play (since its been like a therapy for me and brought back motivation to me). the only thing I also use is discord, where I just occasionally check messages on a few servers or phone with my friends. Other than that, I don't really use my phone for anything else and I've been seeing a lot of improvements in my behavior like in school or life in general. Thank you for this video, this is so important, even if you don't quit EVERY social media platform.

  • Carcebe

    If you're interested in parenting topics, I highly suggest you look at Butch Hartman's Oaxis watch, it's called My First Fone S2. It allows you to eavesdrop on your kid and check up on them whenever you want, by doing a "call" with them but they aren't notified, and you listen to what's happening around them, and maybe see, I don't know about the seeing because I'v never owned it. It's basically made for really overprotective parents.

  • Deandrew Powell

    I can understand why people are leaving social media and it can be good if people did stop using it . I have decided to give up using Snapchat and Twitter but I'm keeping Instagram just because of pictures. I mostly use Instagram like a art app

  • Danielle Salinas

    I've been on and off social media for the past few years. Its freeing when you get rid of it from your phone and computer.

  • Jen 6265

    That article was horrible, imagine bringing up someone's addiction and pretending that you helped her through it and that you helped her through the overdose of her cousin when you didn't. how low can you stoop. Showed your true colours there

  • Donna Dungans

    I am sure that many more people need Digital Minimalism than is realized. I have deleted social apps because the idiot commenters made me so freaking angry! But had to realize that many people who comment – and have inane repetitive (and often inflammatory) comments do so to get a rise out of people. They find it funny to spread negativity and hate and do not really care if their view point is accurate as long as it causes a stir.
    I have learned not to engage with this people. I have heard it referred to as "Don't Feed the Troll"s. And it has helped me alot. The worst is News channel facebook pages, the idiots climb out of the woodwork to type such ignorant hateful comments on current news stories – it still makes me sad when I (occasionally) see it.
    Thanks for the video Chris!

  • Hayley Smith

    I personally search for interesting subjects which are not on our national tv , cultural intellectual topics are not treated on tv channels accurately like on you tube this is my experience, but the problem is the youth is left alone with internet from today society organization and youth is youth before understanding how life works you are fourty in most cases , so the origin of the problem is not social media but uneducated people instead , the worldwide issue in
    the society is regarding education at schools and in the family . Have you ever thought there are NO schools on the entire world which teaches parents to be good " professional " relatives ???? Wouldn't be time after lost generations to teach relatives to be pro fathers and mothers ?? I am sure Oprah has treated this subject in her fantastic own channel. Thanks for sharing Chris 👼

  • Shyrin

    I've been struggling with really bad anxiety lately, and part of it was seeing all my friends accomplishing things while I'm stuck in my head because my anxiety is so bad I can't even keep a job.
    So I saw you and Philip Defranco talk about quitting social media for mental health, and I thought I would try it out.
    I quit social media (besides YouTube because that's the only thing I watch), and I dont see a big difference since it's only been a couple days, but I have noticed that instead of making statuses about how I feel, I've been texting my friends and actually having conversations with them.
    I actually dont even miss social media tbh.
    I dont know how long I plan on disconnecting, but I hope to see subtle changes.

  • Shivering Isle Ferrets

    I’m highly disappointed in you Chris for your article on the insider for helping someone over come their addition, you never helped her and it shows you have no intention to stop lying.
    I can no longer support you for what you’ve done.

  • Diane

    So coincidental that I just had a whole breakthrough about all this last night. I was feeling super anxious and restless because of an upcoming test amongst other problems, and I didn’t delete apps but I set 1 hr limits for them and turned off all my notifications for everything except essentials and YouTube. I also promised myself to stop using my phone before bed. Let me tell you, I feel the difference already today. I slept well, woke up feeling refreshed and motivated. It’s amazing.

  • Chaotic

    I tried digital minimalism and I had no success. In fairness, I did not try hard enough. These methods sound really useful. I hope they help!

  • glitter sunflower

    The rise of social media has meant that we as a global population are more connected than we have ever been in the history of time. However, our reliance on social media can have a detrimental effect on our mental health, with the average Brit checking their phone as much 28 times a day. While social media platforms can have their benefits, using them too frequently can make you feel increasingly unhappy and isolated in the long run. The constant barrage of perfectly filtered photos that appear on Instagram are bound to knock many people’s self-esteem, while obsessively checking your Twitter feed just before bed could be contributing towards poor quality of sleep.  However, comparing yourself to others on social media by stalking their aesthetically perfect Instagram photos or staying up to date with their relationship status on Facebook could do little to assuage your feelings of self-doubt. I dont like facebook use it less and less as they have done trials an it is addictive.  great video. I don't use twitter and great tip don't have it on your phone.

  • MDWho_Entertainment

    :/ What does it say about a person if they would prefer to miss out because some crazy news that might go on on Facebook or Twitter or whatever gives them anxiety?

  • Brandys_Reviews

    I have a love/hate relationship with social media, but I have been working on things to distance myself from social media. I drastically cut down on my Facebook newsfeed (I mainly stick to my groups on there), I deactivated Twitter because I fucking HATED it, I enjoy Instagram, but I even cut down on that as well. I have all of my social media in a folder in my phone and I also turned off my notifications on my phone. So far I have finished a couple of TV series, I listen to more music, I have been reading more, and I also have been trying to get better with my youtube channel. I definitely want to read that book.
    I like Jaron Lanier, he talked about addiction to social media, really interesting guy you should check him out

  • Nicole Light

    Solitude deprivation is actually an interesting point for social media. Since I'm always alone on my phone on social media I never realized I'm never alone with my thoughts any more. It's like I've deprived myself from knowing myself these days. When I was a kid, before the internet was in my pocket, I felt a lot more inner peace.

  • The Cardinal Art

    All social media apps are merely a tool used to help people connect easier. (much like a phone… except you're calling everyone)
    If you are using it incorrectly (to bully or be combative) or if you are addicted to it… then you need to leave it alone until you can learn how to use the tool correctly.
    You can't blame the tool though if you are using it wrong.
    Own up to the fact that you are deciding to be a bully or you are the one spending too much time. It's not like it's heroine (which has a physical addiction). If we spend too much time on Twitter (or can't wait a day to make another YouTube video) that's a self-imposed addiction which shines light on our addictive personality.

    The real problem you need to address is the addictive personality so you can address the solution to creating a balance with EVERYTHING… including social media.

    I say this as someone who also has an addictive personality and have to set limits on many activities I tend to obsess on.

    Replacing one addiction with another… is no more healthy than thinking simply getting rid of something (drugs, alcohol, or social media) you were addicted to will get rid of your need to be addicted and obsess over something.

    Focus on balance instead of the black and white thinking of all or nothing!

  • sngrgrlz1

    I loved this! I've thought about deleting most social media from my phone and sticking to the computer to use it. This was a very nice input.

  • MythicalMelodies

    I deleted Facebook some months ago and refuse to use Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. I use Tumblr occasionally, write for WordPress and use YouTube. I'd say I'm doing pretty well. But I appreciate the resources!! ❤

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  • Adrianne Holyfield

    This is very god information.
    I’m not sure if you’re using a bad hashtag or using promotions and promoting to a lot of crappy people, but for there to be many downvotes means the wrong people are watching these videos.
    I, personally, am very energized by them.

  • Renae H

    One of your best videos. I quit all social media and I'm so much happier. My anxiety is better. I have more time now! LOL I text, call, still use youtube, but that's about it. Thank you!💙👍

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