everyone it's maybe pop powder today I am going to talk about the potential impact of blogging on the newspaper creating informative entertaining with the help of camera devices graphical representation and the video but not only the text and a picture like a newspaper there are some constants that makes the blogging possible the constant like smart devices like GoPro camera drone and the fast internet like 3d fuzzy IP has made the block possible to make a block it is quite cheaper and does not require high employee as like of newspaper that's why the block had direct impact on the newspaper in the current scenario with the help of modern devices and advanced technology people can get access to the blocks at anywhere at any time as the like so the newspaper is really in danger cause of blocks well anyone can get on the money from the block the brother just need to create the account on the social side over YouTube and just upload his video and Siri and gets more like and be used then you can all domani Google pays the high amount of money for the block that is uploaded on the YouTube which got high views comments like subscription that's why the newspaper is affected by the blocks as the newspaper near high employment high capital investment but blocks doesn't need any of them well the concept of action whose ideas and information with the help of newspaper and directly affected the greenery in borrow me as the news people use lots of paper walk so it's easy and simple to make a block then the newspaper block making is like a one-time investment and a multi-time for me that's why it is said that there is potential impact of floating on the newspaper so make a block to get the awning pave the greenery in borrowing thank you

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