Dinotrux 8 Surprise Eggs  Ton-Ton Motorized Unboxing, Review By WD Toys
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Dinotrux 8 Surprise Eggs Ton-Ton Motorized Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

welcome to WGME toys as it’s great to
see you again I’m so glad you came back we’re going to have another awesome toy
opening today today we had died no talks stunt I and
you get your shipment surprise eggs wow what in the world is in those well I
rocks I don’t know really tell you the truth I don’t know what’s in those eggs
that’s why they’re called surprising Wow open these Dinotrux 8 Surprise Eggs Ton-Ton Motorized Unboxing, Review By WD Toys I am too but first I gotta get a little
work done as she kisses let’s get to work he knocked read into his truck wow
good up the skatepark whoa dumped a rape he did a 360 also do now is backing up
to get this one off the cliff 0 rock tun tun not to alarm you but I heard
there’s a dangerous T-rex in the area and Renault T-rex T-rex I’m not a pretty
you know this is not like me this guy’s carry a scary could it be let him come
here something come in wonder what it could be though I rocks right T-rex tons tons a
whole lot the whole egg he’s got a nice pink 18 2012 is going on now guys we’re not going for the red line
and the 60 K there’s no whatever you gonna do I have to figure out some way
to get those people swallow them maybe we can get him back you guys remember this story about the
wall what happened after the three little girls they took out the goes
maybe when this all this guy so full he is going to sleep wow look at that he
went to sleep raid on the skatepark I’m gonna call remnants cousin Riv I’m sure we could figure something
now view there I’m here they’re big cities get to work and while the Giants
sleeping giant Rev goes and he uses his drill bit to open the Giants stomach
wall open them right up let’s give these guys a hand check dat out a stomach is
full of the eggs giant revel opened it right up let’s go ahead and take them
out Wow here is one of them would get them
all out we craved saw this guy up rebbe sodium nope we need somebody to chill buddy
cookie monster cookie monster Donnie no no no we have to open them we have to
show the guys what’s inside oh that’s fun I’m gonna get my friend
mister hand to help us hey Mr hand could you give us a hand
here we need help opening these eggs I’m at it I will give my other friend the
other Mr hand and we’ll get right to work yes that’s also ok guys both mr hands
gonna help US Open these eggs up let’s see what’s inside let’s start out with
this red one this one looks all some cool Lego guys check it out it’s a
similar rise soldier with the sword that was cool let’s check out the next one
could it be this one’s got key Indian side checked
it out food that looks yummy check out the next one next one is Kevin from the
main yen’s boy he looks surprised you must realize the dinosaur ok and next is
spongebob with the electric guitar kids rock’n’roll that was cool wow check
out the fifth one what is this another cool lingo guy wow check this guy he’s
going to shield and his sword and a little hell man while he looks cool and
for the sixth one we have like Zoe zebra she and pepper best friends you know
Peppa Pig if not check out my playlists Peppa Pig I have a lot of Peppa Pig toys
in their lot of fun in the seventh one is cute lovable little bob with the
peace sign where his team ok 821 guys wow this is peppers little brother in
the ninth and what is in the ninth and final eg let us see Peppa Pig herself was also here is the nine surprises we
got in the eggs were some cool surprises and there were a lot of fun this guy is
really cool he’s got pull back action got a motorized head and bad and this
guys are really good sized let’s check out the back of the box and there’s the other two motorized
pullback vehicles at the bottom here and if you wait too as video and I have
today seeker word you go ahead and put that in the comments section down below
and I’ll know that you watched his home video that you like these videos and
your member of my club blog will have a lot of fun and here’s a look at ton tons
action pull back action let’s take a look as though there is really cool guys
I like that a lot and you could put some or back here and this guy little dog but
I’ll that is so cool and here is a look at the guy I mean like I said he’s
really cool I mean his mom does open up and close and it does move back and
forth when he’s when you pull in back as you can see I mean he is the classic tun
tun lauck and he likes to have fun let’s get this job done right he’s got his
like silver nose and his really friendly ice here cos ton ton is a very friendly
character he likes to have fun bought he does get along with almost everybody
does he is a lot of fun then he’s got like the oversized tires here i mean
they even pull like toenails onto this guy in here is this stickers as you can see his truck bed
here it’s got all these like silver projectiles this dick out of it and I
mean it gives it a really cool look here’s a look at the inside of it i mean
you have plenty of room to put or different stuff in the back there then
his tail does move back and forth he’s got a club on the end of it but it does
move back and forth which is a really nice feature cos lot of these smaller
ones it does not do that now on the other side I’m you got pretty much the
same details here here is where his bed moves up and down you move it off and on because he is
head moves I mean you don’t just have to pull it back if you push him forward ok
this guy is different you push him forward it does do well actually no just
clicks so I mean he does move his head and his bed if you push them forward but
then he just clicks he does not have the motorized action and there you can see I
mean for tires let’s try that motorized actuator again because it’s a lot of
thought core check it out while we’re gonna have to try him out with the dyno
part the dyno trucks like the playground skate park that is really cool place I
have a review on and this guy is cooling is a lot of fun let’s compare him to the
smaller diecast one and hearing as compared to the diecast ton ton so you
could see i mean this guy is more than twice the size of the diecast ton ton
and he is a lot more fun did I guess you could dump as bad move him around but he
doesn’t have the motorized action and he’s a lot smaller and as you can see
this guy’s bad could almost fit the other country to it so it’s a lot more
fun for kids they could put carry a lot more stuff back there and with this guy
is motorized he goes up to the point where some of this stuff could fall laws
sold looks a lot more realistic you had is a lot of fun and games today secret
word is the number six go ahead a spell that out spelled S I X you put that in
the comments section below and I’ll know that you watch us home video and that
you’re part of my club will have a lot of fun together check out these cute little also guys debt was a lot of fun it’s a
mystery and you’re welcome wow mr hands is a great help if you
enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to my channel
down there are below the video clip like comments which one of these toys was
your favor or else which title character just video ends also in car lot more fun
videos of Peppa Pig Dino trucks drastic world’s Star Wars while so much fun
together I hope to see you soon


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