Dinotrux Reptool Rollers Otto Wrenches, Towaconstricter Happy Revvit Jurassic Park  Dinosaur Trucks
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Dinotrux Reptool Rollers Otto Wrenches, Towaconstricter Happy Revvit Jurassic Park Dinosaur Trucks

Dinotrux Reptool Rollers Otto Wrenches, Towaconstricter Happy Revvit Jurassic Park Dinosaur Trucks enough if you like eat the poor rough
cool some and he could swallow one boy ok guys I found some awesome new
dinotrux characters these are called rep tool rollers and so far the only place
I’ve seen these is at Walmart so we have a co-op constrictor we have happy revit
and we have Auto wrenches also let’s check out the back of these if they give
ok so they do give some ahh info on the toys it says Auto wrenches clenched
class hex wrench tool highly organized adventurous species all names
Auto ah that’s got to get confusing and then you have happy revit class rep
tools ready rep tool designer and ties best friend 3 and then we have the TOA
constrictor I never seen this guy before this is a class Toa constrictor
slithering metallic snakes of the Metazoa quilled a snake crossed with a
tow chain can link together to form long tow cables to help type to help trucks
or tools in need fiercely protective of their nests that lie in the dark forest
and then here’s some of the other ones you could buy which I’ll be doing a
review on most of those and I also have done reviews on most of the Dino truck
toys I have probably about 30 toy unboxing and parody fun videos so check
those out at the end of this video okay so these make it almost
impossible to open it nicely usually I like to open my action figures nicely so
I could aw put the package reseal the package but these make it really hard to
do that so we are just going to rip these little guys open take them out and
check them out so that is two of them and here is the third one
OTO wrenches really hurted these guys either Wow okay so here is Auto wrenches
so uh he is pretty cool he has a swiveling wrench head for builds and
repairs magnetic claws for gripping metal and climbing on rocks so he is
magnetic and metallic tails for edging plans but he could edge plans just like
Revit and then uh it looks like he’s full of I don’t know if this is like
armor this is like Falls or something on him he could could be like a bunch of
like little black balls or something then ah his head is a tool there so
that’s cool all of these they’re called blowers
because they got the little round roller on the bottom so here is a look at the
front of him as the opposite side like I said really cool and then we have
happy Revit I have out of the Revit ones I have these smaller figures I’ve got
probably at least 10 of them because they come with so many different sets
but this is the first one I have where he’s happy
so our Revit is cool he’s got the etching tool he’s got these other tools
interchangeable tools he’s got like a working tail here so he could do like
mechanical things like it’s probably like a wrench or something so he is
really cool too he’s got a ball here that rolls around okay and here we have
the tool constrictor so this guy is like a snake slash chain so basically he’s a
snake crossed with the toe chain you can see he’s got the tone chain back here he
can link together to form long toe cables to help a trucks or tools and
needs so they could link together with their toe chains and they’re fiercely
protective of their nests so this guy is really cool he looks like a friendly
snake most snakes in my opinion are not very
friendly spot friendly he looks cool he’s got the tow
wheel on the back and everything man so let me know which one of these three
you like more and they are they are great they are a great value guys
they’re not very expensive and they look really cool okay guys so besides these three I have
a lot more rep tools okay so right now these are the most of
the rest tool they have I have two board you got like three four tools to wall
those two of those guys and you guys the three new ones you just see you got to
think of the scrap adaxel and then you got five rabbits back there so the cool
thing about these are is they’ll fit on most of the big characters so here you
got a big dozer one and guys if you like any of these toys I got full reviews fun
parody stories adventures with them at the end of this video there’s a dinotrux
playlist go ahead and click on that this is the talking dozer this is one of my
favorites which is a tall as you can see it goes those are plays
comes back comes down there so I really like that and the cool thing is any of
these replicas will fit onto his back so you could pull like happy ribbit there
I’m you can even put like the the ball one up here huh that looks kind of cool
and then let’s check out another one over here I got the talking sky eye when
you put on pushed on your tail to lift her neck right yeah she talked grayness
or autumn wind and this one also has a whole Cringer ball you could pull out if
you let it back it’ll go back up then you can close her mouth and ever talk my
name there you’re my conveyor belt and then again any one of these could
fit on to the back of her and you could turn them in on different sides if you
want or you could put like capi rub it on the back of her okay I also have the
talking Garvey one if you push down he opens his mouth you could put balls in
it if you pull up you’ll talk and fire the balls out his backside and off for
him the rep tools could sit here on his tail so that’s cool you could have like
Revit or you could have like the boa like sit there on his tail then this one
is one of my newest ones this is the armored tie rocks
if you pull down here talk into his armor real grades up and your roar
already and then once again him you could put on any of these guys onto his
back it could hang on for dear life if he doesn’t fast to not see my face
can throw them off or you could put all happy rub it here let’s see if we could
sauce them yeah and then we also have the shadow talking tie rock if you pull
back this lever if you open his mouth and Sean Scribner’s of time that this one also
comes with like a clause you push it here you could have you can let it go
and have it nap together and pick somebody up well once again the rep tool
spit right on to his back so that’s really cool and then I’ve got the big
guy which in my opinion this is the coolest one they have if you already
know he will talk cool run I can dig it let’s get building and the cool thing
about this guy’s you can fit a bunch of rep tools you could put like one on his
head over here you could put a another rep school on his tread park back there
and if you turn him you could even put another rep tool on this side and when
you roll him his legs move up and down so the rep schools are moving up and
down and this wall opens into four different rep schools in here so you
don’t lose them like I said out of all them this is the coolest corner and you
also have storage on his legs here you could put on different references and
there’s a front and the back so you could fit probably eight to ten reps
tools on this then you got another big guy up playset
basically turn into like a giant fly that they could use to escape and on the
side here she has a spot where you could put the rep pool right into there and
use them as a lever to open her mouth and close it well actually basically
listing momentum also turns out you have a spot back here you could put another
rep and then I have another track but this one too you could pull up my the
rest tools on to is that and then I have the big talking rabbit so if you pull
his tail his bits here will move you could change outfits from the other ones
he’s got on his back he’s got a tape measure tongue here so this guy’s really
cool too and you can see this is a regular size replica so he is a lot
bigger and then I’ve got two big bags of all the diecast one so these are
realistic it’s not as cool to talking one and then I do use dinosaurs and a
lot of my ah Dino truck racer this is a three part
like top and make voices push the button it makes roaring so uh I’ll use like my dinosaurs to like
create awesome stories like these trucks like brings the dinosaurs in to destroy
their work area and chase them and then they have to find different ways to
network because here you can see I’m Eric big enough who like keep the poor
rough tools up and he could swallow one body okay let me know which one of the
three reps tools I reviewed his favorite wow that was a lot of what and if you
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