Disney The Good Dinosaur Large Figure, Arlo Pixar, Disney Unboxing, Review By WD Toys
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Disney The Good Dinosaur Large Figure, Arlo Pixar, Disney Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

welcome to WGME toys it’s great to see
you again I’m so glad you came back and get a soda awesome new series today
today I’m gonna be doing reviews under good dinosaur this is the new movie from
Disney Pixar and it looks like it’s gonna me we’re gonna start today with
our low key as possible and he comes with that collectible critter wow that
looks cool New The Good Dinosaur Large Figure, Arlo Pixar, Disney Unboxing, Review By WD Toys arlo looks really awesome let’s check
out the back of the box this Disney Pixar the good dinosaur are low the run
of a family of Paris sources are low finds himself far from home and must
have braved the harsh wilderness to return to his farm and there is a
picture of all his friends I’ll be doing a review of all of them and here is his
friend forest horns and all those little characters that come in each box
attached to his organs take a look at that so that’ll be a lot of fun to 12
open him up will go ahead and attach them well guys let’s take him out of the
package and have some fun ok let’s take him out of the package and
say hi he looks cool take his little critter
out to looks angry wow does it say which one take a look at the little guy boy he’s
got an angry face he is cool guys the boxes on these toys are really love to
you look at it I mean it has a different details like plants taking up the grass
rocks lot of 3d effects so you could use if you take this off you could use the
boxes as like a background to Lake create and play a lot of dinosaur scenes
awesome I’m your friend do you like me Boyd guides are low looks are slum let’s
take a closer look at him ever gonna start with his face as you can see we
did they did a really good job of painting him and giving him a happy look
big eyes he’s got a nice big pink little T he’s got a long neck and let’s take a
look at his body his body looks really cool to he’s Green was like darker green
stripes like gold or yellow colored polka dots then hear his feet this is a really good job training camp
to lauck very cartoonish which I mean basically he is a cartoon so ok let’s
take a look at his articulation ok in the movie he does look like he’s clumsy
so I mean the way his feet are i mean pretty much says that to his tail would
turn 360 degrees his legs that’s pretty much the maximum you’re gonna get on
that side and the front to summon you could have him do like a total split so that that’s kind of funny and then
here’s a good look at the back of him then his neck it’s all like a ball
joints only you get a good amount of movement up and down and sideways yeah
it will turn 360 degrees but close to it gets really tight down there so I don’t
know if you want to take a chance you might accidentally break his head off
and then here is his eyes his nose is miles what he looks like a big happy
puppy dog gets think I am your friend like he does look like a big happy dog lot more dressy pig in jurassic park dressing world’s Star Wars pepper pig in
medias y fun together hope to see you soon


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