Disney The Good Dinosaur Slimed  Learn Colors And Counting With Slime By WD Toys
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Disney The Good Dinosaur Slimed Learn Colors And Counting With Slime By WD Toys

welcome to WGME toys it’s great to see
you again wud we’re gonna have another show today
today we’re gonna have a key million / stuff is so gross and there’s little
aliens hiding the slide and we’re going to learn our colors today wow take a
look at this toy this is gonna be so much fun and slow Learn Colors And Counting With Slime Disney The Good Dinosaur Slimed By WD Toys is ready for their wow this box and have
some fun if you wait to the studio and series of cement card with a lot more
videos were attacked a secret word put it in the comments section down there
below the video and I’ll know that you enjoyed this video and that your member
my comp yeah so much fun together and make sure you guys click this video
started wow I’m gonna give wud a hand today and we’re gonna go ahead and open
these op and see the different callers they are also cool lets CDs ok first
we’re gonna go ahead and count the slime see how many there are we’ve got 12345678 nine and 11 12 why we’ve got twelve
bottles of slime and how many different colors did you see there was for
different callers we have orange we’ve got blue we’ve got pink and we’ve got
green also we’re gonna go ahead and open them all up we’re gonna see the crows
fly me a lien inside there and then we’re gonna go ahead and say I’m some
stuff this is gonna be awesome ok let’s see what’s in there ok first
let’s open one of the blue ones check this stuff is so butchery its slimy what
do you guys think and look what we found this side has got a little alien
creature cool look at this is also let’s open up the other ones that was one this
is to then we’re gonna go ahead and combined them getting good big pile of
slimy a key if you look at that looks like some type of a blob so cool and
this is 30 there was three blue vials slime slime something but me and if I
feel so gross I like that color though there’s a cool blue and next we are
going to open the green wall these are they gonna look like a booger
line green you guys gonna feel this is so it’s a keyboard it who why I like
this I’m just listening to come out like a giant green booger nose that would be
pretty gross and here’s the green and so will put the green next to the blue
trying to run away wow that was trying to run away like this just shaking like
jello ok now we are going to open the red ones either red or pink it’s very
close it’s red ok inside it looked like pink but this is the color red and it
looks cool look at that oh man I like this one ok decals know your callers in the light look at it in the light there it looks
almost purple is so cool but it to read I think it’s because there’s blue
underneath it so when you combine the blue and the red you get the color
purple all wow ok as all three red ones look at this cool and could squeeze it wow awesome okay then we’re gonna do the
orange ones like the color orange oranges on I like to eat oranges too
young to oranges let’s get the last four and one here then we’re gonna make a
mess with these things wow it’s gonna be fun we’re going to
have to find some cool stuff to slide ok well here is the alien I mean there are
pretty much the same so the aliens not as fun but this slime is also and we’re
gonna go ahead and combine all the colors how bout that ok first we have
orange and then we have our purple slide it looks purple what is really red it’s
red but look at it when we put it here on the blue it turns purple cool is that and then we have the green water look at
that so achy and then we have the new I think the Blues my favor what will
happen when we combine them let’s go ahead and combine off for callers and
see what we get I think we’re gonna get a rainbow here
wow wow and this is what we get when we come
play cool you could even a rolling along the ground like is some type of a giant
with say some type of giant blob ok what are we gonna lie I’m I’ve got some cool
dinosaurs we could slide there he goes one try that I think we will touch this
stuff it’s so cool just dropping it listen ok guys before we continue our
look at what we have made here that is so cool as you can see the red here
looks exactly like purple because there’s blue behind it and we made such
a cool rainbow color let’s go ahead and pick this up and gas today we have
ramsey are low and spa and we’re gonna go ahead and say I think we’ll start
with Arlo here let’s see what he does he is covered and slide that is gross look
you can see him and say hi to get him with this big one check out and look so good wrapped
around his head feels like it feels like a giant gummy bear have you ever played
with like a bunch of Gummi Bears giant gummy bear here spot he’s covered look at him you could
barely see him piece pop in his head out there by
things but likes it but likes to be dirty and play with insects in his blogs
look at him but is in the slow I think we have to rescue him and Lucky’s clean
here this line doesn’t really stick and it will dry out ok let’s go ahead and
get rims e she’s just walking along and all of a sudden straight from the sky a
lime read on her head no as a lot as you could barely see her like she’s just
peeking out of there happened to me she’s eating the slide
shows like I said it feels like a gummy bear maybe she thinks is the giant gummy
bear red glitter again guys there is a lot of slime and is so much fun tried this whole you get a combined like
a bunch of them and can’t be making videos also later how to make your own
slime is cool let’s put her down and will slide perform here cool feeling stop you really have to try
it for ramzi she is covered look at my hands to go ahead and slime a chance the weirdest feeling stuff if you grab
you can squeeze it out I think we have to get our loan spot again looks black
taking a nap all of a sudden just taken out of their war that will also covering
them everywhere this is the coolest so we put it on our lives had its gonna
slime right down over the top of his head so much guys play with flying
before truly like it’ll law guys go ahead and put them in the comments
section below the video and I know you liked this video is so much fun together learned about the colors blue orange and
red colors and how many numbers today we learned to come to the number 12
123456789 10 11 12 way to them that this video card more fun videos wow guys if you want to see also

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