Divi - how to  build an email  list with  the bloom  plugin

Divi – how to build an email list with the bloom plugin

hi guys this is Jamie from system22.net and great-webdesign.com welcome to this video in this video we're gonna add a
little email subscriber opt-in form to our Divi theme
what its gonna do is it's just gonna pop up here and prompt our visitors to enter
an email address to join our email list this is essential if you do any form of
email marketing and want to build your email list it's a great way of
collecting potential customers email addresses and it enables you to get new
information out to them about updates and forthcoming events and what-have-you
so let's get started to design this form we're gonna use a plug-in called bloom
buy elegant themes if you're using the Divi theme like I am here you're already
a member so you just need to go to the elegant themes downloads area and you'll
find it right here bloom so go ahead and download it hit the download button
it'll download a zip file for you once you've got that zip file downloaded it's
like any other plugin if you go to your dashboard you can hit the add new button upload a plug-in and just drag the zip
file or navigate to the zip file that you've downloaded I'm not actually gonna
do it because I've already got it installed here and all you do is drop it
there or navigate to it and if we go to our plugins page once
you've installed it it's gonna be here you just need to hit the activate button
as with all all plugins and once it's activated you're gonna see a little
bloom icon on the left hand side once you hover over it you'll see an opt-in
form selector right there let's go ahead and click that and create our first form now we go over and hit the new opt-in
button and there's various different styles you can choose for from here I
quite often use that fly in but let's use a pop up today and I'll just call this divvy test and
freeform integration you want to have somewhere that these emails are gonna
get collected and I use MailChimp it's great you can have a free account up to
2,000 emails I believe so I'll select that from my list to a Webber's another
great one this covers most of the bases here but
let's do MailChimp today and you want to select an account if you haven't got an
account you can go over to MailChimp and just create a new one I'll show you that
in a minute and I'll leave this blank will we'll integrate in a minute
so let's design our opt-in form so down on the right hand side there's a button
here now we want to choose a template that works with our site we can
customize it with CSS and make it how we want it but there's some great looking
little templates here so our sites come on a blue and white so
let's find a blue and white one this one up there really want something that's
kind of white at the top and blue at the bottom there we go something just like
that she used that one so we'll hit the next button and go to the customization and here's the the title subscribe to
our newsletter I'm just right subscribe for great updates obviously you write
whatever you want to write and a little message that usually appears below it
join our mailing list I'm just gonna leave that for the time being obviously
you put anything anything you want in there you can have several lines if you
want to I'm gonna align this to the middle and it's just like any text box
form here you've got various font options and alignment options image
above the text that's fine in the image that we actually want us just use our
company logo or our website logo and it can animate you want it to slide
up no animation of fading yeah I think we'll just slide up do fine opt in
styling the background color yet we want to keep that white you can choose
different fonts here we'll keep the dark text let's give it some rounded corners
and I don't want to put a border on it so we want our opt-in form on the bottom
we don't want a name field a lot of times when you put a name field in there
people don't want to actually put in more than they have to
I try and keep it as minimal as possible so they just put in their email address
and a button that says something like subscribe will do you can put in
whatever you want there like learn more or join today or whatever you know
whatever you want to do in line form that means they'll all be
in one line one two three that's fine that works rounded corners Texas light
form background color that blue will leave that blue obviously you can put in
your custom color whatever color you want there that blue should work for me
it's gonna have a white button with dark text that works too and here's you know
here's the bottom styling here this is where the actual email address is you
know the opt-in email and button is going to be in this red area here so
let's choose this style perhaps and footer text I'll just put in my company
name success message you have successfully subscribed that works for
me that's fine now here you can put in custom CSS if you want to style your
form with CSS there's a little eyeball button up here if you just want to see
your form just hit the eyeball button there it is there's the form we've just
created there but the round corners the dark text this is where they put their
email address in right there and there's the button to subscribe with select the display settings button
and fade-ins fine we'll have it trigger after a time delay 20 seconds is a good
day you can put 30 seconds or whatever you want trigger at the bottom of the
post that's fine trigger after scrolling yeah I want it to trigger after
scrolling say 30% down the page you can check the display once per
session because you don't want to keep bugging your customers to do this is
it'll put them off I quite often check that so just once they visit the site
it'll it'll pop up you can hide it on a mobile if you wish but I usually leave
mine go there and auto close after somebody subscribed I usually check that
box there I want to display on everything
that'll be pages blog post and everything and if you want just a couple
of pages that you want to exclude just put the page names in there they'll give
you a list once you click on it and any ones you want to exclude just click on
it and it's put it in there for you and again you can do the same thing with the
post there once you're happy let's hit the next success actions and
it's gonna pop up with this success message that we saw in the last page or
the page before last or you can redirect them to a different URL either another
website or a different page on your site just select the option you want there
now we're hitting the save and exit button you might say well we've not
hooked up an account yet to save our email addresses once you hit this it
should prompt you to do that yep here we are saying we haven't hooked up an
account yet so let's add an account so I'm going to use my MailChimp as we
mentioned before and if you don't have an account it's gonna
ask you for an API key I'm just gonna go ahead and use one that I've got already
here um if you don't have one you just subscribe to MailChimp you're gonna need
to create an API key so if I go to MailChimp here and you go to your
account settings once you're in there you can go down and create a key with
this little button here I'll have to blow out these because I don't want to
be giving away all my API keys and what-have-you and once you have created
your key you just want to copy the key which will be here and they user name
and put it in and it'll add it for you so I've already got that there and once
you've added your account if you've got several less it'll last you which list
you want to use so I'll just use whichever list is appropriate to you and
I'm gonna check the box that says disabled double opt in here that means
if somebody with the same email address tries to opt-in twice it won't let them
it'll tell them they're already opted in because you don't want duplicates in
your MailChimp list there so once you are happy that let's save and exit now
let's take a look at our site now do a quick refresh now we can either wait 30
seconds it should pop up or I can scroll down and when we get to 30 percent it
should pop up there it is this is the form that we've just designed here this
is where people put in the email address and hit the subscribe button and they
will automatically be added to your MailChimp account there and that's how
easy it is it's a great plugin it really can bring you in some great conversions
for your email or less if you like to collect addresses that are interested in
your subject so you can pass on great information to them or tell them about
your new products that is the way to do it so once again this has been Jamie
from system 22 and great web design comm I hope you found this useful if you have
please subscribe to our You Tube channel thanks for watching have a great day

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