DIY Traveler’s Bullet Journal
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DIY Traveler’s Bullet Journal

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful
day doing everything that you love and feeling good! Ever since I started using the Miliko
softcover journal this past January, I’ve been wanting to create a simple cover for
it. I don’t take my journal out with me often, but even the daily use of it is breaking
down the corners, plus eventually I’ll like to create a cover that will hold all of the
notebooks I’ll be using this year for the end of year, 2018 flip through! This will
be my first full year bullet journaling and I can’t wait to share the entire experience
with you! I was very inspired by the simplicity
of the Midori traveler’s notebook, so I created my own version of it, changed up the
shape of the cover a little bit and added my artwork to the lining. There are amazing
tutorials already for the classic midori cover, but I wanted to show you how you can customize
it and make it your own! Before we start, I am so excited to announce
my very first giveaway this year for all of the love and support you’ve given me, as
a thank you. There will be more information throughout the video, so stay tuned to learn
more about how you can enter, improve your chances of winning and I’ll go through the
bundle with you and show you what you can win. I’ll have the full supply list for
this cover and giveaway details down in the description, so be sure to check those out
before you enter or if you want to make this cover! To start this project, measure the height,
width, and depth/ thickness, of your journal. Mine is 8.25 inches in height, 5.625 inches
in width, and .25 inches deep. And then measure how much of an overlap you want with the flap, mine will be about 3.25 inches. Now for a little math and to determine the size of the
piece you’ll need to cut, add the width and depth together and then multiply by 2,
then add the flap measurement to the total, which equals 15 inches for me. Now add about
an 1 inch allowance all around and then you have your overall rectangle measurement. Cut that out from your cover material, I am
using the same vinyl from both my micron case and travel journal kits I made before, which
is just a slightly off white pleather that I got my my local fabric store. And then double
check the size with your journal to see how it fits. For my lining, instead of using fabric, I
wanted to create a custom painting for it and then print it out on paper to give it
more structure. You can use your original artwork, doodle on existing wrapping paper,
newspaper, or basically anything you want to use that will bond with the heat N bond. Since I love the beautiful patterns of agates,
I really wanted to create something along those lines with watercolor. I have this idea
of a peaceful landscape of a blush toned sky, merging with the dark navy blues of the mountains. And then I am adding a little shine with my
metallic gold and silver watercolors, to give it more dimension. I couldn’t get the darks any darker, so
I am going to import it into photoshop and add in the contrast, tweak my colors a bit
and turn it into what I envisioned. I love how this turned out, it is textural,
subtle but has a strong contrast, and is going to be perfect for the inside of my cover! Next, I am going to take my pleather and cut
out a piece of the Heat N bond, which is an iron on adhesive, about ⅛ inch smaller all
around, and then place the rough side down on the back side of the pleather. Iron on
low heat for about 8 seconds per area. I go into detail a little more about this process
in my Micron case tutorial, so I’ll link that below for you! Once they are bonded, peel off the backing
paper and then repeat the same ironing process for the lining. Check the sizing again, and then trim off
as much as you need to create clean straight edges. I am taking off about ⅛ inches from
the top, left, and bottom. And then I figured out the crease of the flap by placing my journaling
on the cover, move about 1 inch and then draw the angle by creating a point at the center. To find the center spine, place the journal
in the cover where you want it, and then crease the line. Now mark ½ inch from the top and
bottom, and then an 1 inch from that, and then mark the very center of the cover. Using an awl or something else, punch holes
large enough for your elastic. I am using white elastic cording I found in the jewelry
isle at the craft store but any durable elastic cording you choose could work, just make sure
it’s the thicker one versus the thinner ones. You want something sturdy enough to
hold the weight of the journals. Feed it through the hole by following along
with me, leaving a loop through the center for the closer. Add in your journal and tie it in tightly and adjust it
if you need to. And you’re done! There are so many variations you can do with this method, so take your time and add in little details that make this cover yours. I may go back and change my elastic to another
color or add rope instead of the elastic, but for now, this works perfectly. It is super
easy to change out the journal if I need to. And I also love that I can use the flap as
a bookmark which makes it even more functional. Let me know if you have any journal related
or supplies related issues that I may be able to find solutions for, I really do enjoy making all of these different cases as solutions for my issues and I am curious what supplies you want to make next! Okay, now for the giveaway bundle, you will
receive this or an upgraded version of this traveler’s journal cover with the softcover
journal included. A set of 6, micron fineliners, and a few items from my own shop, Blush and
May which I am trying to grow this year. You’ll receive these super cute sticker sets and
2 additional future sticker sets I will be adding soon, so a total of 4 packs, and your
choice of an 8×10 print, signed and dated by yours truly. All packed with love and care
for you to enjoy! To enter you must be subscribed to my channel
or be following me on instagram and then once you click the link below or the one on my
instagram profile, you’ll be directed to the contest page where I’ll need your name
and a valid email address where I can contact you if you are chosen. This then takes you
to more actions you can do to earn more chances to win, each one will be marked off once you
complete it and you’ll be able to see your entries on the top left of the box. Contest is open internationally and until
Friday March 9th. Good luck everyone and thank you so so much
for helping me reach my milestones here on Youtube and on Instagram and cheers to many
more. Plus I’ve been having wonderful connections with you all through my posts, comments, and
tags, so keep them coming! I hope you have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you next time, bye!


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