Do This 1 THING Before You Start a Blog to Make Money● Blogging Tips & Mom Hacks Series DAY 4

Do This 1 THING Before You Start a Blog to Make Money● Blogging Tips & Mom Hacks Series DAY 4

hey everyone I'm Alison Lindstrom and you are watching my 30 day series of blogging tips and mom hacks and while I have you here don't forget to sign up for my online blogging course while the enrollment period is still open we only accept new students into the course four times a year now without further ado enjoy today's tip what's up guys it is day number four in this series and my tip for you today is to find out whether or not you truly actually want to be a blogger and build a blogging business by getting either a Google Doc or a word doc on your computer both are completely free and actually sitting down and writing out content that you would want to share so for a lot of us the idea of having to buy a domain and then get hosting and then get everything set up and then all of the other technical aspects are you know maybe buying a logo all of the expenses and all of the setup steps that we think it takes to that we need to do before we can actually start sharing content I think a lot of those steps just kind of get in the way obviously they're important you have to have a domain you have to set up your website but I see so many people purchase a domain set up their website purchase a logo go through all of these setup steps without ever actually sitting down and writing a blog post first now I want you to go to Google Docs or go to word Docs sit down and write out a blog post it's not gonna be perfect it shouldn't be perfect unless you are a blogger genius you know if you're just starting out it's just gonna be like a very rough draft and it may even be the ugliest draft you've ever seen in your life but it's your first draft it's your first step to actually continuously writing blog posts and sharing content that can provide a lot of value out into the world the core of running a blogging business is not spending money although some days it does feel like that's all I do that's all I do is spend money but that's not the actual core of running a blogging business right it's the content it's the stuff that you share and the way that you change people's lives so don't you go buy one more thing don't even go and buy your domain at all stay away from GoDaddy I want you to go to Google Docs instead or open up your word document on your computer and I want you to write out an outline or some ideas of exactly what you're interested in sharing in a blog post now if you've got an extra dose of productivity in your bones today I also recommend that you open a folder on your computer or in Google Drive again both are free so it's not going to cost you anything to do this but open a folder and then just start writing down different ideas for blog posts so don't just write one idea for a blog post write down all of them and then have different documents for each blog post and then within those documents put all the different ideas and just a general outline of what you would like to put in that blog post the whole point of today's tip is that you have to truly actually know whether or not sitting down and typing out or sharing information is something you actually want to do because without that you won't be running a blogging business you'll just have purchased a domain and have purchased hosting and you're spending money left and right and then you're going through all the steps of actually setting up the website and you've created this logo and you've got this here but you haven't actually done what the core of running a blogging business is and that is getting those blog post ideas on paper or nowadays actually getting them on the computer sometimes the anxiousness of you know looking at all these different costs and all these different things that you have to do to create a website make us you know just make us feel really overwhelmed and we feel like you know what I don't think blogging is actually right for me or we just get so caught up into it that we think that's all that blogging is but you have got to truly know whether or not you're comfortable sitting down and churning out content because if you're not you're gonna want to know now before you go and purchase a domain and if you are when you finally start setting up your website and you run into technical difficulties you will it's gonna happen that passion that you have for sharing that content the fact that you've actually sat down already and you know what it feels like to share value with the world that's gonna hold you through that's gonna get you through those more difficult times when you have to deal with you know technical bugs or technical issues hey guys thanks so much for watching don't forget to hit that subscribe button and tap the little bell right next to it so we can meet again tomorrow for the next tip bye now


  • Simply4Me

    I fall into that category, pay the money, signed up for yours and also the genius blogger kit, then the bottom fell out in my family. Taking care of an elderly parent, and 2 handicapped siblings zapped my drive but I'm in a better place and ready to get started again.

  • Kimia & Khortney

    You know with me just now starting out it does feel like all I have been doing is spending money . Lol but I will start writing just so I can have a head start once my website is completely up and running .

  • Taronda Wills

    Thank you! You are so right, I got caught up in the design-moon. Now I am getting to the actual work of writing and it has been a true process.

  • Jackie

    I would love to sit and write There never seems to be anytime to actually do the writing yes its all in the set up! I won't give up though trying to find time to create content!

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