Does Liking Murder Podcasts Make You FREAKY?
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Does Liking Murder Podcasts Make You FREAKY?

(upbeat music) – (singing) Deletin’ all the emails I don’t wanna read. – (gasping) No! (gasping) – Raph. – (Raph gasping) No. – Can you just? – Raph! – Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just being a total freak over here. – Yeah you’re just being kinda loud. – Listen to a freaky
little murder podcast. – Yeah I love those. Do you mind just keeping it down? – (laughing) You don’t get it! This is not one your regular podcasts, you know, where they
cover stuff like the news, or improve comedy. No. This is dark and twisted because it’s about real
people, Lily, getting killed. (screaming) – Yeah, those are pretty popular. What are you listening too? – Just a little podcast called “Serial” – Did they come out with a new season? – This guy, Adnan, might
have killed his girlfriend and now I just have to
get all the gory details blasted into my tight
little ear holes (giggles) – Yeah that’s just the first season. That came out years ago, dude. – This crime happened years ago and its still unsolved! So spooky! Sometimes, if I’m feeling really bad, I’ll listen to it at home. The place where I’m supposed to feel safe. You know, cooking myself
up a little dinner, maybe shampooing my little body. – Um. – Instead, I’m listening
to tales of bloody murder. (Raph giggling) – Yeah I do that all the time except for the shampooing
the body, that is weird. Like I listen to them before bedtime and I’m in a group chat with my gal pals where we talk about the latest episodes. There’s a ton of true
crime podcasts out there. – I listen to other stuff too! If I really wanna piss my pants and tear – Not necessary. – And learn about a sick crime for a little sick freak like me, I’ll listen to my favorite murder! (screaming) – The comedy murder podcast? – Oh I ain’t laughing. Matter of fact, the freak
police better come arrest me because once I listen to one episode, I get a craving for more murder episodes. I’m like a sex addict except for experts and
storytellers talking about murders. – That’s just a regular addict. – Lily, I got something
I need to admit to you. – What. – Sometimes, if I listen to
like, a really up episode, I get these dark urges. It’s like an urge to feast
my freaky little eyes on a documentary television
series that covers crimes! Like to not only listen to them but to actually watch them
conduct these interviews with these poor family members. – That is very normal! The Jinx, Making a Murderer. Those are all hit shows. I’m pretty sure the
investigation discovery channel runs on that kind of stuff 24/7. – And if that doesn’t sate me, I jump over to Wikipedia to search where they’re from or to look for similar murders! I do that for hours! I can’t stop! I’m helpless to this dark
puppetry controlling me! – It’s very normal to go
down a Wikipedia rabbit hole. – I think Ted Bundy’s kinda cute. Oh! No! – That’s why Zac Efron (Raph slapping himself) plays him in a movie! – Oh the wicked lust! Oh I guess we have this
bubbling evil inside of us! You know there was a time when I didn’t think I
could ever do a murder? Now I don’t know. Maybe I could. – You cry when you see blood. – Well that’s… – (Raph screaming) Mommy! – Look Raph. I think’s its great that you’ve discovered you like true crime but it is not weird or twisted or freaky to like stories. Even if they are messed up and true. Like for me, I like murder podcasts because they allow me to safely confront dangerous situations. Especially as a woman in this day in age, where I’m constantly made to feel unsafe. I think it actually gives
me a sense of control. – I like it cause I’m a little weirdo. – Ah too real, too scary! – Hey it’s Lily! If you like College Humor
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earlier and if you did, can you tell me how much it was? Cause I’m bad with numbers. Five, five times one.


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