Dr Neubauer GOLIATH SPEED II – обзор от нападающего: контрольный тензор для тактического игрока
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Dr Neubauer GOLIATH SPEED II – обзор от нападающего: контрольный тензор для тактического игрока

My greetings to all
table tennis lovers! Today we are going to try a rubber
by Dr. Neubauer – Goliath Speed 2. As you know, Goliath is a giant warrior,
who was killed by David with a stone. We are going to try on the blade
Magical Touch by Dr. Neubauer as well. We’ve tried pushes and
counterdrives, so what can I say? It’s pleasant rubber.
It’s Off, not super fast. There is no catapult effect,
but the control is high. There is good control in pushes and drives. I would like to try it in loops. So, let’s try. We’ve tried loops,
so what can I say? Generally, it’s a classic tensor,
there is catapult effect, loops are good,
you may strengthen and spin. I’ve played euro tensors
on my own, so it’s alike. But due to quite soft sponge, the ball presses through the rubber, hits the blade, and there is great feeling
of the ball and control. And due to this softness, it also
forgives some mistakes in technique. The ball anyway will be on the table. Now I’m interested
to play opening attack. So, what can I say about opening attack? There were a lot of scores. And I was surprised by the softness,
and it was comfortable to play in opening attack. Let’s try blocks and counterspins. It has been said, that Dr.Neubauer makes
rubbers for players with unclassical style. Like anti-spins and pips. But Dr.Neubauer seems to have
some ambitions for classic attackers. I think, it’s seen with this rubber. You saw blocks and counterspins. Also, blade Magical Touch, which was
created for taking serves and control, helped. And rubber itself allows to play it. There is high control, blocks and
counterspins, all balls were in the table. Who will this rubber suit? I think, it’ll suit players,
who like mixed style. Who like to play not loops only,
but play placements and counterspin. In other words, for fans of Vladimir Samsonov. Maybe, there is a key to
the name of this rubber – Goliath. As they both are known for their longness. My name is Sergei Baranovskii. See you!


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  • MegaDimarik23

    было бы не плохо увидеть обзор накладки Stiga DNA Pro , если конечно она у вас появится )))

  • Gangster

    я пробовал немного этот тензор от доктора. Я вообще тензоры не люблю, мне гибриды нравятся гораздо больше. Но все таки признаю, что именно этот тензор получился зачетный. Такой вот он контрольный очень, это подкупает. Помахал я им и получил удовольствие. Достойное изделие

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