eBay Partner Network - Making RSS Feed

eBay Partner Network – Making RSS Feed

hi everyone let's take a quick look at how you create a custom RSS feed from eBay in the eBay Partner Network now I've logged in to my affiliate account that ebay partner network and this is my dashboard what you want to do is click on tools widgets scroll down and you want to click on the RSS feed generator now the first thing you're going to need to do you have to slept your program and I want to select the US and you're gonna enter a campaign name I'll enter test now you come down and let's say we're going to look for concert tickets for Justin Bieber concerts so I'm going to type in Bieber but this category find category this is really important it can be very useful to help you narrow down your search results you're gonna be searching by keywords and there's a number of Bieber possibilities for products they might be t-shirts they might be CDs that type of thing but what we want is concert tickets and so let's find the category and this is important get familiar with how to scroll through here and and find and pick out categories and eBay has a category for tickets let's double click and then a sub menu pops up and these are more choices and we want concerts click OK now you come down here and there there's some advanced searches here you click in and the window will open and sometimes you know the price range will come in handy if you're trying to isolate a certain price maybe it's too expensive or too inexpensive but also note that you can enter the distance within certain miles of a zip code now this is great for localized results results now I won't use it here but let's say I really wanted to focus on say Justin Bieber concert tickets in the Miami area well I could enter the zip code of Miami and pick a range and that would limit the results now let's come down to the generated code here and click RSS link and if you get this warning from Internet Explorer like I do click the note button and then your results will pop up here and as you can see when you scroll through there's a lot of results I'm just quickly scrolling through them here now the other thing to notice look at some of these prices this is for Justin Bieber here's a ticket on on the floor enroll 11 for $2000 here's this is almost $600 people say and this is just a Bieber people say you can't make money from the music niche but look here's people spending money this doesn't mean all these tickets will sell but I'll bet you most of them will there's hundreds and hundreds of dollars and you can make pretty good commissions from these using the eBay affiliate network you just need to drive traffic to these relevant you know relevant products and searches on eBay but as you can see you know there's sixteen hundred dollars you're gonna somebody buys a ticket or even just the eBay network works kind of strange but you can generate some good affiliate paychecks from sending people to two products with with prices in this range now what you're gonna want to do once you go through and you see you've tested the search results for yourself and you can come up here and tweak it by reentering changing category changing your keywords you know you can search exclusions you might want to exclude say concerts in Alaska or whatever so you just enter Alaska here to exclude those and tweak those until you get good relevant results and right here this is the URL to your feed so you want to click it and copy it again click this and copy it now you will have to convert this you can't just paste this into a website you're gonna have to convert the RSS into HTML and I'll show you how to do that in the next video


  • Holly Rorie

    Can you link part 2 of this video in your about section, and reply to my post with it please? You're actually very good at tutorials and if you teach me how to do what you've done step by step, then I'll show you how to drastically increase the views of your own youtube videos, and drive traffic to your sites, thereby increasing the revenue generated from them. Deal? I have a few wordpress websites that are free, but by partnering with ebay and amazon could still help me generate income on. I'm trying to educate myself as to how and you seem to know what you're doing. Deal? If so, email me at [email protected] Thanks!

  • Norman Castelli

    Hi thank you for this BUT where is your 2nd video. The most important part. How do i apply this to my epn site?

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