Echo Catt Academy Learn, Laugh, Facebook LIVE Event
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Echo Catt Academy Learn, Laugh, Facebook LIVE Event

hello out there I hope everybody enjoyed
their Christmas vacation all the holiday goodies and now I know I’ve told you
guys that echocatt has some big announcements for 2020 and I’m in a
special place and I’m gonna make another announcement for 2020 and that is that
echo cat also has an echocatt Academy of real estate yay
specifically for our real estate friends and we have a core class that’s rolling
out called way to represent because I’m super Street that way and we’re gonna be
talking about agency and the Missouri brokers disclosure form have you even
read that yeah it’s got some stuff in it but we’re gonna do it the echo cat way
we’re gonna have a lot of fun it is a three-hour court class and I know you
still need ethics but that’s okay you could do all 12 hours of core so talk to
your broker and let’s get scheduled for that but we also have a class that’s
gonna be great value to your business and we’re going to have a special guest
facilitator and that is coach Manning yay super excited about this show that
you’re having yeah thank you so much for putting this on at the end of the day
I’m always saying to build that know like and trust factor the number one
tool videos just like we’re shooting this video and that’s what we’re going
to be teaching you at the learn laugh and live that we’re doing on February
3rd yes so learn laugh and Facebook live because
coach Manny here is going to teach us new ways to bring new business to
Facebook because studies have been shown that when you’re laughing and enjoying
what you learn you retain it longer and that’s exactly what we’re going to do so
we’re going to be doing learn laugh Facebook live February 3rd at 10 a.m.
yes hosted by the backdoor comedy club and O’Fallon I don’t know how many
people have told me that I need to make sure I get together with Michael Tobin
well Michael Tobin hey everybody how you doing thank you very much Diane and it’s
always great to see you Manny coach Manny’s in the house you
always yeah for those that don’t know we have a comedy club urinal Valley
Missouri talent yes just we’re just in it and a lot of people gonna worry you
at well if you know where the Chrissy is we’re right across the street and we’re
in the back half of the Tap House that’s where we got back door because I was in
the you know where how do you do it you just go to the back door yeah you go
nice and everything you gotta get to know Michael Michael I grew up together
so many people don’t know that you know we went to the same school yeah
had a couple kids together ha ha shall we okay yeah but that’s okay we’ll
get back to that later well and here’s the really cool news about learn laugh
and Facebook live you know sometimes Realtors I do too we
have to reach out to our vendor friends and say hey can you sponsor this can you
sponsor that here’s the deal when you buy a ticket you can bring your favorite
vendor for free yes that’s because this isn’t just for agents this is for any
business owner or anyone who wants to drive business to their Facebook page so
how do you do this you go to WWE COO cat Academy com remember can’t have two tees
how do we do two tees mani two tees and go to Lillard laughs and Facebook live
and you can purchase tickets there it is limited seating so you have to get in
there fast and then when you purchase make sure you write in who your vendor
guest is going to be Michael yes would you please be my vendor guest for
February third oh I would be honored I asked you to sponsor me this is gonna be
a fun fun event the first half hour Manny’s gonna teach you exactly how to
drive business to your Facebook page I’m gonna even teach you how to get
engagement I’m going to show you the three things you need to do to 20x your
engagement and I guarantee you you’ll get leads exactly then I’m going to take
over the second half hour and we’re going to get out of our comfort zone and
get ready for Facebook live and the third half hour I’m keeping that a
secret till then but we are gonna have you know Michael knows but we’re not
telling it’s gonna be a blast so bring your favorite vendor get on a coke
addict Adam and also please go like our Echo cat facebook page at go
cat Academy Facebook page let’s get that I just launched it this morning and
it’ll have an event page for this and don’t forget to tell your brokers about
way to represent another core class thank you so much and we look forward to
seeing you February 3rd at back door comedy club yeah

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