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Ed V. Facebook | Brown & Crouppen


  • Eagl Ai

    Omg ur hilarious! Out of the thousands of ads I skip through weekly, finally an ad I actually loved and watched without having to skip.. left the video I was about to watch to continue watching more of ur content.. can't wait for more!

  • Gareth Matthews

    You missed one very active Facebook personality: the Russian disinformation forwarder.

    "OMG! Can you believe that Bernie Sanders was arrested 15 years ago for stealing children's teddy bears while they slept? That's why he wears those super quiet, thick-soled loafers all the time! Don't believe me? Check out this article my ex-cop friend sent me…"

  • K T

    You forgot the "STALKERS!" These are people who rarely or never shares any posts, because they're just there to look at other people's posts without them knowing it. They could be on Facebook every day and looking at these posts! 🤣🤣 Why bother having an account?!

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