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Hey! What’s up guys? All good? All correct? Well, I’m glad. Come on. Give it all to me . It spreads air. It carries out his function, the unfortunate. It spreads air. But, nevertheless, it’s hot, it’s….. a dog’s breath It’s hotter than Charmander in a roasted chicken shop. It’s friday. It’s July. Summer ¿ what the hell I’m I doing at home recording? ¡ I should be at the beach with a caipirinha in my hand! But, well, we have to take life with happiness, **. *song* Whatever, I’m going to tell you a couple of jokes cause today’s video has to be taken with humor, cause if you take it seriously, it will make you angry So we’re going to raise the level of humor. “Hey,” I have a question, ¿What do you recommend me for hair loss? -Resin -Trees’ resin? -No, the resignation.” “(In a train station) -Sorry, when does the quarter to 8 train leave? -At 7.45 -What a nuisance! They’re always changing the timetable.” I’m going to act as if I have read nothing. This has never happened, okay? Erase it from your minds. *song* The video we’re going to talk about today is slightly different to what I usually comment here. So, let’s go, with calm. This morning I was surfing through YouTube’s underworld, through the misterious catacombs Where you’re welcomed by a hunchbacked with a Chinese lantern and tells you: “Come in, come in, accompany me. Come on, I’ll take you to your bedroom, follow me.” I don’t understand why in films, in most of thriller ones, they do this. I ring a house, received by this man, a hunchbacked with a Chinese lantern and that voice And I tell him: “Come on, fuck off” I leave But people in films no, they say: “Damn, yeah! Haha, how cool, let’s stay here overnight.” Then they all die, don’t they? Well, then you should have leaved, moron. Well, sorry, I’m straying I have a mind which is gonna blow up some of these days. I was there, surfing, and I found out a video where I said to myself: WHAT IS THIS? The video is titled “The homofobic clown” When I saw that title I thought: Well, it should be a clown a bit crazy being like … and tells homofobic jokes. But it isn’t that It’s not jokes. The guy gives his opinion and tries to help homosexual people to recover life’s way. Before starting, I’m going to tell you something. You can take this video in two ways. The first one is where you go mad with him. You wanna shit on his fucking mother, kill his family full of bad feelings The second, is that you laugh of it. Of the stupid things that he says That´s the one I´m personally gonna take Life with humor hurts a lot less Hello Baiker friends! So good to see you once more,thanks to god ,thanks to our father god Because we have the opportunity to breathe, to be alive and to be happy and merry (crazy clown laughter) When I said he was a clown,I meant it literally, And he´s a clown who scares the sh*t out of me If I´m asleep and open an eye and see this guy, who´s looking at me right beside my bed I wouldn´t say “Oh no! I would run as fast as I could” No,no,no, If I open my eyes and see him, I would faint, I would die! Do you know what you get when you breed an ant and a monkey? a hormone! (Crazy clown laughter) (coghs) It looks like I´m not the only one who has the joke´s book. And what do you get if you mix a bull with an orange? Well, a grape fruit. (Crazy clown laugh) I really like the kids’ voices that he added there with Sony Vegas Becuase there isn’t any one in the car Unless he has them in the trunk (Suspenseful/scary music) And now something serious. Do you know what comes from crossing a horse with a donkey? A mule This is true Scientifically, humans wanted to clone Or rather, breed a horse with a donkey But the mule ends up sterile So far, everything is great. He isn’t saying anything crazy From a horse and a donkey comes a mule, which is always sterile. You might be thinking, “But look , Auronplay, this guy isn’t saying anything. I don’t know where all the fuss is coming from. It’s because it is a species created by humans. Everything that God creates reproduces (except for this clown) Okay, as we can see, rather than going down the road, the road of biology, he goes down the road of religion to give an explanation His explanation is that they don’t reproduce because God didn’t create them. And the biological explanation is that they’re a hybrid, a cross between two species and reproduction isn’t possible. But whatever, you think whatever you want, that’s not what’s important. Everything that doesn’t come from God… dies. Or is destroyed I think you’re starting to get an idea of what road he’s about to go down, right? Let’s go Today I wanted to record on this topic because many have asked me what is your opinion on homosexuality? It doesn’t matter what my opinion is of homosexuality What’s important is what God says through the bible And says the word of God in (Galatians?) 5-19 That effeminates, nor homosexuals will inherit the kingdom of heaven Pffffffff Look, I’m not homosexual, but in this life I’m not aspiring to rise to the kingdom of heaven Rather, if you want, the kingdom of heaven, you can take it And put it up your ass Child! Eat your lentils or you won’t inherit the kingdom of heaven If I could choose, I’d prefer to inherit a place on the beach, eh? But listen, it’s a matter of opinion I respect it Homosexuality can’t reproduce It only recruits Yes, yes. They tried to recruit me a lot of times I go down the street and I always find homosexuals that say to me “Hey, come here, come with us, come with us.” I tell them, “No, I’m in a hurry right now” But yeah, they try to recruit all the time. So far, in no hospital have I heard a male doctor or female doctor say, “Congratulations, he was born homosexual!” Or “Congratulations, she was born lesbian!” Of course… no, no that doesn’t happen, but surely in your case they said Congratulations Miss, it’s a boy! But he came out a dumbass. Wait, don’t go, because you haven’t seen anything yet. Unfortunately, this world that is so corrupted (by people like this clown) that many, since childhood have been deceived by Satan And he has made them believe it’s not what it seems (singing)The blame is the Devil’s Cha cha cha. Gays and Lesbians of the world, if you ever asked yourselves “Shoot, why am I gay? Shoot, Why am I a lesbian?” Now you have an explanation It’s because Satan, when you were little, visited you at your house Satan is like Santa Claus, right? He sneaks into your house at night But instead of leaving you a present, he touches you And transforms you into a homosexual Okay, I’m Satan. Let’s see who I’m going to make gay today. Alright, you, kid, come here Now you’re gay, nice, all done. I am inviting you, friend, I’m not judging you I invite you to look at yourself in the mirror and tell me, what do you see? He isn’t judging he says, he doesn’t judge! You’re a lesbian, really? Ufff That’s not natural, eh, that’s not what God created That’s a thing of the devil, but hey! (noises) (more noises) I’m not judging you Let me say to you That God loves you because he made you perfect in his image But he abhors your sin Here I got scared I’ll admit it, here it scared me But he abhors your sin (voice slowed down) I’m scared! Just an aside here, eh? Just an aside I’m just saying, if God loves me as much a you say He would let me have the sexual orientation that comes naturally to me, no? That’s all I’m saying! Jesus Christ is waiting with arms wide open for you to recognize that you have fallen Well, I hope he has a place to sit Because if not he’s going to get tired of waiting Because I doubt that someone recognizes that they made a mistake In what? in what?!?! I felt attracted to someone of the same sex Forgive me Jesus Really, forgive me, I want to make it better I’m going to put a Prosegur(security company) alarm in the house So that Satan doesn’t sneak in again for you to let in his hands all that you’ve been through, maybe it was a rape maybe it was a malformation hold on because I,m coming clown are you telling me? are you telling me, friend clown that the homesexuals are homosexuals due to a rape or a malformation? I’ve put as a goal taking this video with humor, right? of something nasty like his words do something funny, right? A parody, taking it as a joke but is taking me to much not to shit in your deads but I want to invite you to go to Christ arms and leave all your problem, all that have happened on his hands, so he can heal that part of your life but what problem? Heal what? I don’t understand let’s see if a guy likes a guy or a girl likes a girl what’s the matter? when does that affect Jesus he is like a child then? ”I want this to be like this and like that if is not like that I’ll get mad oh is not like that? ok I’ll get mad then, you are going to hell Satan? Yes, look go to Pepito Flores house, yeah Notary? Hey whats up man? I’m Jesus it’s been a while how’s your wife? good? perfect listen here I have a list of homosexuals that I want you to take out of the heredity of the Kingdom of Heaven Yes, they’re gay, I don’t want them in my kingdom Okay look I tell you, the first name is Pepito Antonio… I don’t judge you, I love you As sons of God our obligation is to love our neighbor It shows you’re a being Full of love, you’re like a Winnie the Pooh More or less equal of sweet that a Winnie the Pooh I your way of hating, I do not even want to know it and less with the faces that you take But I don’t share your lifestyle With all my heart, God bless you and I know that God will give you the answer (Kiss) Look and he’s so comfortable. Like the one who hasn’t said anything Like that ” Well, I’ve given my opinion, right? “I have not said any folly.” I believe that if God really has to give answers to someone It must be people like you that have this thought so… Bad, crazy… With how easy it is for everyone to do with their lives what they want “I like men, I like women” So perfect, enjoy it Of course I do, Ostia! But no, then comes the people ”No, is that to me this seems to me to be very bad Because in the verse number 7-14 My brown eggs, there was a gentleman who once said … ” Lie down a little while please “In verse 13-14 makes it clear that homosexuality is not natural” Ok… In that book too … The snakes speak and there is a gentleman that walks on the water, I do not believe that neither We have to take that at the bottom of the letter Anyway, I hope you’re watching this video Don’t be angry, don’t be angry now there with rage And that at least you’ve laughed If I have managed to make you laugh with this video Is that I can make you laugh with anything, coño! And maybe there are people who say ” because I do not think well that you laugh at such a serious topic” Well what do you want me to say, there are two options gilipollas!! or I laugh And I prefer laughing, call me rebellious if you want. And above all I hope that no believer has offended In any case take offense with this gentleman, who is the one that thinks this way, no? I have nothing against religions always and when respect And this gentleman, does not respect Anyway, once again, we meet in the next video.


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