Ellsworth Social Media and Video Workshops
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Ellsworth Social Media and Video Workshops

hey Ellsworth I’m excited to share that
we’ve been working with the Ellsworth Chamber and have put together a few
marketing workshops that we’re going to be bringing down to Ellsworth in October
one of them is social media strategy and the other is using video in your
marketing efforts so if you have wondered about your social media posts
if they’re working if you have focus where to get ideas from what you should
be focusing on how to measure how to do it all that fun stuff that workshop
would be for you and I’d love to have you join us video if you’re looking to
get more video into your social media use on your website or just using it to
engage either in advance or corporate or commercials or whoever you think video
works for your business we’re gonna have some really cool brainstorming
interactive discussions and I think you’d find a value there too so really
quickly the concept of these workshops it’s a two-hour workshop but it’s not
going to be a pitch it’s not going to be something where you just sit and listen
and take notes far from it exactly it’s going to be all
about the questions and goals of the people in the room so we’ll probably do
like 20-25 percent at the beginning of the workshop will be a presentation on
best practices what we’ve see working what some trends are and what you need
to be aware of but I’m also going to reach out to all of those that sign up
ahead of time to get a feel for the types of questions and the types of
things you’re looking to walk away from and then cater the conversation to those
specific questions and goals so it’s gonna be highly interactive and I hope
highly valuable so video marketing and social media strategy if either one of
those two or both fits your fancy I hope you take a look at the link that I’m
sharing with this video if you have any questions give me a shout these have
been very popular up here in Bangor and I’m excited to bring them down to
Ellsworth and work with the chamber so I hope to see you at one of the workshops

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