Energy Anatomy: Teeth
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Energy Anatomy: Teeth

Hello so today we’re gonna talk a little
bit about energy anatomy. Similar to understanding that you have over 200
bones in the human body you should know that you have particular set of energy
points, line, chakras, your aura, your halo your pranic sheath. There’s like so many
aspects to the energy body and so this is just the beginning of a little
tutorial on your energy anatomy so one of the things I wanted to talk about and
I will show an image to start if you all know about something like reflexology
right that you have points in your foot that correspond to points in your body
the same is obviously true for the hands it also actually repeats in the ears
that’s why in Qi Gong massage we actually we begin the practice by
massaging our ears because the entire acupressure system repeats
in the ear so you can actually give yourself a full body energy massage by
just remembering to massage your ears and this is a great visual because you
can actually see the body in the ear so this is just one way for people to just
quickly take a look, but today actually wanted to talk to you about your teeth
so I think that often times we don’t know that each of our teeth also follows
a Meridian line and we unfortunately have really low quality dentistry at
this modern time so there’s a lot of encouragement around root canals which
leaves dead material in the tooth which is not great for the holistic state of
your health we also have a lot of toxic materials that go into the mouth like
mercury fillings that of course mercury has been connected the term mad hatter came from
a mercury like felt hat making process that actually made the Hatmaker’s go mad
go crazy because mercury it’s very disruptive for your mental health so we
have all these things that we have to compensate for in our current world with
the level of toxicity so i wanted to give you some balancing practices. So
some of the balancing practices for teeth health and
then the meridians that they’re connected to it’s the for instance
tapping so in Qigong we do tapping it stimulate your bone marrow to grow it
sends a vibration throughout the meridians lines so it’s a great thing
that you can do to rebalance your mouth health another thing you can do actually
is oil pulling a lot of people know about this you just take maybe a
tablespoon or half a tablespoon worth of coconut oil put it in your mouth and
swish with it as if you’re gargling for about ten to fifteen minutes it will
actually extract toxicity from your mouth so it’s a great practice to try to
integrate regularly and if it’s hard for you to integrate regular practices do it
when you have a toothache it’s sure to help so let’s go a little bit now into
what the teeth correspond to in terms of the body so we’ll just start with the
top teeth right these four on the top those actually correspond with the kidney and
the bladder and then the next one so this would be the canine actually
corresponds to the liver and the gallbladder the two teeth behind that
actually correspond to the lung and the large intestine and the two teeth behind
that correspond with the pancreas and the stomach and then when you get to the
final tooth in the back this corresponds actually to the heart and the small
intestine or what they called a triple warmer so then let’s do the bottom again
the first four correspond to the kidney in the bladder the canines correspond to
the liver and the gallbladder the next two are the pancreas and the stomach and
I’ll make sure I put up a chart for this as well and the two behind that are the
lung and the large intestine and the final again is the heart small
intestine and tripple warmer so I think that people tend to get
cavities along the molars and the molars are often corresponding to the large
intestine in the stomach interestingly in Ayurvedic cure the digestion and
cure everything and a lot of people have digestive problems I’m sure people are
also often having teeth problems and potentially even having root canals so
looking at the way that we’re tending to our teeth health can affect something
like our digestion is the definition of holistic it’s understanding that
it’s all connected and by understanding the nuances such as the energy anatomy
helps you to be more coherent on your healing path, so I hope this has been
helpful to you and that you subscribe and listen to more of my videos and
always feel free to contact me for any nutritional consulting, energy healing
tailored sessions, and the like all right. Have a beautiful day!

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