Ep. 1019 More Deep State Shenanigans. The Dan Bongino Show 7/10/2019

Ep. 1019 More Deep State Shenanigans. The Dan Bongino Show 7/10/2019

get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host dan bond Gino hi welcome to Dan bunchy no show producer Joe how are you oh sorry producer Joe will be joining us shortly if you listen to the audio podcast for the first time ever the versions will be a little different producer Joe is on the audio podcast however we had a major internet meltdown where I'm located here so due to technical difficulties the beginning of this show today will be a little differently a little different let me get right to it folks I've got a stack show for you today this first story I promise you is gonna blow your mind the Mike Flynn saga which we've been quiet on for a little while has blown up yesterday I kid you not has actually blown up it is a devastating indictment of the government's effort to target a genuine military hero in Flint and it's all coming out right now on the dirty laundry for you all to see all right let's get right to it today's show 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real sadly I wish it were a conspiracy theory it's not before he was targeted deep state actors who targeted Mike Flynn targeted him and set him up and now we have strong evidence of what I've been telling you for a long time it's true now I'm gonna play a clip for you last night from Sean Hannity's Fox News show Sarah Carter was on I have her article by the way about this at Sarah Carter calm up at Bonjean Oh calm there it is right there judge slams government argument that Mike Flynn is a co-conspirator in former partners trial by Sarah Carter July 10 2019 it'll be up in the show notes up on gog.com subscribe to my email list I'll send them all to you it's a great piece it's worth your time Sarah was on hannity show last night and she said there's something very suspicious about a filing Mike Flynn it was demanded as fight he make this filing there's something very suspicious about it let me give you a quick backstory I'll play the cut and I'll explain it the story's gonna be a little bit confusing but I promise you this is absolutely worth your time here's the gist of it Mike Flynn is currently being prosecuted for two separate BS cases federal cases by the anti-trump Muller team and other people in the deep state who can't stand Mike Flynn and want to make sure he stays quiet about everything the first case is the case we've talked about Mike Flynn had a conversation with the Russian ambassador during the transition period with the Trump team the contents of that conversation he was asked about an FBI interview the contents weren't related exactly to the FBI agents the FBI agents despite telling Jim Comey the FBI a threat they didn't think Flint was lying about his retelling of the conversation charged him with lying anyway because they wanted my Flint silenced why because Mike Flynn was an opponent of the Obama administration as far back as 2015 there were deep state efforts against Mike Flynn to keep him quiet there's another case this is important this is critical there is another case against Mike Flynn that in that case Mike Flynn is being used as a witness against his business partners the allegation there is that Mike Flynn and his business partners were lobbying on behalf of a company tied to the Turkish government and that Mike Flynn his business partners did not file the appropriate paperwork there you're supposed to register under Farah foreign agency Registration Act this is a crime almost never ever prosecuted by the way but in the case of people lined with Trump of course the government has to go after him because that's what they do this is third world Republic type stuff the allegations in that case are that they did not file the proper paperwork and that knew who they were lobbying for was connected to the Turkish government you tracking me how are these two cases connected this is important critical information here because in order to get off on the sentencing part for the lying to the FBI case where the government's alleging Mike Flynn lied even though he didn't write they're saying hey your cooperation and the other case is gonna count you tracking me in other words you cooperate against your business partner and will let you off easy on this lying case that's how the two cases are connected even though they're separate cases the government now all of a sudden has changed their mind has changed their mind on the fara case and said no Mike Flynn is no longer a cooperator he's a co-conspirator co-conspirator how did he turn into a co-conspirator from a cooperator listen to this cut by Sarah Carter where she explains how there's something very fishy about the forms they made Mike Flynn fill out about doing that lobbying for that company connected to the Turkish government I'll explain we come back and one very important point about this tion that a lot of people don't understand is that normally ferry's aren't executed you're right but more than that is that when they receive a example an issue from the fara office to file a fara it's very simple it's very easy to fill out according to sources that I've spoken to Flynn's fara was so extraordinarily complicated it was almost as if they had crafted the fara to try to corner him into say making a statement that wouldn't be correct so that's something that they're looking into as well now the judge has not decided yet whether or not to allow the government to call him a co-conspirator so this still hasn't been decided it's expected to be decided soon all right Sarah Carter investigative reporter great work tonight and we are hoping that general Flynn gets justice ladies and gentlemen we understand what you just heard this endless witch-hunt of Mike Flynn is one of the most grotesque disgusting examples of government overreach and prosecutorial malfeasance lying and garbage steaming pot pile of dog manure in a bag on fire on your front porch and than I've ever seen in my life Flynn here's the story here here's what Sarah Carter's talking about and I'm getting a lot of this from a good source of mine hat tip you know who you are Mike Flynn during the transition period is approached about some lobbying he did for a company that private company was apparently according to these some of these allegations connected to the Turkish government the extent of those connections to the Turkish government please track me here Mike Flynn is not aware of Flynn does not understand how this private company is alleged to be tied to the Turkish government okay he thinks he's doing someone perfectly legal lobbying for the fart for this a private company that's tied to the foreign company he doesn't understand how deep these ties are the government's alleging them to be the government however apparently knows this the government knows that the company Flint is lobbying for has connections in fact to the Turkish government how the government know that so the government goes to Mike Flynn he's now the national security adviser during the incoming Trump administration and he says the appointed national security adviser the government this attorney David laughs man who is connected to just about everybody and their mother apparently on the Democrat side this attorney for the government this guy laughs and says to Flynn hey listen you need to go back now and file these forms registering as a foreign lobbyist basically under Farah Flynn's probably thinking why I was only lobbying for a foreign company not a foreign company connected to the government and Sarah Carter just said when he goes to the fara office and keep in mind Flynn hires a very high-priced attorney to help him fill out this paperwork precisely as it's legally supposed to be filled out he's not trying to do any shenanigans he pays a hundred and seventy thousand dollars to an attorney to fill this up they go into the fara office to fill it out and as Sarah Carter said all of a sudden to form they're being presented with which is usually super simple are you lobbying for a foreign government who okay simple here you go he gets this long extensive form with these detailed questions almost designed to trip him up why would they want to do that why would they want to do that they did it ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna throw this out there and I'm gonna stand by this because I know Mike Flynn has been targeted as far back as 2015 remember he goes overseas all of a sudden he shows up at this this location in London Miami go in London again people involved you know Christopher Steele's show up at the meeting allegations back in 2015 start to surface that they at this 2015 meeting Mike Flynn had some inappropriate contact with a Russian woman Svetlana likova who could not deny this in stronger terms nobody else sees the conduct is inappropriate by the way it's just the anti-trump people oh by the way they're the same anti Trump people connected to Christopher steel and connected this Stephon halper the same spy who spied on the Trump team during the summer of 2016 same guy what have I told you about Flynn Flynn is the linchpin to spy gate because spy gate is more than just about Trump it is about spying on Obama's enemies why was Flynn spied on his for back is 2015 Trump isn't even running yet because Flynn is an opponent of the Iran deal Barack Obama's signature foreign policy disaster what barack obama thinks is an achievement flynn is a vocal opponent he needs to be taken out politically his reputation needs to be ruined elephant allegations surface Mike Flinders and made some inappropriate contact with a Russian woman nonsense but they don't have anything on Flynt he's clean this contract with this private company where he's doing some consulting work is not this deeply involved Turkish government operation the government knows about but ask yourself how does the government apparently know in advance about the extensive cooperation between a private company and the Turkish government that they're they're seemingly implying here but Flynn doesn't ladies and gentlemen because Flynn was being spied on the whole time and I believe so was the company he was working for in other words the government presents him with the Farrah form and has him sign a form that Flynn thinks he's being honest about but the government already knows he's going to sign a false form in a force document why are they doing this now because Flynn's new attorney Sydney Powell and Flynn's legal team have finally given the double barrel middle finger to the government and said we are not signing this what did they do the government wants Flynn to sign a new form saying that the Pharaoh registration the complicated form they asked him to sign in February they want him to say that what he said on that form is a lie in other words they want Flynn to admit he knew he was doing extensive lobbying for the Turkish government by proxy and Flynn's now saying I'm not going to sign that because it's not true I may know that now because you told me but I wasn't aware this company had extensive ties to the Turkish government the government already knew in February because they were spying on Flynn this guy's been set up the whole time so now you're nailing them to the wall and saying hey you know we told you if you cooperated in this other case we'd help you out in the lying case forget about that deal's off you're out now they're trying to declare Flynn a co-conspirator in this fara case when Flynn had no idea the involvement of this company with again alleged to be tied to the Turkish government he didn't know he's not gonna sign the form Paul is this making sense thank you here now just so you understand I'm gonna put up this uh the judges words in a second big hat tip that techno fog on Twitter you're awesome great account tech no fog highlighted this legal document finally this information surfaced yesterday from court filings on Flint long ensured of his this stuff was sealed that's now coming out in order for the government to nail Flynn to the wall and say okay you were helping us out with this failure to register as a foreign lobbyist case against your business partner right Flynn was gonna testify against his business partner apparently Flynn now says no I'm not signing that though that I knew that I'm not signing that form the government now turns around it goes back to the judges we want to declare Mike Flynn now as a co-conspirator not a cooperator the judge says this check this out basically nailing the government to the wall from the court filings the judges similarly the Farris statement and related filings do not reflect the existence of the alleged conspiracy to act as undisclosed Turkish agents or to cause the filing of a false Faris statement oh oh is this case on Mike Flynn falling apart quick make no mistake what's happening here the judge just stuck his boot 25 feet up the caboose of the government Muller anti-trump DOJ antitrump hacks who are trying to target Mike Flynn again for a second crime he didn't commit lying on a fara form he wasn't lying on he had an experienced lawyer help him fill it out if a company he was working for had ties to the Turkish government Flynn know about then why didn't the government just tell him hey buddy we've been spying on you that company by the way has some ties we think you should know about why not breathe from they didn't they let him sign the form anyway knowing he didn't I didn't try to prosecute him for it and then he said no no we won't prosecute you as long as you testify against your buddy they're your business partner but you have to sign this form first admitting you lie I'm not signing that okay now we're gonna charge you as a co-conspirator the judge just backed slapped them and said there's no evidence of that that he lied on that fara form or that he was acting as an undisclosed Turkish agent none there's no evidence for that folks the Flynn legal team has finally caught on here they have finally caught on to the fact that Mike Flynn is being relentlessly persecuted by deep state actors who are desperate to shut this guy up there is no evidence he lied to the applied he how to please threatened with bankruptcy the FBI acknowledged he didn't lie about the kiss lyac russian conversation now secondly we find out the government's trying to flip the script on him and charge him as a co-conspirator in a case they've already acknowledged he was a cooperator on because he won't sign a form a fara form as Sara Carter said the junta that they made in unnecessarily complex to trip him up to entrap him again folks Flynn's fara filing was accurate according to what he knew at the time that it was not accurate after the fact because the government disclosed him information he didn't have is not a reason to go back and charge him with a crime they are so desperate to shut up and silence Mike Flint it is disgusting what's going on here folks please tell me you followed that I don't want to have to I don't want to recap it endlessly for you and I know I you know I don't want to waste your time but I just want you to understand Flynn was entrapped again on the lion case to the FBI they walked into the White House literally two FBI agents in a setup attempt they already had the transcript about Flynn's phone call to the Russian ambassador you already had it in front of him they had it because they've been spying on Flynn they had the exact wording when Flynn's retelling of the conversation didn't match the exact wording they charged him with lying to the FBI even though they acknowledged to their FBI director that they didn't think he was being dishonest he was being set up finally because they were spying on Flynn they think they have a connection to the Turkish government and Flynn that Flynn doesn't know about so they make him file a form hey just acknowledge you were a lobbyist and signed this form but Flynn doesn't know the information the government does they then turn around go look you signed this form but in this form you didn't admit you worked for the Turkish government he couldn't admit it he didn't know they'd set him up this should seriously take you off the guy was set up not once but twice thank God the judge is having none of this he's saying there's no evidence anything you're telling us about Flynn is true none all right today's show also brought to my buddies an i target ladies and gentlemen if you're gonna own a firearm safety and proficiency matter and the I target Pro system is the single best way out there to improve your proficiency with a firearm listen the range can get expensive you have to drive there you have to purchase the ammunition if they clean your firearm the range may be far away you can't get there every day it's not convenient my prior line of work he used to fire our weapons every month because you have to maintain that proficiency you have to work on your sight alignment your sight picture your grip how can you do that if 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article coming out which excuse me it's out yesterday talking about the credibility of steel here's what's going on here the Inspector General Michael Horowitz who's looking into this whole abuse of the FISA process we were just talking about the spying we now know bill bars looking into the spying on Mike Flynn and others fascinatingly enough fascinatingly I put out a few months back that the problem with steals information was it was garbage and one of the other problems which steals information who was hired to put together the dossier is he had already told in October before they ever filed any of these FISA documents to spy on the Trump team he had already told the State Department official Kathleen Catholic that his sources were to russian disinformation specialists in other words steel was colluding with russians to get information about donald trump that's not in dispute that's only in dispute amongst lunatic liberals who don't want to tell you the truth right the media of course misses that whole story but i'd send few months back that the problem this is the FBI has located or had located to be precise in January of 2017 one of Steele's alleged Russian sources right and had interviewed that Russian source now according to my sources you know who you are that interview let's just say Joe did not go well matter-of-fact earn it went very bad ba D badd and Joe Biden spelling it did not go well the Russian source was deemed to be untrustworthy and basically lying ladies and gentlemen what's the problem here alarm bells should be going off everywhere not only does Christopher steel tell a United States government State Department official before the FBI ever uses his information in the courts that he's getting it from Russian disinformation specialists before the first FISA signed in October but when the FISA warrant the spy on the Trump team is renewed in January and twice more into the summer of 2017 the FBI ladies and gentlemen has already interviewed one of Steele's Russian sources and found it out his information to be extensive garbage to quote Marv Albert from the old Nick games we're an extensive garbage time yes you are now the New York Times again after we've already reported this stuff so is like Chuck Ross and everyone else out there who's done that work on this case we've already reported the FBI interviewed this Russian source that was given information for steal and thought it was garbage not only that my sources are telling me Jim Comey knew darn well that those Russian sources were garbage and kept reauthorizing the warrants to spy on the Trump team anyway Comey knew why is the New York Times reporting this now as we can see let me read this to you this is fascinating from the New York Times yesterday moreover by January 2017 FB I even said tracked down and interviewed one of mr. Steele's main sources a Russian speaker from a service former Soviet republic would spend time in the West according to a DOJ document obtained by the New York Times and people familiar with the event listen to this you want to talk about putting lipstick on a pig what a shine job on your shoes this is check this out Joe after questioning him the Russians again what we already reported on FBI officials came to suspect that the man might have added his own interpretations to reports from his own sources that he passed on to mr. Steele calling it to question the reliability of the information Oh Oh in that grade isn't that spectacular so basically that what are they saying Joe the FBI knew Steele's Russian sources were crabby they were that wouldn't you put crap in a bag and you light it on fire and you throw it on someone stupid not that I've ever done that and someone goes out and smashes it that's what's happening the New York Times now in their endless Pravda propaganda roll what are they doing Joe they're trying to get out ahead of the Inspector General Michael Horowitz this report which is probably gonna have this information in there the inspector general's report is going to be devastating you know what it's gonna say in in in inspector general 'is the bureau knew these Russian sources were crap and spied on Trump anyway so what is the x do they want to paint this story first it's like watercolors Bob Ross look there's a pretty little tree look a little waterfall look at this remember Bob Ross they still love bras very relaxed better didn't you you of course they want New York Times Joe wants you to feel better about a prolific government spying operation on Mike Flynn and Donald Trump using crap garbage Russian sources the government knew where garbage because they interviewed them why do you think Comey there that's right yes why do you think Kobe's freaking out why why do you think FBI listen is the New York Times I love this that he may have added his own interpretations to reports calling into questions rely in other words he lied the Russian source steel is using ladies and gentlemen the bureau already knows this this is the New York Times doing damage control that's all this is instead of just coming out headline FBI used this credited Russian source to spy on the Trump team colluding with the foreigner and Christopher Steele that's the headline what do they do they bury this little nugget halfway down and say well he may have added his own interpretations to the 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they're very good but let me just recap where we were for the sake of continuity so in the beginning the takeaway from the Mike Flynn case the government was spying on Mike Flynn the government likely knew Mike Flynn's relationship to the Turks was a little more detailed than even Mike Flynn knew the government how did the government know Mike Flynn was working for the Turks because they were spying on him even though Mike Linden no and they made him sign a document any way to stick it to Flynn because he was an enemy of the Obama team that's the takeaway the government knew more than Flynn did and made him sign the thing anyway secondly the New York Times is finally getting ahead of his story we already reported the fact that they interviewed these Russian sources they were garbage and the government used the information anyway okay moving on cocaine Mitch strikes again Mitch McConnell listen I get it i Mitch as as good in his bad moments but I gotta tell you lately cocaine Mitch's been dug like doubling down that's his nickname by the way from Don Blankenship who ran for Senate in West Virginia for those of you missed I'm not alleging Mitch O'Connell Mitch McConnell uses cocaine but it's it was a nickname a given but cocaine Mitch is back so he's asked at a press or up there on Capitol Hill now that the New York Times has recovered yet or nothing you've sent me to forget who covered it the NBC News it was I'm sorry that NBC News Joe broke the story dreaded air quotes that McConnell's ancestors may have owned slaves which is nothing to do with McConnell he's not responsible for the behavior of anyone else other than Mitch McConnell no less his ancestors so at this entrepreneurial news outlet decides they're gonna nail him down on capital L say hey listen you know I know you don't support reparations you know payments made to descendants of slaves as a policy which is an awful policy by the way I know you don't support that but is your mind gonna change now that we know your ancestors owned slaves listened to cocaine Mitch in an absolute gut shot kidney shot liver shot between the legs kick I'm not really sure what they call it check this out you know I find myself once again in the same position as President Obama we both oppose reparations and we both are the descendants of slaveholders that reporter that reporter must be sitting there like what just happened how did I just get so destroyed on was that c-span or whatever it is how did I just get so wrecked with one question wrecked re Katie Twitter wreck that's the kids use that for wrecked getting all ready Katie I didn't I spelt it wrong on purpose totally completely wrecked Mitch McConnell that is the exact same position he's not kidding that Barack Obama finds himself in also Kamala Harris presidential candidate who there's some allegations surfacing now that her ancestors owned slaves do let me be crystal clear I am absolutely morally and ethically consistent on this I don't hold Barack Obama's responsible for his ancestors issues nor Kamala Harris nor Mitch McConnell the media remember what I said to you and yesterday's show when we discussed this topic at length you better be darn careful opening up this Pandora's box you may not like what you find if we're gonna start going back through the lineage and generations to figure out what people in our past in and hold us responsible for it good job by Mitch McConnell holding the press accountable it may be it is Obama gonna get the same questions of course not he's a democratic yeah I mean really he has been really fired up with Mitch McConnell alright moving on um there's a story I heard last night on martha maccallum show on fox and it really really kind of stung me a little bit in a good way ladies and gentlemen I know this is not an issue that polls well with a lot of Americans candidly I know for a Content conservative content it's an issue not a lot of people talk about but we should the issue of school choice the fact that low-income folks in some inner cities a lot of minority students people in mountainous regions of the United States areas where the education system may be struggling a bit the fact that they have no way out and have no access to the American dream that I've had that Joe has had that Paul has had has always disturbed me again I know school choice it's not one of those things like you know we're at the ramparts and we're ready to like knock down the Democrat wall over ladies and gentlemen it should be and the reason this story should be preeminent in our conservative thinking is I'm convinced the radical left not all Democrats but the radical left wants a poor struggling underclass they need them because they need votes and they need government programs to attempt to buy people off ladies and gentlemen with an improved vibrant strong education system that gives people access out of poverty into the American dream you and I have the Democrats and their radical left are not going to be able to parasitically feed off an underclass of folks that remain poor I'm telling you the key to long-term economic prosperity foundational liberty and freedom which strong roots feeding off that water in the ground the key to that that ground the Liberty is an education system and our education system has failed these kids it is left them behind it is the civil rights issue of our time it is a human catastrophe what is happening to these inner-city kids and these other kids and struggling to school district getting a point I saw this story of martha maccallum last night here's the story in the New York Post I can't encourage you in strong enough terms to read this in the shownotes tonight New York Post story about this Bronx charter school in this Bronx charter school where 90% of the kids in the school qualify for subsidized meals lunches and breakfasts and what does that mean so in other words it means it's Bronx school has a lot of lower-income kids this is not some wealthy area there is a charter school a school that operates outside of the traditional public school system in some respects where parents can choose to send their kids there they are not constrained by the government bureaucracy putting their boot on the necks of these kids and their parents and the teachers who want to teach these kids this charter school did something amazing they graduated fifty-three eighth graders the entire eighth grade class of this teacher who was on Martha's Show last night every single one of her kids in this low-income area in the Bronx in this charter school every single one ace the Algebra one Regents test five out of five good for you good for you ladies and gentlemen the only reason I'm here on this show today with big news to come with an audience it's generous as you've been to me you've made my life entirely different giving me a voice I never thought I've had the only reason any of this is happening is because I my parents took me out of a struggling Public School District in Glendale wasn't horrible but it wasn't good PS 68 I never went there they did my mother didn't have any money my dad was not wealthy either but they managed to struggle and put together make ends meet and to put me in the st. Pancras school a local Catholic school which is now unfortunately out of business I'm telling you it's the only reason I am here today speaking to you in coherent sentences because my parents despite their economic struggles were able to get us into this school me and my brothers why don't these kids get the same shot why are these Democrat liberal politicians standing there with a stop sign in front of minority parents parents of white students Asian students and others and struggling areas who just want the same opportunity for their kids now to show you the disparity in is from the piece folks in the other public schools in the same area keep in mind what I just told you 100 with two zeros one zero zero one hundred percent of this Bronx charter schools 100 percent fifty three at a fifty three got a perfect 5 out of 5 on the Algebra one Regents test in the surrounding public schools only 34 percent even took the test and of those 34 percent 82% managed to get a three out of five ladies and gentlemen we're not talking about small differences here we're talking about a grand canyon like chasm between kids who nailed it who are now going to go on to elite colleges get fine education enabling them and their kids and generations of their children to prosper to prosper in the American dream and we are talking about other kids in public schools who will be entirely left behind they will not have access to the dream you and I have you know I implore I'm begging these damn I'm begging if you're a Democrat listening to my show why are you accepting the teachers unions talking points not the teachers the unions the interest groups why just give the parents a choice if the charter school stinks the parents will pull them out just let them pick folks my life my kid's life I would never even met my wife so wouldn't it matter I'd say my wife said but we wouldn't even know each other I would never have met Joe because I never would have lived in Maryland because I never would have had the qualifications to become a secret this agent or a candidate for office because of school choice this issue matters folks it's why I talk about it whenever I see a story like that Martha McCallum had a teacher on last night god bless you I don't know your politics I don't care god bless you you have my sincere thanks for changing the lives of 53 out of 53 kids who likely will now go on to successful prosperous careers despite coming from a crap School District in the Bronx because you did it you changed their lives god bless you you have done an amazing amazing I mean of what you did that's a great story okay all right last read of the day our last sponsor but another great company ladies and gentlemen bravo company manufacturing are you in the market are you in the market for a rifle or a pistol this is the finest company out there if you are in the market please check them out at Bravo Company MFG comm Bravo Company MFG comm please check this company out they make 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an interesting story about Trump's new pick for the Fed you know I really got to have issues with our our monetary policy the Fed myth that we print money quantitative easing I've talked about a lot on the show ladies and gentlemen the media is kind of losing their minds a little bit story up by CBS News about one of trumps recent picks a lady by the name of Judy shelf a lot of Judy's today Judy was an audience archives it's my mom's name – gee judy judy shelton the the media is freaking out because Judy Shelton has spoken in the past positively about the gold standard Oh liberals here the gold standard they freaked out I want to explain to you what the gold standard is why it matters and I got one more story for the day before you leave about New Zealand's catastrophic gun control fail which is not working out like they thought but this story is important the gold standard matters the gold standard matters because ladies and gentlemen think about what money is what does money do for us right money's a store of value it's a measure of value I always jokingly say you know when when I pay Joe for services he provides to my company I don't pay him in frigerators I don't pay him in remote controls or watches um I paid I don't pay Joe in that I pay Joe and money it's a measure of this value we can both agree on now as a measuring tool of value Joe will pay you this four hour per hour different for this kind of service Joe provide some editing and also obviously some content on the show this is what I paid you we both agree on that price now ladies and gentlemen the key to having money as a measure of value is that the measure is consistent we use it as a measure of value because it's convenient I don't pay Joe in watches or remote controls because it's inconvenient Joe would then go have to find someone who needs five or six watches he only needs one trade those for another service Joe says hey I need steak tonight for dinner will you take my three watches for a steak that's not the way an economy works in a non barter system you need some representation of value that is not a physical commodity we don't trade in frigerators Joe I'll give you my frigerator for four hours of editing in my show Joe be like why why would I do that it's not convenient so we use money now the left is a tough time with these simple concepts the problem with using money ladies and gentlemen is there's not a tangible value to it if the measure is all over the place Joe knows where the refrigerator's worth to him he's starving to death because his food is going bad it's worth the whole lot the problem with the gold standard for the left where the US dollar would be anchored to a standard in gold is the Left hates this idea Joe and why because it takes away their ability this is why they're freaking out of a trumps a new pick by the way Judy Shelton she spoken positively about the gold standard to spend us into oblivion the left loves the idea of our money not being anchored to anything so the way of saying more primitive gold standard would work Joe is we would only be able to create new money based on the availability of gold and the availability of that gold would be exchangeable in other words you can walk in with a dollar a US dollar and say all right well this is an amour again primitive gold standard and it's call it a hard gold standard Joe would be able to walk into a bank and say I want to exchange my US dollar deema Belen gold for I don't know whatever it may be a nail clipper worth their gold wouldn't be worth that if you had a thousand dollars technically you could walk into a bank and get your money back in gold that would be a hard gold standard right that's not really the way the gold standard would work in a modern economy but that simple analogy explains the point that it would do what show it would constrain the government's ability or the Federal Reserve that you know it's not really a government entity we all know kind of it is um but the Federal Reserve could not create new money unless they found new gold which would limit their ability to print new dollars why do the Democrats hate this and why are they panicking about Judy Shelton and the media people because folks the Democrats want to monetize our debt they want to spend us into oblivion like they're doing now with their 22 trillion dollars of accumulated government debt they want to spend us into the Phantom Zone and the way they know that we can never pay this off we're not going to be able to pay off this debt so the Democrats and the Liberals want to be able to print money they call this modern monetary theory I call it steaming piles of hot garbage just like the Flynn case right they want the Federal Reserve to be able to endlessly print new money not constrained by a gold standard to pay off our old debt now if you're listening and you're understand you're like John what's the problem that sounds great so the government can spend money on social programs Social Security Medicare Medicaid s chip food stamps of endless government pork projects and basically we can print money what's the problem there the problem ladies and gentlemen is if you can endlessly print new money because you're not constrained by any kind of a gold standard and you're just your measure of money keeps going all over the place right money buys this money buys this money buys this money buys this but why because it's more money chasing the same products which requires the price to go up which means the value of your money goes down if the price goes up if you have a dollar and it bought you for gumballs in one day and inflate goes through the roof that dollar only buys you one gumball a week later meaning your dollar goes down and down and down and out of it you can't do that with the gold standard because you can only print what you have in gold and people can redeem it the Democrats would not be able to monetize the debt what I mean by that is they're hoping to print money to pay off the debt which will devalue the dollar devalue the dollar and make the debt worth less now that works great for profligate governments think about it if your dollar buys less and less and less because it's worthless your dollar bars for gumballs three gumballs two gumballs one gumball a half a gumball no gumballs now you need ten dollars to buy a gumball that's inflation the price of the gumballs goes up your dollar buys less that works great for government why they get through why are they freaking out over Judy Shelton because if your dollars worth less so is a dollar of government debt in other words if you owe twenty two trillion dollars that's twenty two trillion dollars that could have bought whatever twenty two trillion gumballs now you only need four or five gumballs because the 22 trillions worthless that debt is worth less to inflation to the government's best friend think about it maybe make it simple for you and I've used this analogy for you way way old listeners right I know it's a little complicated but think about it if you are a debtor not a creditor you owe money to people like the government owes to people who they borrowed money from they borrowed money bonds they borrowed money from foreign governments they borrowed money from us if you have US securities if you all money you want inflation if I owe let me give you an example Joe do you want to buy your house at the thirty thousand dollar purchase price your house Joe cost in nineteen seventy or the $300,000 purchase price you bought it now which one not a trick way we'll go with thirty thousand Oh go with thirty thousand but Joe your house in nineteen seventy wasn't worth the thirty thousand of today it was probably worth closer to two hundred fifty thousand eight inflation wore away the value of the dollar therefore you need more dollars to buy the same house but the nice part about buying that house in 1970 or thirty thousand you owed money Joe you still owe that same thirty thousand so the value of your debt goes down too right if you owe money you love inflation it deflates the value of your dad's you think this is great the government the US government owes more money than anybody in the universe they don't want the government to not be able to wipe out the value of the dollar the Democrats and some Republicans to be fair love this idea of no gold standard ladies and gentlemen if you are a debtor and you spend your way into Hades by borrowing and spending money you don't have you love inflation the problem is if you're a saver all that thirty thousand dollars you saved is now worthless because of government inflation crushing the value of every dollar you have we conservatives are savers the government is not that's why this is going on right now the freak out over Judy Shelton all right one last story up at the Daily wire a great story about New Zealand is my ass shall it'll be in the show notes today as well New Zealand after that horrible shooting in Christchurch instituted again a really misguided policy banning quote military-style semi-automatic weapons now ladies and gentlemen I've told you over and over a gun ban after a crime will do nothing criminals don't care about your gun laws that's why they're criminals they're not going to criminals are not going to turn in their firearm when you Institute a gun ban like they did in Australia the only people turning in the guns are going to be the law-abiding not the criminals a gun ban is nonsense well New Zealanders apparently caught on to this and this is an interesting story from The Daily wire Joe there are 1.5 million firearms in New Zealand how many you think were turned in after the gun ban well you'd say well if it's a gun ban Joe 1.5 million not all of them to be fair we're subject to the ban some may be you know single-shot rifles or whatever but let's just say it was five hundred thousand two hundred thousand that were subject to this noob and how many you figure what it turned into those 1.5 may take a stab at it Joe give me a number just a matter 10 percent that's funny I know you were joking but it's for 707 so basically New Zealanders are saying yeah thanks for the gun bad have a nice day ladies and gentlemen this is not gonna be a because they've already caught on New Zealanders probably know what happened in Australia it's their neighbor right there and said listen this is just dumb I'm not turning in my firearm what are you gonna do serve a search warrant in my house you criminals aren't gonna turn in their guns I'm not turning my neither ladies and gentlemen epic fail it's not gonna work this is a dopey policy like the exact opposite effect you intended alright folks thanks again for tuning in again I'm sorry for some of the tech issues today but this is the first time we ever had a massive technical meltdown but we always get you a show I love this show today please share it I love you redditors out there put my show on reddit you talk about it thank you very much please subscribe at youtube.com slash Bungie no it's all free – the video show also if you subscribe an apple podcasts and google podcasts it's free and we really appreciate it helps us move up the charts thanks a lot folks I'll see you all tomorrow all right today's show is brought to you by buddies at brick house nutrition they make one of the finest nutrition supplements out there here it is field of greens fielder greets now you'll notice that's empty why is that empty just like my bottle of foundation or other great product I use this this is the finest fruit and vegetable supplement out there this is real food feel the greens this is not cheap extract this is real ground-up healthy fruits and vegetables the key to a long great healthy life your cognitive abilities look better feel better it will perform better feel the greens it's your fruit and vegetable insurance I love it use the product twice a day it tastes great this is real healthy 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