• Bill Witt

    What a Great Show, Beautiful/Gorgeous Paula, she makes you Shine Dan, in a perfect World, two that Complement each other, I am so Jealous, can't say enough about Joe too, great Karma, so interesting your past/present experiences, how you put facts together just amazes me! Thanks again, Could Be one of your Best Shows, Your Energy!!!

  • Changed Name

    Dan, watching your video at half speed is a riot! Love to watch your show! But to watch it the second time on half speed makes my day. 😎😂😂😂

  • Michael Young

    Steven Crowder has 3.5 Million subscribers… not 24 million like Dan stated. He is not in the top 1% of YouTubers.

    Get your facts straight, Dan. It's not hard to look these things up.

  • Frederico Silva

    If you support Dan click and watch or at least let play on ur computer at: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6045976316001/?playlist_id=5556999982001

    For future reference watch Dan Bongino WHEN hes on at: https://video.foxnews.com/playlist/episodic-most-recent-episodes/

    Also if you are tech savvy enough set https://bongino.com as your homepage, so you give him a click every time you open your internet browser.

    I follow Dan on twitter @dbongino

  • Friend Of David

    Dan, www.bippyvideo.com is coming.  You can put your content on there. It should be working in full force within a month!

  • Kmac4him

    Not gonna happen… our lives speak for themselves, even when we don't make a sound… but we also are very vocal and don't mind standing up on the side of truth and voicing it.

  • Daniel Lawrence

    I have no other networks in my home other than my phone. I haven't had TV, satellite, or cable for 18 years! I love it! Hannity is very challenging to find usually?


    Bongino you saved the Best for the end of your show… last 2 videos sums up Nationalism Patriotism & Pure Respect.

  • Mark Baca

    Dan Bongino, Thank You for all you do. Thanks for the commentary On YouTube. This is garbage and they are idiots for taking on the conservative message. The sleeping giant has been awakened, and Dan you are a way to keep us informed. Thank You!

  • W DeVries

    Yes Dan, I go out of my way to go to Chick-fil-A and I persuade my friends and relatives to go also. Isn’t conservative freedom great!

  • C P

    Ok Dan. Secret Service are a bunch of pansy queers. Oh Pentagon Attorney Generals, Deputy do dogs, I have sex with highest ranking SS officers Daughters like a religion. You people Are and Have been a total Joke.

    Bunch of jackasses that want to do deadlift competition, while naming head of newly created Homoland what?

    Talking about 9/11, everything you are talking about is Irrelevant Nonsense. Kick your ass at the candy store

  • Quark Csj

    YouTube banned me from my YouTube Channel over a year ago. I've tried about 50 times to get them to tell my why. My videos are still there but when I sign on with my Google account it tells me that I've been banned from YouTube.

  • M Bruno

    If Nancy Pelosi manages to do that to the most powerful man in the world, where does the average American stand?

  • Daydreamer

    Politics and politicians are of the very same bird, with one left wing and one right wing, flying you to the same nazi destination. All roads lead to the Romannazis. There is very little history of the star of David, but there is a vast amount of history regarding the star of Remphan, which is masquerading as the star of David.

  • baker6speed

    Hey Dan can you do an episode on Chris Hahn and his lies he tells . I can't stand that guy . Why do they always pare you up with this idiot . I always fast-forward when it's his time to gum run his lies . Thanks for the great show 👍

  • R B

    Judical watch got this spot on,
    The only way to observe and evaluate the workings of the Deep State is to penetrate the veil of Deep State secrecy that shields the actions of political appointees, career civil servants, private contractors and their relationship with the media and outside agents of influence that comprise the Deep State.

  • A AGrumpyonetoo

    Greetings Dan, Have you seen the information on this you-tube video? If not, you might find it of interest. Maybe it is true, maybe not. If it is, all I can say is Holy……. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lUx1yVeAy8

  • Michele Daniels

    I can't even imagine in the real world when you are given a job to do & just blow it off…its called insubordination and most employers consider it grounds for termination.

  • Leanna George

    Social Security was in a lock box, collecting interest, it was solvent. We were robbed when politicians voted to put it into the general fund. Today we see how illegals are getting free money, how do you think they do that? My social security card says, NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES”, not any longer, that was changed too. Wow, how come our I.D’s seem to be everywhere, sold on street corners. What happened to the 30,000 SS cards stolen from a SS office some years ago…do you think they are being used to get money?

  • lyndasart

    Hey Dan, my husband says he heard that they always carry a quart of the President's blood on board "THE BEAST"? True or False?? I say it's not true; he says it is, and if he "wins", he gets……(nevermind)… So, is it true??

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