Eugene Ranks The Most Popular Cereals
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Eugene Ranks The Most Popular Cereals

– Good morning kids! No, I’m not doing that. (group laughing) (upbeat rock music) Good morning kids, it’s
me, Eugene the Tiger. And in this episode of the Rank King, we are ranking cereals. I’ma be ranking all of your childhood breakfast faves, ’cause, – [Jamie] I’m right,
you’re wrong, shut up. (funky rock music) – We’re gonna be in Portland,
Oregon on October 15th at the Arlene Schnitzer Hall. – Vancouver, Canada, we’ll
be there October 16th at The Centre. – And on October 17th, closing
it out, Seattle, Washington at Moore Theater. – Tickets and more info
at (mystical instrumental music) – Please welcome my very
special Rank King guest, Jamie. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Yes!
– Yay! – Now what an entrance. – Yeah.
– Yeah, are you wearing this like a sari or a sash? – It could be, yeah. (Eugene laughs) – What if we do it like a skirt? – Oh yeah. – I would say that you might be the world’s number one Try Guy’s fan. – Yeah, probably. (Eugene laughs) You know, I’ve been watching the Try Guys for about three years now. – Who’s your favorite Try Guy? – Eugene, yeah, Rank King. – Wow, the taste just jumped out. We met you for the first time at our inaugural Try Guy’s tour show here in L.A. – [Jamie] Yes, you did. – [Eugene] And you got to
come backstage and say hi. – [Jamie] That was amazing,
favorite part, obviously your dancing, it was iconic. – Jamie, wow you should
be the next Rank King. Every opinion you have is just totally right.
– Yeah, I know. – Gosh, we need to hire you. Miles, can we fire you and hire Jamie? – [Miles] Yeah! (Eugene and Jamie laughing) – Do you want us to do that? – Yeah!
(Eugene laughs) You know, I don’t think
you’re pulling your weight. – I agree.
(Eugene and Jamie laughing) – Before we begin let’s
talk about three criteria for this Rank King episode for cereal. – Okay.
– Number one, packaging. The aesthetic, the font, the
color scheme, the mascot. – Does it look cute, does
it look like the creators of the box put time and effort into making this box scream, Cereal. – Oh, nevermind, you need
to get a fashion house. Number two, most important
of all, the taste. – Yes, mm-hmm. – So although we don’t endorse eating the most sugary cereals you can, I’m gonna rank them based on
just pure taste and experience. – The crunch, you know, the mouth feel, we’re gonna turn Chicken
Watch into Cereal-E. – #BrandedIt, #Copyright, #Jamie – #ChrisWatchOut – (laughs) Oh! – You know Chris Reinacher too? – Mm-hmm. – Why you know everything about us. – Yeah. – Third and final test,
which is very important, the soggability, that’s not a word. Do you? – The–
– Sogginess. – Soggy factor. – Oh Soggy Factor, the
third and final criteria, the Soggy Factor, that’s the worst. – We need it to withstand the crunch. – Do you think this will be the
best Try Guy’s episode ever? – I mean, I think so,
I think the fans agree. (everyone laughing) – Actually, I don’t want
you to replace Miles, I want you to replace Zach. – Jack Douglas tried to do that. – He did, but he’s also not Jewish so this is more sympatico. – Yeah, we’re both probably
gonna lose our hair, eventually. (Eugene laughs) Can you edit that part out? – No, we’re not, we’re
not editing that out. This is viral video, baby. We’re going crazy, oh man! That was my Keith impression. – [Jamie] Veins pop out. – [Eugene] Oh, it’s so gross. Are you ready to rank the
top 23 cereals in America? – Yes. – You will get to rank your choices first. I don’t get to say
anything, at the very end, I’ll close ranks and show
you my final ranking. – All right. – [Both] I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up. – Let’s bring on the first cereal. (air whoosing) Corn Flakes. – [Eugene] Before we open,
let’s talk about this packaging. – I think it’s a little
plain, I mean, on the package it says the original and the best. We’re gonna challenge that notion. – Also, I get it, it’s the
morning, it’s a rooster. – Yeah.
– Where’s the originality? Where’s the unicorns? – When I wake up, the
first thing I wanna see is a rainbow. I wanna see bright colors. I wanna see neon. I wanna see big prints
and I don’t need someone to tell me that they’re the best. I’ll let their cereal
speak for themselves. – Wow, how do I adopt you. I’ve never wanted kids. Oh I hate when they show
that there’s fruit in it on the packaging but there ain’t no fruit in the actual cereal.
– Yeah. That’s what we call false advertising. – Wait, is that fried chicken on the back? – Yeah.
– Oh my god, it’s Keith. – Let’s put the milk in first? – Oh no, the Internet’s gonna go crazy. – All right, here we go. (cereal rustling) – Do you eat cereal every day? – I have cereal when
I want to have cereal. – Cheers.
– Yeah. (upbeat electronic music) – Taste the corn.
– Mm-hmm. – Taste the flake. – I feel like when you wake
up, you don’t wanna eat corn. I’d say a little bit on this side. – So just a little lower than center? What’s the soggability like? – Mmh.
– It gets mushy a little fast. – Yeah, let’s move that down a little bit. – You already wanna
move this down further? – Yeah.
– All right. (animated explosion booming) – Frosted Flakes. – They’re great! This is one of my top ones as a child. – I like the aesthetic,
it’s kinda like retro, – Mm-hmm.
– but like 1980s. – A little 80s.
– Yeah, yeah. – [Eugene] You know, they’ve always stuck with Tony the tiger, I think he’s one of the most famous
– Yeah. – cereal mascots.
– very nostalgic. Yeah.
– Yeah. – [Eugene] He’s kinda like a jock, hanging out with the kids, being like, yeah, they’re great. (cereal rustling) – Here we go. (upbeat rock music) – Mmh, just one up in Corn Flakes. – The frostiness really,
really makes it a winner. (upbeat rock music) – Dare I say, that’s less
soggy than Corn Flakes. – I think it’s also
’cause they’re thicker, so the crunch stays a little longer. So where would you put Frosted
Flakes in your ranking? – Right here.
– Okay. (animate explosion booming) Oh are you okay? (laughs) Alexandria!
– Alexandria! (Eugene and Jamie laughing) Come on! – Or maybe it’s ’cause it’s Wheaties, she felt the strength. – Yeah. – An American classic, what
is the actual tagline, again? Wheaties–
– Russell Wilson. – No, a breakfast of champions. – Yeah.
– They’re very iconic in American breakfast lore. You know, since the beginning
they always featured a very famous athlete as the cover for, I don’t know, every
month they switched out? But this has been going on for decades. Packaging-wise I do think
– Yeah! – [Eugene] it’s interesting. – I don’t think people
are looking at cereal to give them sports information. – What other profession would you prefer? – Like the Daily T. – For a gossip cereal box? – Yeah, you teens would like that. (Eugene laughs) And if you don’t agree, I’m
right, you’re wrong, shut up. (hands clapping) – I think we’ve graduated
from corn to wheat. (epic instrumental music) – Nope, they’re soggy already.
(Eugene laughs) These taste very healthy,
which I’m not a fan of. – And the Corn Flakes taste less healthy? – Yes, at first they
tasted sweet, but then when I got to the wheaty part of it. It was like, hmm I don’t
know what’s going on here. – So you actually do like a little corn in the morning, maybe? – Yeah, maybe I should just
go home, chug a glass of corn. I will put them below Corn Flakes. Sorry Russell Wilson. – He says the separation
is in the preparation. – That’s good to know. You don’t just get cereal,
you get some therapy. (Eugene laughs)
(epic instrumental music) – Thank you Russell Wilson
for this morning time therapy. That’s actually correct, yeah. If you got problems, get some Wheaties. (animated explosion booming)
(cereal box thudding) (spoon clangs)
(Jamie laughs) – [Jamie] Captain Crunch. – Now this is a very iconic cereal. Look at this packaging, what do you think? – Yeah this is what I think
of when I think cereal. I love the color scheme. I don’t think many people are captains. I don’t know if captains eat cereal. I don’t know if they– – [Eugene] This captain does. – [Jamie] I mean, yeah. – Oh and look at the back. – Wow. – There’s more games on here. – [Jamie] I think little kids are the ones that are usually eating this. (playful instrumental music) Mmmm.
– You like that? – Yeah, I think after a
while it might get your milk nice and peanut-buttery. – It’s got the mouth feel
of peanut butter, right? – Yeah!
– It’s a dense cereal. These are all very flaky. Soggability, they’re still crunchy. – Oh, yeah!
– I think it’s the shape and how dense they are. This is the most I’ve seen you eat any of the cereals so far. – Yeah, this is gonna go
right above Frosted Flakes. – Yeah, I’m into it. – Mm-hmm, you go captain.
(Eugene chuckles) – So now–
– I underestimated him. – You did. – I feel bad. – No it’s okay but now
you wanna be the captain. – Yeah, now I wanna be captain. Yeah, you are the captain. – I am the captain, now. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
– Pops. – [Eugene] This was also a
staple of my childhood diet. – Do they pop?
– No. – Oh, come on. More false advertising. – [Eugene] The only thing
that really stands out for Pops for me is the yellow of the box. – [Jamie] Points for packaging, yeah. – [Eugene] It’s always
yellow, ’cause a lot of these tend to be red and blue. Ah this is taking me back, nostalgia. (cereal rustling) Whoo I don’t really eat
that much sugar anymore, and I’m feeling some type of way. (upbeat dance music) Significantly less sweet. – Yeah, I do like the texture. – Yeah, the texture’s different, like a caramel popcorn.
– Yeah – Yeah, like a kettle corn. – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. So points on texture.
– Okay. – Yeah, now for the soggy factor. – They get a little soggy but they have so much air pockets in it,
– Yeah. – and a lot of layers that it gives you still a little dimension in ’em after.
– Yeah. I’m going to put it, it’s
going to be right here. – Oh a perfect spot.
– Right in the middle. (animated explosion booming) (cereal box thudding)
Fruit Loops. – [Eugene] And who can forget Toucan Sam. – Aww so cute. – Isn’t he fun?
– He looks so happy. – He is, he’s a–
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