Everything you need on your blog's homepage - Website Review

Everything you need on your blog's homepage – Website Review

your homepage is one of the most visited pages on your site and if it's just a list of your latest blog posts then you're dropping the ball on one of your best conversion opportunities hi I'm Stephanie from thrive themes and in today's website review we're going to tackle the problem of the directionless blog home page I'm going to show you the exact recipe that you need to turn your home page into a segmenting lead generation machine now the website we're reviewing is called bullseye hunting and shooting now if you have a look at the page it is just a list of their latest blog posts and that's pretty much it some social share buttons as well now if you're guilty of the same thing don't feel bad this is one of the biggest problems that we've seen in our website review submissions and with good reason if you have a blog what are you supposed to put on your blog homepage besides your blog's so we've put together five elements that are guaranteed to boost the effectiveness of your blog homepage the first element is a unique selling proposition now this is what you would put in your headline and it details what makes your site different from the competition so for the bullseye hunting and shooting site all they've got here is all things hunting and shooting so it doesn't really give you any reason why you would read this blog post over any other site so I'll take you to our remake now and you'll see what we've changed there too so the only blog you'll ever need to hunt shoot and cook better than your buddies so for this USP we're drawing on the fact that this is the only blog that you need to subscribe to to get all of your hunting shooting and game cooking news and updates element number two is your call to action so this is the main action the you want visitors to take when they come to your website most of the time this will be to subscribe to your email list so we'll have this as some form of opt-in offer for the remake of this site we've got a hunt smart so as you can see up the top corner here we've got a button to get the free guide free guide in the menu and then we also have this just below the headline get the hunt smart guide element number three is trust and authority the home page of your blog is a great place to begin visiting your visitors of why they should be listening to you so you can do this through a number of means you can post logos of blogs that you've worked with or places that you've been published and also post testimonials and also social proof factors so reviews and anything like that on the remake we've gotten a series of logos of companies that this blog has worked with and down the bottom here we have testimonials as well element number four is a selection of your best blog posts usually in the categories that you specialize in now the reason we've got your best blog posts rather than just your latest blog posts is because you want to impress people on your homepage and you want to really push those articles that are getting you the best views and probably the best affiliate sales so in the remake and see that we've got a hunt better section so this is for the hunting category you get the right gear section and a cooking section so this is about cooking the game that you catch and each section you'll see it's got the two best blog posts and more hunting tips so if they want more on the hunting side of the blog they just need to click this button now the benefit of having your blog posts in categories like this on your home page is it allows your visitor to self segment so if they're interested in hunting they'll click on any of these articles or this more hunting tips button and from there you can show them a targeted opt-in offer so since they're interested in hunting you can show them a hunting guide for as if they'd clicked on the cooking you can show them a recipe guide they're more likely to find out this way and you can add a group or a tag then when they sign up so that you know that they are actually interested in cooking and send them more targeted emails in the future element number five is an optional one and we haven't included it in this remake but I'll show you some examples of it later it is a resource section or an About section so if you feel you need to tell your visitor a little bit more about you and your USP you can throw an About section on your home page alternatively if you have a few affiliate links that work really well for you then the home page is a great place to put them you can take advantage of the high traffic and immediate conversions now let's just take a look at the rest of this remake we've added a obviously the testimonials again and another call to action so these elements you can mix and match throughout the page and put in whatever order you like to prove this let's take a look at some of the best affiliate blogs on the web and see how they've structured their home pages so this is Pat Flynn smart passive income home page as you can see he's got his unique selling proposition news headline there and then immediately a call to action as well as underneath the headline now we've got some of his best posts and he's actually got a filter post button so they can self segment and further down these are his resources so these are his best affiliate links that it's decided to put straight on his home page and down the bottom he's got a another call-to-action actually a couple of calls for action down the bottom and on authoritative home page but again the unique selling proposition we have a call to action which is to reserve your webinar seat authority logos this is a what we do to a bit of an About section these are his most popular blog posts and about up section more trust and social proof and of course a call to action button down the bottom again I've outlined the five elements below this video I hope you can use them to create your website most effective homepage let us know how it goes in the comments below


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